WC List – Which players will be out?


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  1. Chris says:



    Im still sick to my stomach from last night.

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I agree Chris.

    I’m equally sick to my stomach with the WC list.

    I’m going to post later on today the interview that Maradona did with Fox Sports.

    His vision for the WC:

    4 center-backs in the backline.

    Mascherano playing in front of the backline.

    Veron as Xavi.

    Yes, he said that.

    Maradona envisions Veron as Xavi, in the WC.

    He has really lost his mind.

  3. Chris says:

    yup, ur right.

    i saw part of the interview this morning, but if you can post it we would appreciate it.

    “Veron as Xavi”…. really !?! … please, no where near same level as Xavi…

    jeez, this guy is such a doosh-bag…

    and what just turns my stomach is when he talks, he acts like Mr. know it all…. i dont understand why people fear Diego, and why the Media and reporters dont tell him the way people actually really feel about everything…I wish i had a chance to tell him.

  4. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Veron is not even half the player that Xavi is.

    That Maradona believes that Veron is going to fulfill the same role and perform as well as Xavi is……. delusional, insane, fill in the blank.

    Most of the Argentine media have been sucking up to Maradona since his days as a player.

    Most of the Argentine media are afraid to criticize him because if they were to do so, it would then mean that they would become an enemy to him and they would not have access to Maradona.

    Maradona SELLS, always has, always will.

    That’s why Fox Sports, TyC Sports, Ole, Clarin, El Grafico are always on their best behavior with Maradona.

  5. river vida says:

    i think you guys should calm down a little bit. this is not that bad. brazil is much worse off than we are. no ronaldanho, pato, adriano, neymar, or ganso. dunga is an idiot. obviously maradona screwed up by leaving out zanetti and cambiasso, but the games in the WC will be won and lost by our subs bench. diego can send in tevez, milito, aguero, or palermo. dunga can send in nilmar or grafite.

  6. quico882k3 says:

    My only hope now is the following line up for the WC


  7. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I couldn’t disagree more.

    Dunga is far from being an idiot.

    He knows EXACTLY what he wants and knows EXACTLY what he’s doing.

    Dunga not only chose his final WC squad ahead of time, he has two players per position on his list.

    Compare that to the Argentina list.

    Does Argentina have a suitable backup player for every position?

    Does Argentina have a balanced list?

    I won’t get into the players that Dunga left out of Brasil’s WC squad because I don’t care what Brasil does.

    The difference between Dunga and Maradona is ABYSMAL.

    Brasil has a tactically knowledgeable, well prepared coach who gives his players direction. A coach who is mentally stable and confident in his decisions.

    What does Argentina have for a national team coach?

  8. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Argentina’s WC list, though not final, is a DISASTER.

    It is inexplicable and shameful that players like Zanetti, Cambiasso, Zabaleta, Gaby Milito, Aimar, Lucho Gonzalez, Banega, are left out of the WC squad and instead 9 players from the domestic league are chosen, 4 of which never played with the NT until the recent game against Haiti.

  9. xavi over rated stats and awards prove it veron rules says:

    south american player of year two times in a row VERON silver ball club world cup VERON bronce ball club world cup XAVI you were saying what about veron vs xavi above posters I REST MY CASE YOU KNOW NOTHING veron destryed germany with his passing ROMAN failed against germany FACT

  10. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Estudiantes will not be playing in the World Cup, it will be Argentina.

    Veron has a long history with the national team. A history of FAILURE.

    Veron destroyed Germany?

    Thank you for your comments.

    I really needed a good laugh today.

    I appreciate it.

  11. quico882k3 says:

    To the guy that talks about Veron destroying Germany i think you would have gotten alot more respect from everybody if you would have said that Veron organized or held the ball longer so that Germany wouldnt attack as much but just because he held the ball alot doesnt mean he did anything with it because if thats soccer then i think i have a dog that can hold the ball and run around doing nothing with it should he be in the NT?

  12. Chris says:

    HAAAAAAA HAHAHHAHAH HA…. ur kidding me right ???

    VERON??? dude, sorry to break it to you, but Veron is no where near what Xavi is…

    I said it the day we played Germany, and I’ll say it again, we won because the Germans were very sloppy, we scored on a counter attack, and they’re defense what horrible… we got lucky we won that game, the guys won 1 match, and Diego already assumes he has the tactics and the play strategy… brother please !
    Veron didnt do shit vs Germany, in fact I cant even count the times we had any real Goal scoring oppurtunitys !…
    the only one that actually hustles on the team is Di Maria, he’s going to be our Most Dangerous player, not Messi, or any of our othr guys…
    No disrespect to you, because I love having these Kind of debates, but I think you and I were watching a different match when we played against Germany.

    and for “river vida”, your comment about Brazil being in worse shape then us?? i can careless as well about Brazil’s team. Ur right about Dunga not taking Dinho,Marcelo,Pato,Adriano, but guess what, they still have Kaka, Robinho, Dani Alves, Cesar, Fabiano, etc.. regardless what team Brazil puts together, they always turn out to be a tough team..
    Hopefully they suck ass this year and come back home first round 🙂 since kaka, and some other players have not been in great form this season.
    but I dont see Argentina playing any different then we’ve been playing, its going to be the same, Maradona is already set on a Defensive type of game. so the only ways we’re going to have a chance to score, is by a counter attack with the opposing team making a huge error !
    these are my predictions.

    • ally says:

      only way to play messi at his club form would be to have riquelme behind him,controlling play, holding the ball and feeding him like xavi does, if anyoe can match xavi its roman.

      my ideal xi :

      higuain- messi- di maria

  13. Fan40mill says:

    Is Veron a Xavi right now? NO, was he ever? NO, but few have been. Veron is a quality player and at his peak was excellent; the issue is that he is now old.

    Veron did not destroy Germany, but to say he didn’t play well is doing him a disservice.

    Watch the game against Argentina VS Germany and you’ll see that we had an excellent first half. Any space that Di-Maria had was because Germany was to busy looking at Messi (and every team we face will be) and Veron was quick to exploit that.

    In the second half however we ran out of steam. Veron was out of the picture for long periods in that half.

    You can argue that his pace of play, which is moderate, has allowed him to have a long career- and Maradona is counting on that- but I think it’s catching up with him and I don’t know if he can last seven games.

    I can see why he is in that team, but Maradona may be overlooking the obvious. Yet if Veron can reproduce that first half consistently, we’ll have a good tournament.

    Again, do I agree with Maradona’s idea? NO. But at least it’s an idea.

  14. Fan40mill says:

    PS: quico882K3, I like your team from the players on the current list.

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