Champions League Final

The Champions League Final is always one of the most important days of the football season. This year even more with five Argentine players participating in the Final.

A huge day for both Inter and Bayern Munich. Both clubs will be looking to become European Champions and win their third title of the season.

It will be a history making day for whichever club wins today.

I’ve been rooting for Inter from the start of this season’s Champions League. Will be doing so even more today.

It is not just a numbers game for me with Inter having four Argentine players and Bayern just one.

I want Inter to win so that el Pupi Zanetti can finish his Inter career in grand style. Zanetti’s contract has already been extended to next season but a Champions League win would be the crowning achievement for Il Capitano.

I also want to see el Cuchu Cambiasso win the Champions League. Cambiasso has played an important part in Inter’s success since joining the club in 2004. Cambiasso is the heart and tactical mind of Inter’s midfield.

Both players are considered very important, absolutely essential and influential leaders by one of the best managers in the world, Inter manager Jose Mourinho but they are not thought of in the same manner by Argentina’s manager.

I won’t even get into both players exclusion from the world cup squad.

Winning the Champions League will not make up for missing out on the World Cup but I really hope that Zanetti & Cambiasso play great today and make history.

Samuel and Milito have also played an important part in Inter’s success. Walter Samuel has anchored Inter’s backline playing in superb form all season in every tournament that Inter has participated in.

Diego Milito’s first season with Inter has been fantastic, not only is Milito Inter’s top goal scorer this season, he has also scored clutch goals in every tournament that Inter’s played in.

Milito has come through often when Inter has needed a game winning goal.

I hope Milito will score again today to help Inter win another important game.

Martin Demichelis will be defending the Bayern shirt today.

Demichelis has played well this season and is a solid presence in Bayern’s backline. I wish him well today and hope he continues to show improved form as he continues to recover from his recent injury.

But today, for me, it is all about Inter.

FORZA INTER!!!!!!!!!!


9 Responses to Champions League Final

  1. chris says:


    milito is going down as a legend in Italy !

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    BRAVO INTER!!!!!


    Milito, Zanetti, Cambiasso, Samuel.


  3. chris says:

    i reeeally hate to say this again, and honestly, im really sadened by it, but its so unfortunate the other two aren’t going to the WC !

  4. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I agree.

    Cambiasso was superb again today.

    Zanetti is the first Argentine player to be Captain of a European Cup/Champions League winning team.

    I don’t mind stating the obvious again and again.

    Zanetti & Cmabiasso should be in the WC squad.

    Today is their day not even Maradona can ruin it.

    GRANDE PUPI!!!!!

    GRANDE CUCHU!!!!!!

  5. pintadoazulblanco says:


    Does Milito now have a real chance of making the WC starting eleven?

    Does Milito deserve more than Higuain to be in the WC starting lineup?

  6. river vida says:

    I don’t think so because higuain has actually been scoring goals for argentina. milito to be fair has failed the chances he has had.

    But anyway, congrats to Inter, especially Pupi!

  7. chris says:

    I really hate to say this, but depending how pipita does in the up coming practices, and on monday’s game, i think Milito totally deserves it… but like i’ve always said, i like milito, he’s phenom, but unfortunetly, with the NT, i’ve never seen him perform..

    after todays practice, looks lke tevez is busting his ass to be a starter…i kinda like the idea of messi, di maria, tevez, and higuain working together… but not sure who they would need to remove.

  8. river vida says:

    i agree with you about messi, di maria, tevez and higuain playing together. i think there is a chance we could see that in the early games. Nigeria is a big physical team but honestly, they are unorganized at the back and those four guys running at them we would torch them. The other 2 teams in our group are the opposite: very organzied and in that case i think we need to attack to great them down

  9. Doddi Buddi says:

    With all due respect to Zanetti and Cambiasso’s playing abilities, they look good because Inter is a fantastically defensive-minded team. Inter play well as a team and Zanetti and Cambiasso play their roles perfectly but for them to succeed in the NT the coach has to make a tactical switch and make the NT play defensively. With Diego around it is not going to happen. Still it was nice to see Inter winning it so comprehensively against Bayern.

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