Argentina vs Nigeria

The starting lineup has not been confirmed yet but unless there is a last minute surprise the starting eleven today should be the same one that was seen during this week’s training sessions.

GK – Sergio Romero
D – Martin Demichelis
D – Walter Samuel
D – Gabriel Heinze
M – Jonas Gutierrez
M – Javier Mascherano
M – Juan Sebastian Veron
M – Angel Di Maria
F – Lionel Messi
F – Gonzalo Higuain
F – Carlos Tevez

There are questions about Argentina heading into the World Cup opener:

Will a three man backline with Jonas moving in and out of the right-back position work against a team like Nigeria that can launch fast, counterattacks?

How effective will Veron be in the midfield?

Will Veron’s fitness be a big issue?

How well will the attacking trio of Messi, Higuain and Tevez perform?

Will they be able to link up successfully and contribute to the good play buildup?

How will Maradona perform as manager in the World Cup?

I still believe that as Messi goes, so will Argentina.

Veron, Di Maria, Tevez and Higuain will need to provide the support that Messi needs in order for him to be the big threat that he is in the last third of the field.

Argentina has an advantage that no other team in the world cup has.

We have the best player in the world that can win games with a great run, with a great goal at any moment.

Argentina must exploit the great advantage it has.

The team in this year’s world cup must revolve around Messi.

If Argentina can provide the midfield support that Messi needs and if the other forwards can link up with Messi so that Messi is well positioned to make his electric runs and to take threatening shots on goal, then Argentina will have the ability to go very far in this world cup.

Messi cannot do it all by himself.

Argentina has a team that can be built around Messi.

Argentina has the talent to bring out the best in Messi.

Argentina can have a great world cup.


12 Responses to Argentina vs Nigeria

  1. chris says:

    sorry but im not liking this at all !!!
    eventhough we are winning, argentina looks terrible on the field..
    veron needs to go,

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Argentina started out great but it needs to do a better job of controlling possession of the ball.

    Higuain cannot waste any more goal scoring chances.

    Di Maria needs to be more involved with the play buildup.

    I agree with you Chris about Veron. We’ve known this going into the World Cup.

    Argentina needs to get the ball to Messi alot more than what it has so far.

    The play buildup needs to improve.

    All in all. Argentina should be ahead by at least two goals.

    Argentina is the better team on the field. This game is very winnable.

  3. Humbird says:

    second half not much better. Veron seems to be slowing down the flow of the plays.

  4. pintadoazulblanco says:

    You’re right.

    The play buildup suffers with Veron in the lineup.

    We’ve been talking about this for how long now?

  5. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Despite the misses, today was the best that Messi has looked with the Argentina shirt in a long time.

    I liked his positioning on the field, his contact with the ball though it needs to improve, was good. The team was clearly conscious of the need to link up with Messi.

    Di Maria needs to be more involved with the play buildup and needs to seek out Messi and link up with him alot more than he did today.

    Higuain & Messi cannot continue to waste goal scoring chances.

    I think the quality of Argentina’s play buildup is my biggest concern going forward.

    It was very important for Argentina to start the WC with a win.

    Argentina needs to build on today’s win.

  6. Dano says:

    We got the 3 pts which we know is huge in the opener.
    yes, argentina was not precise today, lets hope these wasted opportunities are flushed, in a crucial tight quarter finals it will be costly.
    also concerned with a backline of 3. nigeria created several chances. a more accomplished attacker will not forgive.
    veron can only go for a half. surprised with dimaria, a now show, not sure if it was tactical.
    demichelis was outstanding, the berlin wall…
    lets hang in there, messi will appear soon and will bring great joy!
    we can still get the results with a backline of 4. i hope maradona will rethink this formation. jonas played great, will he have the lungs to continue?

  7. Bishop says:

    I would’ve preferred to see a 4-4-2 formation, it would’ve made me more comfortable in my chair but part of me thinks that if we were more solid defensively, Nigeria would have parked the bus and played for a draw.

  8. Humbird says:

    I agree Veron is only good for one half. That is a guaranteed substitution every match. Which means we really only have two each match for emergencies or necessities.

  9. Fan40mill says:

    Hi Guys

    A win is a win and Argentina look like they can improve on the performance. At times they looked brilliant. Messi was amazing, but unlucky.

    There were however things that need changing. The Gutierrez experiment did not work. A 3-4-3 then shifting to a 4-4-2 when needed was terrible. Gutierrez proved that his a defensive midfielder, not a defender. Caught badly out of position a number of times. He looked a lot more composed when he was asked to be just a midfielder, when Burdisso came on.

    Veron started well, but then badly faded badly in the second half, I think because of his age- a fear everyone on this blog had. We do a least have options to replace and I was happy Maradona had the balls to replace him when he did because it was clear it needed to happen.

    Good start, but our deficiencies would have cost us against better oppositions.


  10. Fan40mill says:

    PS: The Jabulani ball sucks.

  11. Humbird says:

    so do the vuvuzelas. I didn’t hear one Argentina chant during the whole match. I always hear chanting even if there are only 10 Argentina fans in the stadium.

  12. Doddi Buddi says:

    We all seem to forget that Nigeria is full of players who have a lot of speed. That Gutierrez was beaten a few times was an indication of this. As always I am thankful to Maradona to have built the team that can play mostly without Messi for long periods in a game. No amount of bad luck can compensate for the fact that Messi missed his chances. Same with Higuain–the goal keeper did a fantastic job for Nigeria. The limitations of popular opinion in a dynamic game are cruelly exposed: at the end of the day the team that scores from its chances wins! I was very pleased to see Argentina play with great confidence and I am sure they will go very far in this tournament.

    If someone can send a message to Messi, please tell him to dribble past the goalkeeper if he has a chance rather than shooting into the body of the goalkeeper. At least Argentina will get a penalty in a 1-on-1 situation. I thought the Argentine forwards were extremely unselfish in passing the ball to Messi so that he would get a goal during the course of the game. Such was the dominance Argentina!

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