Argentina vs Mexico

New starting backline against Mexico.

Maradona confirmed in yesterday’s press conference that Burdisso will replace Samuel in the lineup because Samuel is not 100% fit.

Maradona did not confirm the rest of the starting lineup.

The speculation in the Argentina media is that this will be the starting eleven against Mexico today:



Maxi Rodriguez-Mascherano-Di Maria


Needless to say, a very important game today.

In recent years the Argentina-Mexico games, in every competition, have been close, hard fought, exciting games.

No reason to expect anything different today.

Argentina’s backline and the defensive midfield support will have to be in top form today. Argentina’s defense will need to rise to the occasion and give its best performance in the world cup.

The good news for the team’s play buildup is that there is a possibility that Veron will not be in the lineup today.

Unfortunately, it appears that Pastore will not be taking his place in the lineup but with Maxi, Di Maria, Tevez, Messi & Higuain, Argentina should be able to launch lethal attacks.

Argentina though, really does need an attacking midfielder like Pastore, who has the pace, vision, and passing skills to link up well with the rest of the team.

We’re only a few hours away from kickoff.

It’s do or die.

The world cup really begins now.

Share your thoughts on today’s game.

VAMOS ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


90 minutes to kickoff.

The Argentina starting lineup confirmed:

Maxi Rodriguez
Di Maria


18 Responses to Argentina vs Mexico

  1. Humbird says:


  2. ArgenPool says:

    First half sees a referee mistake, but hey, thats not our fault. 2-0, looking good!!!

  3. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Happy about the win but it wasn’t a great performance overall as a team.

    Argentina won because of two great individual plays by
    Higuain & Tevez.

    Argentina is relying too much on its goal scoring power and not on its collective play.

    There is little creativity in the middle and the play build up is suffering because of that.

    Instead of Veron coming off the bench in the second half it should have been Pastore.

    Di Maria was a big disappointment again.

    Messi was too isolated and when he had the ball, there was nobody there to help him, to effectively link up with him.

    The backline is still a concern.

  4. quico882k3 says:

    I agree with u Ron Argentina is relying too much on ther goal scoring power its beyond me why Maradona even made the substitution for Veron to come in you can see how much messi lets loose when Pastore comes in also about DiMaria he also needs Pastore in the game against canada Pastore was serving him passes and getting him involved in the game but i have faith that Maradona is relaizing we need him to make our play build up more explosive

  5. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Veron was ineffective even coming off the bench.

    Against Greece, Pastore played 15 minutes, today he played 5 minutes.

    Not really encouraging to me.

    I have no reason to think that Pastore will have a larger role to play in the rest of the world cup even though he should.

  6. chris says:

    I have to admit it, we played like shit today… lets all be honest…. the first two goals were by luck, tevez goal was excellent.. diego’s big mistake was taking out tevez and having our whole team come back in the 2nd half.. demichelis is not playin well.. di maria is lost on the pitch AGAIN, and messi was way to far back…the ref was trash, what chicharito did to heinze i would’ve gave him a red card for that..

    and i hate to bring this up again, but Zanetti is needed terribly…we need to start the next match with pastore instead of maxi… maxi is not in form, and does not link up well with messi… messi is too by himself in mid field. he cant do it all on his own..

    im extremely happy we won, but mexico played alot better then we did… Germany im sure is going to be a totally different match, im happy we didnt get any yellows in this match… our defense SUCKS !!!!

    call for zanetti !

  7. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I wouldn’t say Higuain’s goal was by luck. Sure it was a giveaway by Mexico but Pipita showed great ball handling skill & a great finish on the play.

    I do agree with you Chris about Demichelis, he’s been the worst player in the backline so far in the WC. I think he’s become a liability to the team. It is time for Maradona to take Demichelis out of the starting lineup.

    I would not have a problem with Burdisso & Samuel as the starting center-backs against Germany.

    I agree with you too about Maxi.

    I would like to see Jonas in the right-midfield spot.

  8. Bishop says:

    This game proved that Veron must start the remaining games, without him the midfield has failed to maintain control of the middle of the pitch and establish containment when opponents have the ball.

    Yes, I know the game slows with him there but Argentina is more deliberate, assured and varied with him. Pastore is not a replacement for Veron. Pastore is like Messi 18 months ago, spectacularly creative but responsible only for himself, he’s a replacement for either Messi/Tevez or maybe a winger late in a game but not Veron.

    DiMaria is also learning to be responsible and seems more subdued than at Benfica as a result but if Maxi was as good defensively as Angel today, victory would have been ridiculously comfortable.

    Demichelis needs to sit,nuff said.

    • pintadoazulblanco says:

      I totally disagree with you about Veron, he was just as ineffective coming off the bench today as he’s been as a starter. The main difference today was that he did not play long enough to tire out and for his slowness to be exposed. Veron was not able to, again, to link up well with Messi.

      Veron, again, was not a factor and did not help the team with the play build up.

      I think your description of Pastore is very inaccurate.

