Romero & Burdisso post-game comments

June 28, 2010

Higuain post-game comments

June 27, 2010

Messi & Mascherano post-game comments

June 27, 2010

Maradona post-game comments

June 27, 2010

Argentina vs Mexico

June 27, 2010

New starting backline against Mexico.

Maradona confirmed in yesterday’s press conference that Burdisso will replace Samuel in the lineup because Samuel is not 100% fit.

Maradona did not confirm the rest of the starting lineup.

The speculation in the Argentina media is that this will be the starting eleven against Mexico today:



Maxi Rodriguez-Mascherano-Di Maria


Needless to say, a very important game today.

In recent years the Argentina-Mexico games, in every competition, have been close, hard fought, exciting games.

No reason to expect anything different today.

Argentina’s backline and the defensive midfield support will have to be in top form today. Argentina’s defense will need to rise to the occasion and give its best performance in the world cup.

The good news for the team’s play buildup is that there is a possibility that Veron will not be in the lineup today.

Unfortunately, it appears that Pastore will not be taking his place in the lineup but with Maxi, Di Maria, Tevez, Messi & Higuain, Argentina should be able to launch lethal attacks.

Argentina though, really does need an attacking midfielder like Pastore, who has the pace, vision, and passing skills to link up well with the rest of the team.

We’re only a few hours away from kickoff.

It’s do or die.

The world cup really begins now.

Share your thoughts on today’s game.

VAMOS ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


90 minutes to kickoff.

The Argentina starting lineup confirmed:

Maxi Rodriguez
Di Maria

Maradona press conference

June 27, 2010

Maradona speaking to the media yesterday.

Starting eleven against Mexico

June 25, 2010

Argentina held their final training session today before their second round game against Mexico.

Maradona has not confirmed the starting lineup.

It is likely that most of the starters from the first two games will be back in the lineup.

The question marks for Argentina are in the right-back & right-midfield spots.

In the right-back position, Maradona has the option of going with Jonas again even though the experiment so far has not produced very convincing results.

Another option would be Otamendi, who played well against Greece and surprised with the quantity & quality of his attacking runs.

Another option still would be Clemente Rodriguez who played in the left-back spot against Greece but can also play as a right-back.

In the right-midfield spot, Maradona could go with Jonas playing in his natural position or with Maxi Rodriguez or with Veron.

I would prefer to see either Jonas or Maxi playing on the right-side of the midfield against Mexico.

Argentina will need a player with pace & mobility in that spot to neutralize Mexico’s attacks from that flank.

Needless to say, a slow & defensively weak Veron is not the player to cover that zone.

As far as the right-back spot, considering what is available, I would prefer either Burdisso or Otamendi.

I think that against Mexico, Argentina can afford to sacrifice attacking runs from the right-back spot in exchange for stronger defensive coverage.

There are several lineup possiblities:




Veron-Mascherano-Di Maria







The lineup that I would like to see against Mexico:



Jonas-Mascherano-Di Maria



I think it is time for Pastore to be brought into the starting lineup to give Argentina’s attack/play buildup more precision, pace, clarity, pause, and most of all, to provide Messi with the attacking midfielder that he needs to effectively link up with.

What lineup would you all like to see against Mexico?