The end of the road

I’m looking forward to reading what those that have been unleashing praise on Maradona have to say today.

Poor Messi. Poor Messi.

Only an incompetent manager can make the best player in the world irrelevant.

Maradona LO QUEMO a Messi.

Argentina made it as far as the quarterfinals because it had goal scoring power but it did not have any play build up. It did not have effective ball distribution. It did not have strong collective play.

Maradona refused to make the changes necessary to give Argentina’s attack the boost that was needed.

Argentina had an advantage that no other team had. The best player in the world.

Maradona did not build a team around Messi. Maradona did not provide Messi with players that could effectively link up with him.

Maradona made Messi irrelevant. It should have been Messi’s World Cup.

It should have been Argentina’s World Cup.

Hopefully, two things will happen after today:

1. Maradona will no longer be a part of the national team.

2. Messi, with the help of a semi-intelligent manager, will have his world cup in 2014.

31 Responses to The end of the road

  1. roland says:

    Very sad.

    Maradona made Messi a midfielder, not a forward like his position in Barcelona. Messi is NOT a midfielder and can not imitate Maradona’s position in ’86. He also can not score even a single goal

    Our team also can not use the dead ball situation (free kick). That’s why actually we need a player like Riquelme, Aimar, Banega

  2. Humbird says:

    I’m taking a break from soccer for a while.

  3. Ricky says:

    Dearest Friends,

    I am lost for words at this moment. To have a score line like that sends a sword through my soul. I have no idea how long i will take to recover from this.

    I have not even recovered from the 1990 Final loss.

    The Germans had their game plan together. they capatalized on our weakness. As Argentina were a goal down they opened up and that caused the down fall. But to concede 4 goals. I have no excuse.!!!

    My only question is where was the Argentina that started the group stages ? Walter should not have been excluded for such a minor injury. There was no build up at all !!!!!!!!! Poor Messi !!

    I cant say much for the rest as i am not a coach.

    We were just out smarted !!!!!!!!!!!!. Simple as that.

    Now i have to wait another 4 yrs for somethings good to happen. But i shall wait. This feeling burns my heart.

    I have no idea how to sleep tonight. We were trounced..

    Anyways I sincerely thank everyone here for all comments and feelings over the past few weeks. It has been a real honor reading every point of view.

    I will be in contact in the future, this i am sure.

    My World Cup has ended. I am shatered!

    I hope you all sleep better than me tonight and in the days to come. I have to grab a beer now to console myself.

    God Bless everyone on this blog !!

    Cheers ,

  4. ArgenPool says:

    Ouch. Awful that, simply awful.

    Diego has to go now, get a proper manager in and we will win the Copa next year and challenge properly for the World Cup in Brazil in 2014.

    I feel numb after that.

  5. Pablito says:

    I’m surprised I didnt take it as bad as I once thought I would. Diego Maradona para mi, is and forever will be the greatest soccer player of all time. As a coach, he needs help! I don’t think hes going to resign. But With help, and obviously a stronger defense, will lift in the cup ( in brazil none the less 🙂 🙂 🙂 ). Its ok, we still have 2 world cups, the best strikers in the world!! And even though we were 4 goals down, I saw the players sweat for the jersey!! For the flag/country I love so much! Can’t wait till june 2011. I’m going to Argentina!

  6. Fan40mill says:


    Maradona the coach has been difficult to appreciate and for a long time I was very critical of him. I began to change my mind when he formulated an idea when we beat Germany in a friendly earlier this year- how ironic. That was the first time that I wrote, “he has finally got an idea and we can now argue over the merits of the idea.”

    Maradona even did well during the group stages formulating a different but very attacking idea for this world cup. He brought Tevez in and although this along with Messi free role reduced Di-Maria’s impact, the 3-4-3 was an excellent and an exciting way to play. Gutierrez being out of position had me calling for four centre backs in a 4-3-3, however, when I got my wish and Maradona did decide to put Otamendi on he got the mid-field wrong and although we beat Mexico the signs were there that our mid-field was basically no existent.

    Against Mexico, individual quality won when teamwork didn’t and I wrote at the time that it was a game that was best to put behind us and the team needed to remember how they had played earlier.

