Argentina will go with 3 forwards in World Cup opener

Messi, Tevez, Higuain in the starting lineup.

According to La Nacion, Maradona will have three forwards in the lineup for the World Cup opener against Nigeria.

The starting eleven will reportedly be:

GK – Romero
D – Demichelis
D – Samuel
D – Heinze
M – Jonas Gutierrez
M – Mascherano
M – Veron
M – Di Maria
F – Messi
F – Tevez
F – Higuain

An explosive lineup in theory, with Higuain, Messi, Tevez and Di Maria.

These are all players with pace, mobility, passing skills and goal scoring ability.

I don’t think that the defense will be a set 3 man backline, with Jonas in the lineup he will move back and forth from the right-midfield spot to the right-back spot.

Argentina can switch from a 3-4-3 formation to a 4-3-3 in the middle of a game.

I still prefer to see Pastore instead of Veron in the lineup. I think Pastore would be able to link up better with Di Maria and Messi and contribute more to the play build up than Veron.

All things considered, I like the starting lineup that is being reported.

What do you all think of this possible lineup against Nigeria?


5 Responses to Argentina will go with 3 forwards in World Cup opener

  1. quico882k3 says:

    I really cant complain i also would rather Pastore in the line up instead of Veron i been saying it for a while now but i do feel satisfied with the team now that Tevez is part of the 11 i think that eventually Pastore will take the Veron spot as Argentina advances to the knock out stages i think these because Veron might need some rest and my guess is Pastore will shine

  2. river vida says:

    i think pastore will have a role to play, but at the beginning veron should start. he can keep the team calm when under pressure. pastore will be huge in this WC, but for now this veron’s team

  3. Fan40mill says:

    Interesting report that gives Argentina their best offensive line up under Maradona.

    I can still complain about the players that his using to fulfil this plan (Jonas Gutierrez now effectively becomes our most important player) but I can’t complain against the idea its self.

    If Maradona uses this against Nigeria and we do well, he’ll surely be tempted to continue to play this way throughout the tournament, which would be one hell of exciting way to play.

    Maradona is a nut, but you know what they say, there is a fine line…..


  4. Rajesh says:

    This is pretty exciting, I must say. If Gutierres plays his hearts out, there wouldnt be any complaints, I hope.
    I am sure, Pastore would come in place of Veron by 55 or 60 minutes. It would be also nice to see Maxi in place. He would add a lot to this line up.

  5. sanjeev neupane(nepal) says:

    this is a winning line up. Argentina wins each game if they play with full passion. This line up and 4-3-3 formation is the best formation. Veron is ok for 45 minutes and 50 min pastore or maxi in place of veron and in 65 minute aguero in place of higuain will be better i think…..

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