Argentinos Juniors – Clausura Champions

Even though I am a River fan, I am very happy that Argentinos won the Clausura.

I have two cousins who came up through the Argentinos youth ranks and played in Argentinos first division teams.

I spent alot of time in La Paternal years ago attending training sessions and going to my cousin’s games.

The team and the neigborhood are dear to me.

I’m very happy today for them and for all Argentinos fans.



One Response to Argentinos Juniors – Clausura Champions

  1. river vida says:

    I just want to make it clear that I am very happy for Argentinos. And I think these short tournaments are great because they allow small teams to win and get into the Copa… however, Agrentinos is going to be hit massivily. I suspect Ortigoza will move on, hes been linked by River amongst mexican clubs, mercier is going to San Lorenzo because I know Ramon really wants him, and Sosa I am sure will get picked up by a bigger club too. Where does this leave Argentinos for the Copa? Banfield was able to hold on to most of their stars like Erviti, Papelito and James Rodriguez but I don’t think Argentinos will be as lucky… But who know they did lift the copa all those years ago, maybe another miracle can happen

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