    For me, alarm bells really rang when I saw the same starting line up against Germany.

    Maradona had been and admirer of Gutierrez for two years and although I was not Gutierrez biggest fan when I thought I knew what Maradona was trying to do his inclusion made sense; yet he did no pick him for his last two games.

    Veron was another of his favorites and although I thought Veron was old his inclusion also made sense because Maradona was hoping that his partnership with Messi would go all the way; yet he did not include him in his last two games.

    It’s sad to say this now, but we could have used these two guys today.

    Unfortunately for us Maradona had gotten back to his old habits of choosing players and not a team.

    Players don’t win world cups, teams do.


  7. Humbird says:

    I don’t even blame Maradona. The problem is and has always been the AFA which is run by mafia boss Grondona. Nothing happens without Grondona’s permission. He HAS TO GO. The entire AFA has to be cleaned out from top to bottom. It is a disgrace.

  8. quico882k3 says:

    Ahhh Argentina it is a sin to love you the roller coaster ride that is being Argentinian tonight like many nights after will leave me with no sleep but i am one the firmly believes that everything that happens is for a reason and that Argentina will have its time we just been part of bad management for so long we have the most incredible potential to unleash our time will come but for now the tears are our present lets hope that tommorow our tears become smiles until then VAMOS ARGENTINA!!!

  9. Mohammad says:

    any news about Maradona resgin as a coach ??

  10. NateW says:

    Fan40mill i totally agree with your remarks.

    There was no midfield today .. and at times the game was so patient and slow was it not perfect for a veron?

    You are right the signs were present in the mexico game ..

    At 0-2 i still had hope .. but it just could not be unleashed.
    The last two goals and the final scoreline hurts.

    The players were good but the system failed 😦

  11. el_payaso says:

    I said it before

    Our fire power would get us out the group stages easy
    and it did

    but when the real competition starts it would be hard.

    Diego for all his bad, did get this team together and was by far the most entertaining coach at the WC, too bad that doesnt count for anything

    As pointed out by “roland” messi was made into a midfielder , coming all the way back to collect the ball at the half line and stuff. then messi was the dead ball specialist, really how come???

    Di maria has a very good left foot ( i watched benfical all season last season i kno) and tevez can pipe them
    so why werent they givn the chance?

    here is the biggest problem we had-
    Maradona saw greatness in messi that he himself had as a player and tried to have an influence on him , which was good but to an extent. it went wrong as maradona tired to make messi a carbon copy player of himself- he made the game go tru messi, placed him in midfield, gave him the power over most dead balls and most of all made him his pet.

    the next issue was the defense it was waaaay to weak
    Zanetti, Fazio and Garay should have made this team

    If masch had some help in midfield thigs could have been a bit better , maybe fazio or cambiasso could have helped

    I really hoped this would be the last ride in the sunset for Aimar and Romy, such good friends and imho the best 2 creative midfielders to come out of argentina in sometime
    i dont knows going to take this up the void by these 2, pastore is good more i think he is not as creative as these 2 guys.

    Romero; maybe could hv done a bit better in the first goal. but i like him , i think he can be our GK next WC. has improvement to do but i like alot.

    Otamendi- started horrible , got a little better but then back to bad. Tried but was out of his league.

    Demichelis- was ok , changing the hairstlye set up helped. but has been on decline a while now.

    Burdisso- less than ok but has ever been that great ever?

    Heinze; Spent more time on the ground that he did standing up.

    Maxi Rodríguez- maxi not the same anymore, he gives u all but sometimes thats not enough. he had a poor season, lucho tho had a whirlwind of a season and have been in the team.

    Mascherano- Played his heart out, best arg player by far.

    Di María – was poor till he switched flanks. tried to much in the early but then got in his game. not that bad, but consistency must be questioned. I feel with a good creative midfielder Messi and himself could have run riot. Perotti could have been welcomed competition on the team.

    Messi- as pointed out ealrier , played out of position. I could see he really took this on. Messi clearly took this to heart, i hope he didnt take on all of Maradona rantings and starts to feel he is too good. if he does this and works hard and gets a capable person to help him from midfield, he will destroy germany next time they meet in a WC, remember i said it.

