Changes for Greece game

In today’s press conference Maradona confirmed that there will be changes in the lineup for tomorrow’s final group game against Greece.

Messi will remain in the starting eleven. Maradona said that “Messi is going to play because he always wants to play and I like that. We thought about resting him but having a player of Messi’s stature, the best in the world without a doubt, it would’ve been a waste. That’s why we are puttting him on the field, he is going to play and he is very happy.”

Besides Veron returning to the lineup, these players will be starters for the first time in the world cup and will play against Greece:

Nicolas Otamendi
Nicolas Burdisso
Clemente Rodriguez
Mario Bolatti
Sergio Aguero
Diego Milito

Though not official, the starting eleven tomorrow will most likely be:

GK – Romero
D – Otamendi
D – Demichelis
D – Burdisso
D – Clemente Rodriguez
M – Veron
M – Bolatti
M – Di Maria
F – Messi
F – Aguero
F – Milito


6 Responses to Changes for Greece game

  1. Chris says:

    I think this is a mistake, i seriously think Messi should be saved for the next round… im sure they all want to play, but if we play uruguay or Mexico, i would want him at his best, and not risk a injury (knock on wood).

  2. king aguero says:

    i don’t think it is a mistake at all. i think it is a mistake we aren’t playing more of the starters.

    history shows that the teams who rest starters in the final group game normally lose in the quarterfinals or before.

    this happened to argentina, holland, and spain in the last world cup

    it happened to portugal and holland at the last euros

    in 2006, italy and france both played full strength sides in the last group game, as did brazil and germany in 2002

    messi needs to play to get a goal so he is not pressing in front of the net in the knock out rounds

  3. Bishop says:

    I agree with King Aguero, besides he is improving as a “10” and is showing growth from game to game, it is important that this growth continues.

  4. Chris says:

    ok, I can respect that, but answer me this, who are u going to put in for the knock out round if another of our players get yellow carded or injured again ???? with the selection that Diego took to the WC, we really dont have the best…
    not saying that Greece is a weak team, cuz anything can happen, but I would’ve prefer to give some of our starters a rest, and not risk a yellow or injury, and save them for the 2nd round..

    but then again, ur probably right about the starters continuing to play…. it just concerns me, thinking Masche already has 1 yellow card, which means he if plays against Greece, he’s risking another, then he’ll be out of the 2nd round game..and we’d only have Bolatti to rely on.

  5. mauricef says:

    i agree with both chris, resting the key players are key, maradona should start pastore and rest messi, sure it is important that the starters continue to play bit because of maradona’s selections we lack depth in midfield and as chris pointed out mascherano is on a yellow card he is quite erratic and if he picks up another caution, he will miss our clash with mexico which will be a big test. Resting messi is key, don’t worry about him finding form he will do so in the knockout round, at least I hope but please king aguero stop talking about history as far as I am concern what happens happens history has absolutely nothing to do with it.

  6. Chris says:

    Thanks Mauricef for backing me up on this . 🙂

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