Manchester United interested in Funes Mori


Alex Ferguson is eyeing up move for Argentinian Funes Mori
By Steve Morgan

MANCHESTER UNITED are eyeing up a move for Argentine wonderkid Funes Mori.

The strike sensation, 19, has been in brilliant form for River Plate and has already attracted a whole host of admirers including Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Mori, who won a reality show to secure a contract with the club, has already received an offer to undergo trials with United’s ­arch-rivals Chelsea.

The talented teenager scored a stunning hat-trick against Racing Club last week and is rated as one of the hottest ­prospects in South America.

And Sir Alex Ferguson, who is happy to take his chances with South American talent, will be hoping to win the race for Mori before his European rivals get in on the act.


Gabriel Funes Mori habló de su posible pase al Manchester United

por Gustavo Privitera

El delantero mendocino de River afirmó, con sorpresa, que no sabe nada del tema y que “sería buenísimo. El fútbol inglés es el mejor de Europa”, señaló.

Gabriel Funes Mori es pretendido por clubes de Italia y ahora lo quiere Manchester United.

El delantero de River Plate, Rogelio Gabriel Funes Mori habló de su posible pase al Manchester United y se mostró sorprendido acerca de la noticia que dio el portal inglés Daily Star acerca del interés del conjunto que dirige Alex Ferguson por sus servicios.

Lo consultamos vía telefónica sobre el tema y soltó un: “no sé nada, pero sería buenísimo”.

Y agregó: “me estoy enterando por ustedes, pero sólo estoy disfrutando de haber jugado este tiempo en River y pienso en las vacaciones”.

Fue más allá, al decir que “todo jugador sueña con jugar en Europa y más si es en el fútbol inglés, pero a eso tengo que hablarlo con mi representante (es su tío, llamado Walter Redondo) y ver qué pasa”.

Funes Mori, quien junto a su hermano gemelo Ramiro (juega de defensor en la reserva del conjunto de Núñez) tienen chances de ser sparring de la selección argentina en el Mundial de Sudáfrica, le destinó elogios al fútbol inglés: “me encanta y es el mejor de Europa. Me gusta cómo juegan los grandes como Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City y Arsenal. En Italia y en España juegan bien, pero en Inglaterra el fútbol es más dinámico y más lindo”.

Funes Mori, que mide 1,85 metros y tiene cinco goles en primera división, se hizo conocido en el 2008 por haber ganado un reality show en el Dallas FC, de Estados Unidos, entre 2.000 chicos. También tuvo una prueba en Chelsea de Inglaterra.

12 Responses to Manchester United interested in Funes Mori

  1. Chris says:

    I dont want him going to that club, he’s going to be a bench warmer like all our other argentine players that have been there.. they just bought the mexican player Chicharito Hernandez as well, so I dont see Mori having any minutes on the pitch. I prefer him to stay at River for at least another 1-2 years, let him gain more experiance, and see what that leads him to in the future. Im sure more doors will open up if he continues to grow.

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Totally agree with you Chris.

    Let’s see if Passarella will continue the same River policies of the past of selling the most promising players as soon as they start to make an impact.

    Like you said, Funes Mori needs to stay so that he can continue to develop.

    Just of curiosity….What do you think of Hernandez?

    I don’t follow Mexican football so I don’t know anything about him.

    Is he any good?

    It is obviously news that a big European team signed a Mexcian player, especially a young player.

    Have you seen him play?

    South American players have not been able to establish themselves in Manchester United, for whatever reason.

    Do you think Hernandez will be any different?

    It is interesting that Manchester United appear to be looking to sign young players from Latin America.

    • Chris says:

      Hey Ron,

      Im the same, im not big on Mexican Soccer, and dont follow it much, i only watch it when one of our teams play against them. I was shocked myself when I heard he was being transfered to an English club. this was big news in Mexico..

      from what i’ve seen and read about him, he’s ok i guess, has a real good header.. but you want my honest opinion? I dont see it any different then our players going to the ManU… I honestly dont see him having any playing time, and I dont see him succeeding.. I dont want to sound like a jerk, but coming straight from a Mexican League, to a big Club like ManU, i see it very difficult for him, and I see him being loaned out real soon..
      I’ve watched the last few games he’s had with Mexico’s NT, and the last 4 or 5 matches they’ve had, he has not scored. he’s a bit young as well. but yeah, i dont see him succeeding in ManU, same happend to omar Bravo when he got transferred to Spain, came back home real soon, and same with Nery Castillo, who payed his own fee to be tranfered to the PL, and failed the first week.. i just dont think the PL is for everyone..Tevez is a exception, that sucker plays hard, and gives his all every time..i had doubts about it when he was in W.Ham, but he succeeded in ManU, and now is the Star in ManC !