    Higuaín- needs better touches esp a better first touch and needs to keep on working on his game. not as great as bati or as good as crespo yet (in terms of finishing)

    Tévez- tried hard but too hard. really fought but was scappy i thought

    Pastore- should have been involved from Day 1 so when he came on could have fitted in faster

    Kun- Lisandro lopez should have been here instead

    i look at the following to hope they get better to make the next WC squad- Fazio, Garay,Perotti, Buanonotte, Lamela jus to name a few , my heads is to hot to remember the rest

    for coach- Pekerman and Bielsa i dont mind if they make a comeback, buti think Bielsa is creating a great Chile so i doubt he will abandon that
    Bianchi- i think he might be too inclined for boca and we hav that already
    Gallego- sounds good but we’ll see

    mourinho anyone?

  12. martin baden says:

    dear friends, it was not a mistake of maradona. it was one of these magic moments of the young team of germany. argentina has got some of the best players of the world but it wasn`t their day. I love these games between argentina and germany! this time, it was our victory, but next time??? don`t be sad, be proud of your team!!! cu

  13. Humbird says:

    I refused to eat the German potato salad at the picnic today. That’ll show ’em.

  14. shabeer says:

    Diego, stay! We support you!

  15. Fan40Mill says:


    That’s classic.

    I don’t think the potato salad will do it, but I suspect the Germans may have been handed a poison chalice with there two recent victories.

    The played a team without a mid-field and a team without ideas for a whole half.

    I hope they don’t start believing there own press because I’m yet to see the how good they really are.


  16. Brian says:

    I agree somewhat with Martin. I don’t really blame Maradona entirely. There is plenty of blame to go around. Even some blame goes to Messi. He played brilliantly in the group stage, but not quite as much in the knockout round. 30 shots and not one goes in? Yes Maradona coached more with emotion than with tactics, but there was enough quality out there to at least score a goal or two against Germany, and that didn’t happen. Mostly because Germany has caught fire. There is no doubt the Germans will win it all.

    • Moe says:

      Maradona single handedly destroyed the team. His decision to play Tevez despite clearly unbalancing the side and his decision to leave both veron and pastore out killed us. then comes decisions like leaving Zanetti, Cambiasso, Banega, Lucho out that would have actually given us a midfield….all this makes wonder what could have been if we had a decent coach. same questions i had when in 2006 peckerman threw us out.
      when, i ask god, when will we ever have a decent coach that will lead the team to glory.

      player by player, the germans are a joke compared to us. yet as a team they taught us a lesson in football. how cruel is this? all this because of planning and organization.

  17. mauricef says:

    no one can say they didn’t see this coming we have suffered long enough now. Maradona don’t destroy anymore of your reputation,please just go gerardo martino please come now! because if maradona stays we will see more 4-0’s in the future.

  18. argentin4life says:

    no matter waht diego must stay till 2014…. we believe u diego…. plz stay !!!!!

  19. Sohel Alam says:

    Dear Friends,

    I am a citizen of Bangladesh. A small country of Indian sub continent. As like Argentine people I also would like to express my great sorrow about the colossal defeat in the World Cup. I like argentine football since i was only 10 years of age when Maradona was the exhibitor of his magical football in WC 1986. Since then i became the great fan of argentine football team and also use to know about argentina and their history about football as like my own country. But i had been crying since WC 1990 to WC 2010. I was very enthusiastic about the WC 1994. At that time I think the argentine team was the best team ever in argentine football history. But by the massacre of Maradona’s drug incidents Argentina couldn’t able to manage to win the WC and eventually they just failed to achieve the success. But in this WC i thought this is the year of Argentina according to their striking lineup. Though I was not happy about the defense and midfield.But i thought Maradona will correct the defence agnaist Germany. There are lots of good player in side bench but why maradona select Otamendy as a right back. I saw the 4 goal and all the goal append by right side of the defence. i just became surprised to see the defence of Argentina from the firs game of this WC. There are many good players are playing in Europe and also in Argentine turnament so why Maradona couldnt able to build up a minimum standard defence. Any way, I dont know when I’ll see another moment of my life that my favourite team going to touch the WC.

