Starting eleven against Mexico

Argentina held their final training session today before their second round game against Mexico.

Maradona has not confirmed the starting lineup.

It is likely that most of the starters from the first two games will be back in the lineup.

The question marks for Argentina are in the right-back & right-midfield spots.

In the right-back position, Maradona has the option of going with Jonas again even though the experiment so far has not produced very convincing results.

Another option would be Otamendi, who played well against Greece and surprised with the quantity & quality of his attacking runs.

Another option still would be Clemente Rodriguez who played in the left-back spot against Greece but can also play as a right-back.

In the right-midfield spot, Maradona could go with Jonas playing in his natural position or with Maxi Rodriguez or with Veron.

I would prefer to see either Jonas or Maxi playing on the right-side of the midfield against Mexico.

Argentina will need a player with pace & mobility in that spot to neutralize Mexico’s attacks from that flank.

Needless to say, a slow & defensively weak Veron is not the player to cover that zone.

As far as the right-back spot, considering what is available, I would prefer either Burdisso or Otamendi.

I think that against Mexico, Argentina can afford to sacrifice attacking runs from the right-back spot in exchange for stronger defensive coverage.

There are several lineup possiblities:




Veron-Mascherano-Di Maria







The lineup that I would like to see against Mexico:



Jonas-Mascherano-Di Maria



I think it is time for Pastore to be brought into the starting lineup to give Argentina’s attack/play buildup more precision, pace, clarity, pause, and most of all, to provide Messi with the attacking midfielder that he needs to effectively link up with.

What lineup would you all like to see against Mexico?


8 Responses to Starting eleven against Mexico

  1. Chris says:

    totally agree with the last line up u provided…

    i think thats the team tht can do it.. jonas is a lot faster then Maxi is… and is his natural position… i did not like him at all in the back-line..

    either burdisso or clemente de cuatro for me….

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Chris, I would prefer Burdisso or even Otamendi over Clemente because he is not a strong defensive player.

    Clemente can make attacking runs but Argentina would be defensively exposed in the right-back spot with Clemente in the lineup.

    I’m not thrilled with the possibility of center-backs like Burdisso & Otamendi playing out of position but I would feel a little more secure with them playing in a set position on the backline.

    Argentina’s defense needs to tighten up. The team cruised through the group stage without a strong backline but it will not survive the rest of the world cup with a vulnerable backline.

  3. mauricef says:

    it is quite simple no one can argue about this line up: Romero
    Otamendi Samuel Burdisso Heinze
    Maxi Rodriguez Messi Tevez
    Now let me give my explanations: maxi is a far better winger than jonas, otamendi defends far better and is quite balanced because he can attack well also. For a centre back who plays for bayern munich demichelis has made too many amateur errors against all three opposition we have played so far, burdisso has played exceptionally well for roma this season at centre half, forming a rock solid partnership with juan. Veron is alright but it is naive to put him in a winger’s position, and I know some if not most of you would disagree with me on the issue of milito starting ahead of higuain especially since he scored a hat trick against south korea but milito is a big game player and please don’t say he isn’t as mobile as pipita because at this present moment he is the most difficult striker to mark. Maradona hasn’t given milito enough chances to prove his worth, before he joined inter he never played well for us, but just remember that he has just concluded his season of his career scoring important goals against big oppostion in a treble winning campaign with internazionale milano. Don’t get me wrong I rate pipita highly but I wouldn’t start him over milito at this present time. Pipita is only 22 so he will be our #9 for many years to come which is quite marvellous for us but for this world cup. IL Principe over Pipita. I welcome all your responses.

  4. Humbird says:

    It doesn’t matter anymore. The 11 men on the pitch have to make this happen, no matter what their names are.

  5. chris says:

    i understand ur opinions and i agree with most of it, but in my opinion, age doesnt matter at the moment, pipita has been proving himself, and milito has had way too many chances in the past and has not proved anything in my eyes.. pipita is more of a striker, in the box, winger type of player.. milito isn’t..i feel with pipita we have alot more options.. on another note, i really think havnig pastore in the line up we have a lot more chances to create plays… as far as jonas goes, i think he’s in a bit better form then maxi is.. seeing him play against greece, really didnt impress me.

  6. seba says:

    “The wall” samuel s unfortunately still injured and not able to rock the pitch.horrible loss!!!
    so this could be the starting 11 for last 16 against mexico (just in my opinion):

    ROMERO 22

    (JONAS 17)

    (MAXI 20)

    MESSI 10 – HIGUAIN 9 – TEVEZ 11

  7. cambiasso's toupee says:

    I think that Jonas is the one pet project that Diego has given up on for this World Cup. It is a shame, but I don’t think he has found his role.

    I think that Diego will count on Maxi And Veron to play 80 minutes – I don’t think he has enough confidence to start Pastore although he seems to be the perfect compliment to Messi. I think Tevez will need to be the man of the match tomorrow.

  8. Bishop says:

    I agree with Chris on the Pipita/Milito debate. When Pipita’s in the team there’s greater movement in the final third and the ball moves better.

    As for Maxi, who is a good player and who is the threat to score from midfield that we need sometimes but Jonas can help the midfield in a multitude of ways.

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