Pastore-Pozo press conference

Javier Pastore & Diego Pozo speaking to the media today.

There’s alot of speculation in the Argentine media that Pastore will play against Germany.

That’s all it is at this point.

16 Responses to Pastore-Pozo press conference

  1. Chris says:

    Lets hope so !

    if pastore plays with Messi and Di Maria, im sure we are going to see a totally different game on Saturday.

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I don’t think that both Pastore & Di Maria will be in the lineup with Messi, Higuain & Tevez.

    That would leave Masche in the midfield.

    I think if Pastore plays then Di Maria has to come out of the lineup or one of the forwards has to be taken out.


    Absolutely not.


    One of the WC’s top goal scorers. NO

    That leaves Tevez.

    Do you take Tevez out and bring Pastore into the lineup?

  3. pintadoazulblanco says:

    So, which midfield do you think would work best against the Germans?






  4. Chris says:

    damn brother…. honestly? i have no clue !

    im not gonna lie to you..but this has been bothering me since the day after the Mexico game.

    we all know there needs to be a change more play build up, but the problem is, who to put in?

    Ron,whats ur ideal formation/line up with what we have right now, to go against the Germans???

  5. pintadoazulblanco says:

    At this point, it would have to be, for me,:






  6. Dave Messi says:

    pintadoazulblanco i respect your starting 11 and i see why you have a point.

    But surely dropping Carlitos Tevez would be a bad thing.. look at the form hes on and the goals hes scored so far in this world cup.

    if i had to make an emission to make out of this world cup squad in order to accomodate carlitos tevez AND pastore, i would drop jonas.

    thats my point, any views on that?

    nice to talk to fellow albiceleste fans 😉
    not many here in scotland.

    • pintadoazulblanco says:

      Hi Dave,

      I understand that taking Tevez out of the lineup is a difficult move to make considering his performance against Mexico.

      I think that with three forwards in the lineup and no attacking midfielder, the play build up is obviously suffering.

      And with no effective play build up then Messi cannot perform at his best.

      Messi desperately needs a player that has the skill, pace, passing ability and vision to link up with him and allow him to explode.

      That player has not been and never will be Veron.

      Pastore can be that player but not by sitting on the bench.

      I think Argentina needs to sacrifice some of its goal scoring power in order to improve its play build up.

      Even with Tevez out of the lineup, Argentina still has Messi & Higuain.

      Plenty of goal scoring power there.

      The team’s attack needs clarity, creativity, pause and good ball distribution.

      I think it needs that more than having a third forward in the lineup.

      • Fan40Mill says:

        Interesting debate, but my line up would be:

        Jonas-Mascherano- Pastore

        The reason I’m leaving Di-Maria out is not because his had a bad tournament but because Messi has had a good one.

        Messi has effectively been given the keys to the team and can play where he likes. Now that Tevez was brought in, Messi is playing behind the strikers and occupying space Di-Maria was previously exploiting- That’s why Di-Maria has had very little impact on the tournament.

        Jonas, I think we need for his midfield defensive capacity and Pastore because of his midfield offensive capacity. The rest of the team, I think, speaks for itself.

        I’d be keen on hearing others opinions.


  7. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Chris, with that lineup, once the game begins, if the Germans are able to attack over and over down Argentina’s left flank, then I would move Jonas to the left side of the midfield and bring in Maxi to the right-midfield spot.

    Another option would be to move Jonas to the left side of the midfield, move Masche to the right side and bring in Bolatti to cover the central midfield spot.

    In both scenarios only one substitution is made(DiMaria)and Pastore remains in the lineup.

  8. Chris says:

    is Masche able to play on the right side?
    I haven’t seen him play out of position before!?! unless for LP he does? so i wouldn’t even know how that would turn out to be honset with you… its probably not a bad idea.

  9. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Masche has played in the right-midfield spot with River and the national team.

    It would be a big change to make, tactically, but its just an option against the Germans not the ideal move to make.

    But I was thinking of that in case DiMaria is in the lineup. Obviously, the Germans will look to attack the left flank often if DiMaria is there.

  10. pintadoazulblanco says:

    My biggest concern before the WC began was the play buildup. Argentina has made it to the quarterfinals and the play build up is still a concern.

    I think right now is the time to make the changes needed to improve Argentina’s attack.

    I think that is the final part to fix in order for Argentina to go all the way in the WC.

    Argentina has options to bring defensive balance to the team.

    Now is the time to help Messi shine.

    If Messi begins to explode who will be able to stop Argentina?

  11. mauricef says:

    this is my lineup
    otamendi samuel burdisso heinze
    maxi messi di maria
    tevez higuain

  12. leandro says:

    Samuel Burdisso
    Otamendi Heinze
    Veron Macherano
    Messi Pastore


    Samuel Burdisso Veron y Mache fijos en defender.. veron con sus pases largos empieza desde atras.
    Otamendi y Heinze defienden las bandas.
    Messi como lo usa Barca en el principio.. de atra y por las bandas. Tevez juega bien de espaldas, gana pelotas y la pasa bien, tambien juega bien atrasado.
    Higuin o Milito o Palermo, solo como 9 real. De contra Milito por velosidad, apretado Palermo o Milito porque juegan mejor en el aire..

  13. leandro says:

    quiero decir “de contra” Higuain por velocidad..
    y otamendi, samuel, burdisso, heinze en linea de 4…

  14. Leonheart says:

    Hey guys,
    I’m very happy to read all ur comments and lineups for the next game.
    I’m Egyptian, but I love Argentina so much, and I’m supporting Argentina since I was 6 years old in 1990 🙂

    It will be joyful to see PASTORE start next game against Germany, he’s smart and he’s the one till now who we see communicate with MESSI 🙂

    A huge power will be added to the team if he’s in the starting 11.

    Here’s my Lineup



    Tevez-Maxi-Pastore-Di Maria


    We need Messi in front, for him to shine and get goals, Tevez, can be a pain in the *** to the germans with his attack/defence abilities.

    Higuain should cooperate more with Messi.
    Pastore will be the suppliers, I hope he plays from the start.

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