Maradona confirms Palermo for World Cup squad

Well, hardly a shocker.

The moment that Maradona called up Palermo in the WC qualifiers the groundwork was laid for his eventual spot in the WC squad.

Can a serious argument be made that Palermo belongs in the WC squad?

If Maradona goes with five forwards that means that Diego Milito will be left out of the WC squad.

Is Palermo more deserving to be in the WC squad than Milito?

Palermo will not be the only player that will be chosen by Maradona for the WC squad because of Maradona’s biases and personal considerations. There will be others.

Maradona already said that there will be players that are in great form, having a great season that will be left out of the WC squad.

Choosing the best, most in form players is obviously not factoring in Maradona’s decision making for the WC squad.

Martín, al Mundial: “Nunca dudé de la presencia de Palermo”

El técnico de la Selección confirmó que el delantero de Boca estará entre los jugadores que irán a Sudáfrica.

El entrenador del seleccionado argentino, Diego Maradona , sostuvo que nunca dudó de la presencia de Martín Palermo en la lista de 30 que elevará a la FIFA el martes que viene.

“Yo nunca dudé la presencia de Palermo”, sentenció Maradona en declaraciones a radio La Red.

En ese sentido, al hablar sobre los delanteros, dijo que va “a quedar mal con los que no lleve, todos tenemos listas pero el que lleva 23 soy yo”, sentenció.

Respecto a los arqueros –Adrián Gabbarini y Diego Pozo son los que tienen chances-, explicó que “en estas dos fechas se va a definir el tema del tercer arquero. En Neuquén los peloteamos a los dos y quede impresionado”.

También Maradona se refirió a las chances de muchos jugadores para estar en la lista y adelantó que hay varios que pueden llegar a estar que nadie tiene en cuenta y dijo que le gusta mucho el zaguero de Newell’s Juan Manuel Insaurralde.

Maradona le abrió la puerta para poder estar en el Mundial a Javier Zanetti, Fernando Gago y Juan Mercier y dijo que si no se lesionaba Rodrigo Braña hubiera estado en la lista de 30.


6 Responses to Maradona confirms Palermo for World Cup squad

  1. roland says:

    Don’t know what to say…I just hope Maradona will resign after the World Cup.

  2. mauricef says:

    Everytime I look at him, I just feel like knocking him unconcious. If Milito misses out, then if I were Milito I would retire from international football. It is things like these why some players prefer club over country. To me the whole Argentine administration should call it a day, so that we can get a serious and competent organization with the right attitude and mentality to hire qualified, professional, competent, no nonsense and tactically astute coaches in order to achieve success. This current administration is a circus. No rational, well thinking and serious person will ever, ever hire someone like the fucking idiot. Not only is he clueless about coaching he is also clueless about being a man all of these attributes to one thing, don’t be a coach at all just be someone like pele. I am counting down the days as to when he is going to resign because he ain’t getting fired. I am just going to watch the world cup and enjoy it. If Palermo is going then you know that the likes of: cuchu, zanetti, zabaleta, banega, aimar, perotti, g.milito, garay and lisandro will have to watch the world cup on tv. There international careers destroyed by our greatest player. Do argentina still worship him? Only if we win the world cup, then I will respect him.

  3. Humbird says:

    This is turning into a horrific joke.

    But then again, we knew it would.

  4. pintadoazulblanco says:

    That is true.

    I guess reality is starting to set in.

  5. Fan40mill says:

    I’ll start by saying, as always, that Argentina can play better than what they are now. A formation such as 4-3-3 comes to mind. Most people on this Blog seem to favour two defensive mid-fielders such a Mascherano and Cambiasso/Banega so maybe a 4-2-3-1 would do well.

    I agree with you all and would be happy to see Argentina play this way.

    Maradona, for most of his spell as couch, has had no ideas. But our last game against Germany in a 4-4-2 formation showed what his likely to do in the world cup- it’s not my idea, or how I’d like to see us play, but it’s a solid idea (finally) that will win games and who knows.

    The other thing everyone forgets is that he inherited a team that won only one game in 7 matches and that despite his selections shambles, his results are there with a 72% win record.

    This brings me to Martin Palermo, the first decision Maradona has made that I 100% agree with. Palermo is there because he is one of these rare individuals that is himself regardless of circumstances. World Cup Final, Qualification Eliminations, Copa Libertadores……. who cares. He is there.

    Picture this.

    Argentina is losing the final. With 8 minutes to go all teams would soon start to employ the most basic tactics of using the flanks and crossing the ball in, in search of a goal.

    Maradona will then and only then bring Palermo on who is almost a mythical figure in Argentina and who is still one of the best headers of the ball in the world. He would bring two things in the equation; one a genuine heading specialist and secondly and more importantly would bring belief. His presence inspires belief in any Argentinean squad.

    Would he have made the Spain, Brazil, Italy or German squad? No, but that’s missing the point.

    Mascherano said after their win against Peru, something to the effect that, it seems to be Martin’s destiny to score these types of goals. That belief is priceless


  6. anirudh says:

    Palermo’s selection is justified considering his ability to score late goals and his self belief…another reason why we need him in the squad is because of his height…because if u realize..all our strikers are short and not really powerful…so a certain martin palermo should be in the squad for this reason as well…but not at the expense of milito..i feel we should have 6 strikers messi,higuain,tevez,milito,aguero and palermo..

    sorry if lavezzi or lisandro miss out…but they’ll have many opportunities in the future..

    as far as defence is concerned we should definitely include samuel,demichelis,gaby milito,zanetti,zabaleta,and heinze and otamendi(they r his it cant be helped)..

    further we should have 2 defensive midfielders in the squad mascherano and cambiasso.. and banega as a reserve midfielder

    and we should include aimar,pastore,veron,gutierrez,di maria

    if we are to play a safe and defensive match..our formation should be like this:


    Zabaleta/Gaby Demichelis Samuel Zanetti

    Mascherano Cambiasso

    Messi Veron/Pastore Di Maria

    Higuain/Milito/Tevez(or palermo if reqd)

    if wwe are playing an attacking game our formation should be:


    Zabaleta/Gaby Samuel Demichelis Zanetti


    Messi Veron/Pastore Di Maria

    Higuain Milito

    wat say guys?..dont u think this is a good formation n strategy?..

    Vamos Argentina!!!!

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