Aguero Nike Commercial


4 Responses to Aguero Nike Commercial

  1. Dave Messi says:

    Fantastic. Reminds me of his goal vs Canada.
    Very skilled player.. not sure if Kun should start ahead of Carlitos Tevez? anyone’s thoughts on that?

  2. chris says:

    nope, dont think he should start..I actually believe he has not been in good form this whole year and I was one of the few to say he should’ve been left out of the roster for the wc this year, and give someone else (zanetti/cuchu/banega) the spot…..sorry, sound like a broken record.

    messi,di maria, tevez, higuain should all start.

  3. Dave Messi says:

    Yes, true he had a very disappointing season, but as I heard one of the commentators in the Canada match say: this world cup can be his chance to shine again(redeem himself)

    But seeing as Tevez has had a better season and works so hard, he probably deserves to start ahead of Kun, together with higuain, di maria and of course messi.

  4. cambiasso's toupee says:

    Kun deserves a spot (if Palermo is there too). He is a change of pace and can give ARG a speed advantage in the latter rounds.

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