      Pastore is a versatile player that can fill in, in the playmaker spot and he can play behind the forwards as well.

      He did both things with Huracan and with Palermo , playing in various positions.

      Pastore’s passing skills, his vision on the field and his ability to link up with other players is proof that he is not a one dimensional player that is only responsible for himself.

      I don’t want to even imagine Veron in the starting lineup against Germany.

      The Germans will run circles around him and be all over him defensively.

      • Bishop says:

        I did not assert that Pastore was insufficiently skilled or lacked talent and vision. He however, has a lot to learn.

        Veron is not a typical playmaker, never has been and never will be. Diego knows this and has never to my knowledge expressed a desire for him to perform as such.

        Veron prompts movements for the group as a whole and for individuals within the whole but doesn’t create for the individual.

        A crude analogy would be the risk management dept. of a large company. Everything everybody does has to go through them but they don’t dictate anything to anyone.

        It’s IMO a more rare skill than offered by the general accepted playmaker role. Of course, the ability to do both is even rarer still.

  9. Humbird says:

    I worry about our heading ability in front of the goal. He really miss Batistuta and Crespo.

  10. el_payaso says:

    A victory for us
    but a laboured one with some luck

    i am not gonna rate each player, i am sure some of you other guys might do that

    but i wanted to comment on what i saw and suggestions for the next game

    again di maria had a poor game
    but i dont think it was as much his fault
    he is not being brought into the game , maxi too

    the problem is a creative midifield player
    ideally i think aimar could have been the deciding factor here
    but he isnt here, this is were patore comes in
    He really needs to play
    our offense only really consists of tevez/messi/higuain
    this is not goin to cut it against the germans
    messi is not gonna win this by himself

    if pasotre/di maria/tevez/messi/higuain get involve we will do alot better

    secondly the defense needs to get serious, little mistakes at this stage of the tournament will send u packing

    the german rely heavily on the counter and they play it with precision. their players are fast, fit and can shooot!
    i dont think we will get caught out as england did becuase we mainly play a flat back four and they stay a flat back fot the most part.
    so once we get our offense going as i highlighted earlier and get a couple of goals in early we should be set.

    its not gonna be easy though
    definately our hardest game lies ahead.

  11. Fan40Mill says:

    Chris, I can only agree with Zanetti being required as a right midfield option, but I think we’ve found our right back in Otamendi who had a good game. I do feel however that Argentina outplayed Mexico- but not by much.

    It was an unusual game because Argentina got a lucky break, Mexico then stuffs up in defense which was punished nicely by Higuain, we then get a screamer from Tevez and Argentina shut shop and not to effectively either. They only really played for 60 minutes with either brilliance or calamity deciding the game and mediocrity in the middle.

    All I really got out of it was, like Pintadoazulblanco suggest, needing to start with Burdisso & Samuel in the heart of defence and also starting with Pastore instead of Maxi Rodriguez

    The rest of the starting line should just chalk up this win as one of those things and get back to playing like they know how.


    • pintadoazulblanco says:

      You’re right Fan40 about Otamendi. I think he’s settled in to the right-back spot. I don’t think he’s been playing in top form but he’s been steady.

      I think Burdisso was the best player in the backline today.

      Samuel should be 100% fit for the Germany game.

      I think that its been clear to see that this world cup has been a struggle for Demichelis.

      Now is the time to make one final change in the backline.

      Burdisso & Samuel need to be the starting center-backs for the rest of the world cup.

  12. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Argentina will have to play their best game of the world cup to beat Germany.

    A performance like today against the Germans, the world cup will be over for us.

  13. Humbird says:

    I really didn’t think we were that bad…….:(

  14. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Bishop, you stated that Pastore is responsible for himself. I disagreed and said that because of his inherent skills & abilities, Pastore is a player that can play for the team, distribute the ball effectively, link up well with other players.

    As far as Veron is concerned. In my opinion, he has not played well enough to justify a place in the starting lineup.

    Veron has not strengthened Argentina’s attack nor contributed a great deal to the team’s play build up.

    That’s how I see it.

    We’ll have to agree to disagree about Veron.

  15. Dano says:

    This game should have ended 1-1 and going into extra time…must improve significantly against the germans.
    how do we regain control of the midfield? messi is forced to fall deeper into our zone to find the ball, then gets knocked around trying to move forward..not the right prescription here. i like what pastore can do, what he has shown, but does maradona trust him in such a crucial quarter final? veron must start and go as far as he can..there is no tomorrow, if we win and loose him for the semis from fatigue, well i’ll take it.
    i’m also very concerned with demichelis play. if samuel is fit, pair him up with burdisso. we knock heinze but he’s scored to win a game, and kept one out against mexico. otamendi has been impressive and must remain.
    i know dimaria has not lived up, but would not take him out, he can break out at any time.
    i see another 3-2 win against germany. there will be scoring but can we score more? i’m feeling the squeeze in my stomach already. everyone enjoy the game…Argentina to the semi-finals!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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