Starting lineup against Germany

July 2, 2010

Maradona has not confirmed the starting eleven for tomorrow’s big quarterfinals matchup against Germany but according to Argentine media reports and from what was seen in yesterday’s training session, the starting lineup against Germany will be:

GK – Romero
D – Otamendi
D – Demichelis
D – Burdisso
D – Heinze
M – Maxi Rodriguez
M – Mascherano
M – Di Maria
F – Tevez
F – Messi
F – Higuain

I don’t like it.

Once again, Argentina will not have a strong play build up.

Once again, Messi will be isolated and will struggle to find someone to link up with.

Once again, Argentina will waste having the best player in the world.

Once again, Argentina will rely on its goal scoring power instead of its collective play and creativity from its play build up.

It worked against Mexico but I don’t think I need to explain that Germany is not the same as Mexico.

Basically, Maradona is betting on a defensively strong, counter-attacking strategy that will rely on the forwards making a great individual play, depend on a great goal by the forwards.

Pastore was right to say that the way to beat the Germans is “jugando a la pelota”. By playing football, the Argentina way.

Too bad Maradona was not listening.

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