Copa América Final

July 15, 2007

It don’t get any better or bigger than this. Argentina vs Brasil in the Copa América Final.

Argentina will be looking to win a record 15th Copa and has the team and and the football form to get it done.

Basile will go with the same lineup again.

I don’t imagine that Argentina will face the same tight marking and defensive setup from Brasil as they did against Mexico but it will still be a hard fought game as all the Clásico’s always are.

Today will be Leo Messi’s first final with the Argentina shirt. Riquelme will once again play against a Brazilian team and he always seems rise to the occasion and play great when facing a Brazilian team. May that continue today.

The backline will have to be very alert and focused as they take on fast, skillful, and goal scoring threats such as Robinho and Wagner Love.

Despite Dunga’s attempts to take pressure off himself and Brasil, there is no favorite today.

There is never a favorite in el Clásico.

Argentina has played a great and memorable Copa América but it won’t mean anything unless it wins today. Argentina has improved in every game and finds itself in a fantastic moment, the individual talents and collectively. Argentina has won every game so far and has done so respecting and defending a style of play. LA NUESTRA. OUR FOOTBALL.

All that’s left is the final step.

It’s time to bring the Copa back home.

VAMOS ARGENTINA CARAJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


GK – Roberto Abbondanzieri

D – Javier Zanetti
D – Roberto Ayala
D – Gabriel Milito
D – Gabriel Heinze

M – Juan Sebastian Verón
M – Javier Mascherano
M – Esteban Cambiasso
M – Juan Roman Riquelme

F – Lionel Messi
F – Carlos Tevez

Crespo available to play against Brasil

July 13, 2007

Hernan Crespo has recovered from his injury in time for the Copa Final. The team doctor Homero Agostino has confirmed that Crespo is in good health and ready to play on Sunday if called upon by Basile.

Fuente: EFE

El delantero está listo, según dijo el médico del plantel, Homero Agostino, por lo que podrá estar a disposición del técnico Alfio Basile para la el partido del domingo por la Copa América

Hernán Crespo se había lesionado en el segundo partido de la primera fase ante Colombia, cuando sufrió un desgarro al lanzar el penal que supuso el primer gol de Argentina en el partido, y desde entonces no jugó más.

En el entrenamiento de anoche, Crespo trabajo al margen del grupo y es posible que esta tarde se integre a la práctica del equipo.

Su compañero de habitación, Esteban Cambiasso, comentó la recuperación de Crespo y dijo que era importante para el equipo tanto desde el punto de vista futbolístico como anímico.

“Es muy importante, tanto por el factor futbolístico porque sabemos lo que representa Hernán como desde el punto de vista anímico. Tengo la suerte de compartir habitación con Hernán y sé lo que ha luchado por llegar a esta final. Me alegro que pueda estar a disposición del técnico y ojalá sea un factor importante en la final y pueda disfrutar con nosotros de una victoria”, dijo Cambiasso.

Messi: “I wanted to play the Final against Brasil”

July 13, 2007

In today’s Clarín a brief interview with Leo Messi.

“I said it before; I wanted to play the Copa América final against Brasil. Fortunately, it’s happened. I’ve been eager to play against them since the 3-0 loss to them last September in Wembley. I have still not been able to forget about that game.”

Q – And what do you think of playing a game like that and in a Final?

M – To play against Brasil is always different. In the youth teams I won more than I lost, in the senior team it has not gone as well but every game against them is special.

Q – It’s clear that Argentina is in better form?

M – Maybe, but Brasil always has great players and its the same with us. All finals are different, as are all the Clásicos. And this game combines both things. Being in good form beforehand has little to do with it but I hope that we are the ones that take the Copa.

Q – What has changed since that game against Brasil in England to this Copa so that the same result does not repeat?

M – First thing is that there are alot of different players but we basically now know Basile better. We understand what he wants alot easier, no matter how he simplifies everything. We are doing well and do not want to stumble right now.

Q – Imagine that before the Brasil game you are told that the team will be champions but that you will have to deal with, like after the Peru game, another girl jumping down from the stands so that she can be close to you…….

M – Noooo, stop that. It was incredible. I made hand gestures, telling her not to jump down but she still ended up jumping anyway. I swear I did not know what to do, she almost killed herself, and on top of that, they removed her out of there in a hurry and they didn’t even check to see if she was alright or not.

Player Reactions (Argentina-Mexico)

July 12, 2007

Juan Roman Riquelme:

“This team attempts to and plays really good football. That’s why we are very happy. We have a style of play and we respect it during all 90 minutes.”

“We’ve been clearly superior to all the opponents we’ve had until now. That’s why I’m sure that we reached the Final deservedly.”

“Lionel’s goal was really beautiful, besides that great goal he is playing better every day. We are here to help him and it makes us happy to see how his form continues to rise.”

Gabriel Heinze:

“Argentina always plays the same way, in the first half and in the second half. We always want to be the protagonist in every game, although in the second half’s the lack of energy that we’ve imposed on our opponents is more noticeable but we always maintain a high rhythm.”

Joya Argentina

July 12, 2007

Argentina vs Mexico

July 11, 2007

Argentina will take on Mexico tonight in the second Semifinal game of the Copa. Mexico is an opponent that Argentina has become real familiar with in the last 8-10 years and Mexico has been a tough team to play against for Argentina.

There’s already been comparisons with the last game the teams played, in the 2006 World Cup, but those were different circumstances and as far as Argentina, it is a different team that will play against Mexico tonight.

Basile has confirmed 10 of the 11 starters, which will be the ones that have been in the starting lineup from the start of the Copa. The only spot not confirmed yet is the second forward position but it’ll be a shocker if Basile does not have Tevez in the starting eleven tonight. The general consensus at least in the media is that Tevez will play right from the start against Mexico. Also, Basile hasn’t confirmed Milito as of yet. That is surely a sign that he will go with Tevez.

Mexico will very likely be the first team in the Copa that will not sit back and defend with a wall of players against Argentina. That should make for a wide open, exciting game. In theory.

The biggest question with Mexico is whether their goal scorer and Copa revelation Nery Castillo will be able to recover from his injury and play tonight. It would be a significant loss for Mexico if Castillo is out of their lineup.

The game tonight could very well be the best game of the Copa, at least on paper and because of the good level of football that both teams have displayed.

I think whoever wins tonight will go on to win the Copa. Let that be Argentina.

The biggest key for Argentina tonight will be Riquelme. If he continues to play as he did in the last 45 minutes of the Peru game then the team will have a great shot at winning. Also, the talent and explosiveness of Tevez and Messi will be important. If they as well as Riquelme are able to link up and create good scoring chances the team will have a good night.

VAMOS ARGENTINA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Messi Mania

July 9, 2007

A female fan jumped from the stands down to the locker room entrance so that she could get a hug and kiss from Leo Messi after last night’s game.

Messi Mania is in full effect in Venezuela !!!!