  20. Dano says:

    Friends,the end of the road has come for our team in this world cup and we went out under total destruction. reminded me of some of those images on the military channel of what berlin looked like at the end of the last great war. every morning since sat. I have awoken to an incredibly empty feeling, hoping that all this was some sort of dreadful dream. but unfortunately it is not and I have come to the conclusion that we are not a replica of the 86 team, or 90 team, or anything greater than a quarter final performer..that’s it, we finished where we belonged.

    yes maradona and others failed miserably in formulating the game plan for this match but the bottom line is that the players did not deliver. I think we quit after 0-2, and this is the saddest commentary for me. maradona failed because he looked for heavenly intervention for answers rather than tactical ones. his lack of management experience came to fruition “en la hora de la verdad”. many of his harshest critics have been proven correct.
    I don’t know where we go from here but my love for the national team remains intact. the braintrust, including grandona, must go. we need younger and smarter leadership. but we all know how corrupt these institutions are in argentina and change will certainly take much too long.
    i feel real bad for messi. he looked lost, uninterested, not into it…how could we have wasted such a wonderful opportunity.
    until next time.

  21. Doddi Buddi says:

    It is useless to get very emotional but facts must be faced:

    1. Messi had a bad cold and he was only 50% fit. This affected the Team.

    2. Germans were very energetic but the 1st goal put too much pressure on the Team.

    3. I thought Mascherano had a very poor game and so did others. All in all it was not Argentina’s day.

    I feel sorry for Diego because he was trying too hard and the Team cannot change its tactics for one match against Germany!

  22. argentin4life says:

    Dano and Sohel Alam,
    i really like your comments… its very hard to see our beloved team crashing out this way and yes its same for me brothers…. since saturday i haven’t been able to do anything…. i dont watch tv and from saturday my world cup is over…. now i m waiting for copa and hope hope hope we wont be dissapointed this time…. these days its seems like world is against us, i havent visited my college from saturday and my office too….. i dont have any energy to do anything… its really hard….. but no matter what its Argentina till the end….VAMOS ARGENTINA!!!!!

  23. Pablito says:

    Este mundial, se lo arreglaron para Espana!

  24. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Mejor España que los Putos Alemanes.

  25. Pablito says:

    Jajaja, I was rooting for Germany. Spain mistreats our players (south americans).Plus offside goals, phony red cards (chile/portugal) and a lack of cards on their players?!? Today was the only day from this entrie tournament i saw Spain play well!! I Hope Robben/Sjnider pull it off! but im doubtful! Say how mad were you when you found out Argentina wants Maradona to stay lolol? Hope posting resumes soon, heard Di Maria has finally signed with Madrid?!? Maybe u can shine light on that?

  26. Humbird says:

    You see. My German potato salad plan actually worked.

  27. Fan40Mill says:

    So the Germans finally played a team with a mid-field, unlike Argentina and a team that doesn’t resort to boom-bash football like England when the pressure is on.

    The German’s were destroyed today and the fan-fair of the last two games proved the false dawn it always was. The game should have finished 2 if not 3 nil…

    Argentina…what could have been….


  28. roland says:

    Spain showed how to beat Germany. Ball possession is the key. Their 4-2-3-1/4-5-1 formation with 2 defensive midfielder and short passing style was amazing. Also, they have a REAL coach. Germany did nothing on the game. Spain really own the midfield and the game. Argentina should learn from Spain style of play, because actually Argentina have the talents/players.
    Spain’s style = Barca’s style. I can not imagine if Messi plays for Spain, he will be the star.

    BTW, according to news Maradona will stay as coach and Grondona said “he can do whatever he wants”. So just wait 2014, 2018, 2022, … the cup will never come

  29. roberto chivet says:

    copa america 2011 team line up thats the consern now!

    its time for new blood rebuild the back line and bring in the younger midfield talent banega gago pastore maradonas 4-1-2-1-2 wen functioning was impressive but two wingers and a dm wasnt good enough in the midfield it was a attempt at a supewr attacking 4-3-1-2 were you have two talented wingers pushing forward maxi and dimaria rather than two midfielders cambiasso and veron i think a return to a real 4-3-2 would be doable with are midfield talent


    or messi,higuain if pastore in playmaker roll

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