      I was looking at England’s Roster for the WC, every single player on their Roster plays for England..
      I’ve never seen that before.

      • pintadoazulblanco says:

        Yeah, that’s an interesting note about England’s WC squad.

        Well, I think they do have players that can play outside of England but I think its a cultural issue within English football.

        I think most English players feel more comfortable staying home instead of transfering abroad and having to adapt to another country, to a different football league.

        English players are not used to that and do not have that type of mentality. Its not something that is a part of their development as players.

        And on top of that, if you think about the salaries that are paid in the Premier League and the prestige that the league has, then why would an English player want to play somewhere else.

  3. argentin4life says:

    i m really pissed off man. i really wonder why cant our talent always stay in argentina rather then always going places like spain,italy or england?? dont we have any money or what?? can anyone tell me why cant our talent stay in argentina itself??????????????????????????

    • Chris says:

      Unfortunetly Argentin4life….


      I dont think talent matters anymore. im sure it does, but money is more important now..

      • argentin4life says:

        yes bro, i really really hope one day our clubs too posses lods of money and our talent stays at our argentina rather then going outside

  4. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Because those that are in charge of the clubs make sure to bring in the money as quickly as possible.

    What happens with the money once a club has secured it?

    It is used for many purposes the least of which is to improve a club’s squad, infrastructure, budgets, etc…

    The corruption & thievery continues unabated.

  5. river vida says:

    all of italy’s squad in 2006 played in serie A so its not that strange to see a squad of only home based players for Euro countries. i would assume that spain had a few world cups where all their players were in La Liga, as it is kind of a new thing that spanish players are in england, like reina and torres

  6. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Italian players have less adaptability issues than English players. Same goes for players from Spain.

    That’s why there are more of them playing outside their countries.

  7. Chris says:

    Not sure if this is true, which im sure it is, since we all expected it, but according to, they already provided the 23 that have been chosen… don’t mean to jump ahead of you Ron, sorry, i know its ur blog, just thought u’d be interested in reading it (im sure this was the list you were already expecting to go).
    but maybe you can look into it, and see if its true….

    World Cup 2010: Argentina Squad – Diego Milito Makes It Into Maradona’s Final 23-Man Squad
    Inter star Diego Milito makes the final 23…
    May 19, 2010 5:54:00 PM

    Argentina’s 23-man World Cup squad in full

    Goalkeepers –
    Sergio Romero AZ Alkmaar (NED)
    Mariano Andújar Catania (ITA)
    Diego Pozo Colon
    Defenders –
    Nicolás Otamendi Velez Sarsfield
    Gabriel Heinze Marseille (FRA)
    Martín Demichelis Bayern Munich (GER)
    Walter Samuel Inter (ITA)
    Ariel Garcé Colón
    Nicolás Burdisso Roma (ITA)
    Clemente Rodríguez Estudiantes
    Midfielders –
    Juan Sebastian Verón Estudiantes
    Javier Mascherano Liverpool (ENG)
    Jonás Gutiérrez Newcastle (ENG)
    Ángel Di María Benfica (POR)
    Maximiliano Rodríguez Liverpool (ENG)
    Javier Pastore Palermo (ITA)
    Mario Bolatti Fiorentina (TA)
    Forwards –
    Lionel Messi Barcelona (ESP)
    Gonzalo Higuaín Real Madrid (ESP)
    Carlos Tévez Manchester City (ENG)
    Sergio Agüerio Atlético Madrid (ESP)
    Diego Milito Inter (ITA)
    Martín Palermo Boca Juniors

    The players originally included in the provisional squad of 30 are Jose Sosa, Ezequiel Lavezzi, Jesus Dátolo, Fabricio Coloccini, Juan Mercier, Sebastián Blanco and Juan Insaurralde.

  8. pintadoazulblanco says:

    No problem Chris.

    That is the WC squad that the main media outlets in Argentina are reporting.

    Clemente Rodriguez and Garce going to the WC.


    We’ll find out soon.

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