Argentina-Canada highlights

A recap of yesterday’s game.

14 Responses to Argentina-Canada highlights

  1. river vida says:

    what a game! I know it was only Canada, but Portugal couldn’t even beat the cape verde islands! It was a good sign that we payed good football and our players linked up well. pastore looked REALLY good. Obviously Di Maria is a phenomenon. I loved how unselfish our strikers were, both Higuain and Tevez with assists. Our team is only going to get better over the next two weeks as our players build more of an on field understanding.

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I agree.

    A couple of things I took from the game.



    I’m hoping that he will be in the starting lineup in the WC instead of Veron.

    Pastore should be given a chance to be the playmaker in the WC.

    I can’t believe I’m going to say this but………

    Jonas Gutierrez in the right-back position.

    If there has to be someone playing out of postion in the right-back spot it might as well be Jonas instead of Otamendi.

    If Jonas plays in the right-back spot then Argentina will at least have someone that can make attacking runs from that position and Jonas is defensively stronger than Otamendi.

    Also, by having Jonas in the right-back spot, the right-midfield spot will open up. Perhaps it can be filled by Maxi Rodriguez.

    Argentina’s strength going into the WC is definitely its goal scoring power.





    Argentina will have lots of fire power in the WC but the forwards will need support from the midfield.

    Having Di Maria & Pastore in the lineup will give our forwards the support they will need.

  3. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Veron was right to say that yesterday’s game was a practice session.

    I don’t think anyone should get excited about the result but there are definitely positives to talk about.

    Like River Vida said, the forwards were unselfish and considering that they are all big time goal scorers, that is a huge positive.

    Again, leaving aside that the opponent was a third rate team, Argentina as a TEAM linked up well, circulated the ball effectively and created many scoring chances.

    These are really positive things heading into the WC.

  4. pintadoazulblanco says:

    How about this starting eleven in the WC:


    Jonas G.-Demichelis-Samuel-Heinze

    Maxi R.-Mascherano-Di Maria



  5. river vida says:

    Yea that looks good. i think we could possibly see messi for pastore and tevez keeping his spot, but one thing is for sure, pastore is going to have a big role to play. he may not start the first game, but by the end of this world cup, he will be a house hold name.

    our starting 11 yesterday by age:
    burdisso- 29
    heinze- 32
    masch- 25
    di maria- 22
    pastore- 20
    tevez- 26
    higuain- 22


    and we forget that messi is only 22 because it seems like he has been around forever.
    if, and it is a big if, maradona can get his crap together we could be building something special here.

  6. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Only one player over 30 and despite the youth of some of the other players like Messi, Masche, Maxi, Tevez, Aguero, they have alot of national team experience.

    Maradona said that he is considering having 3 forwards in the lineup.

    I don’t think that its a really good thing for the team to not have a set formation & lineup with the WC just a couple of weeks away.

    The indecision needs to be resolved.

  7. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Possibly another lineup:


    Jonas G.-Demichelis-Samuel-Heinze

    Maxi R.-Mascherano-Di Maria



    • Chris says:

      with the roster we have, I love this line up, i love the fact that messi,higuain, and tevez can play up front, i also feel Pastore did great 9from the hightlights i saw) 🙂 but according to the media he is doing well, great play he did before he got fouled which gave Maxi’s first goal of the game.. believe it or not, he does kind of remind me of kaka.. i guess thats a good thing, hopefully he does grow and become a great player.. we need another great play maker.
      im happy to hear what you said about jonas, you know i have to give it to him, he’s not one of my favorites, but i’ve said it before, the guy busts his ass on the field, and gives 150% for 90 minutes.. thats why I actually like the guy, i defanetly prefer him over otamendi, and I’ve seen jonas makes runs down the flank, si llega every time… i give him that much..

      Ron, did you watch the match after all last night? if you dont mind, can you give me what u think the ratings are for each player?
      kinda funny Aguero’s goal last night, reminded me of the great goal he scored against racing years ago.
      but it all started from pastore, caught a rebound, and fed the bal to kun.. great play.

      • Chris says:

        i think it was racing… was it ??

      • pintadoazulblanco says:

        I watched the game last night.

        I’m really reluctant though to rate the players because the opposing team was so weak.

        But there are positives to take from the game.

        Pastore showed last night why he is a better option than Veron in the lineup.

        Pastore has the pace and skill to link up well with the midfield and forwards.

        Pastore made good passes and participated in the play build up, Pastore went on the attack and showed that he is capable of reaching the opponents end of the field.

        The play you mentioned is a perfect example, getting fouled outside the penalty area.

        Veron is limited. Veron can only play in a deep position and unleash long balls. Veron cannot go on the attack and reach the opponents end of the fied. Veron is too old, slow and physically unfit.

        Pastore is not a playmaker but he can play in that position, he is skilfull, a good passer and can attack as a forward.

        In my mind, the issue has been settled. Veron has no business being in the WC starting lineup.

        We’ve been looking for a playmaker.

        Well, we have one who can also link up with the forwards on the attack.

        Chris, while keeping in mind that the opponent was Canada, I think the midfield and forwards played really well.

        The backline was not tested so it is impossible to give an assessment.

        The positives:

        – Good ball circulation
        – The midfield & forwards linking up well
        – Pastore’s performance
        – The forwards unselfish play

  8. Fan40mill says:


    Nice to see that you’re somewhat happy with the way they played.

    Maradona is likely to start with four centre backs, though I do agree Jonas did well out of position. Pastore, I’ve been a fan of for a while. He reminds me of Osvaldo Ardiles and can replace Veron, who also played well.

    My problem is still the fact that although Maradona selected the best 23 out of his original 30, if Mascherano gets injured or is red carded, who can really replace him.

    I’d still love to see Zanetti there who is such a versatile player who would easily fill in right back or right mid-field-it would be like having 24 players-. Having said that, I’d still start without him.

    The 11 in a 4-4-2 will do well and can take it all the way, but we’ll need more luck than usual with yellow/red cards and injuries. Maradona is nuts, and although I don’t agree with it he does have an idea on how we’ll play. It’s not my idea, but it’s a solid idea.

    Time will tell.

    Vamos Argentina


  9. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Hi Fan40mill,

    Maradona considers Bolatti to be Masche’s backup.

    A mistake.

    Bolatti will not be the defensive presence that Masche is if he has to replace him. There will be an imbalance in the midfield with Bolatti in the lineup.

    Leaving Cambiasso out of the WC squad was very foolish and senseless.

    So if Masche is injured or receives a red card, we’ll have to hope for the best with Bolatti.

    It didn’t have to be that way.

  10. river vida says:

    i’d rather not get into the cambiasso business. i’ve never been the guys biggest fan, for me banega was the criminal omission.

    you are very right about bolatti though. canada saw so much more of the ball when he came in. i thought he was awful. If masch get suspended or something, i would expect maradona to put michu demichelis at 5 and bring in burdisso. Michu hasn’t played there in a couple of years, but i actually thought he was better as a DM than as a CB when he was younger

  11. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I would have been very happy with Banega making the squad. A fantastic player.

    If Masche is out of the lineup I would prefer to see Demichelis in the central midfield spot instead of Bolatti. There are plenty of center-backs to fill in for Demichelis. I don’t think it would be an issue for Demichelis to go back to playing as a #5.

    I’ll be surprised though if Maradona makes that move.

    I think he brought Bolatti to the WC with the idea that he would be Masche’s sub.


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