Maradona press conference

Maradona spoke to the media today and confirmed that Maxi Rodriguez will replace Veron in the starting lineup against South Korea.


4 Responses to Maradona press conference

  1. chris says:

    i still want to see pastore in the line up !
    im sure he can help alot with the play build up.. but i have a feeling that if he takes messi out early to rest him, thats when he’ll put pastore in.

  2. Humbird says:

    I have no problem with Maxi.

  3. Fan40mill says:

    Chris, like yourself I’d also like to see Pastore at least get a run in this game.

    My worry however is the insistence of playing 4-3-3 then 3-4-3 with Gutierrez as the roaming player. He was caught badly out of position a few times, but it was reassuring to hear that Maradona noticed that and it has been addressed in training.

    I would still prefer to see more caution, therefore see a pure defender in that position and still play 4-3-3. Don’t know if that would unbalance what was a very good display against Nigeria. But with no Gutierrez crowding the midfield, maybe that would give Di Maria the space he lacked in our last game.

    Earlier this year we were criticizing Maradona for having a complete lack of ideas, but now we are only talking about differences in ideas.

    To Maradona’s credit, he has come a long way.


  4. Alex says:

    Why would not Diego let his namesake Milito play more? Don’t forget it was Milito’s contribution that lead Inter to win the UEFA campions cup, beating Messi’s Barca along the way.

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