Picture of the Day

Zanetti, Cambiasso, Milito and Samuel celebrate Inter advancing to the Champions League Final.

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  1. mauricef says:

    I wonder if the dumb ass watched cambiasso and zanetti, if he leaves them out of the world cup squad there is no way Argentina can win the world cup. Why does such a brilliant and illustrious nation have to suffer another world cup with a stupid coach and to be truthful the previous two do have tactical sense, this one seems as if he needs to go to a rehabilitation center. It is not just a coach Argentina needs, it also needs a new football federation president, no competent president will ever hire someone like the idiot. Then again as an albiceleste fan I sincerely hope I eat my words in regards to our world cup chances. By the way pintado I understand Spanish very well but I speak English, is there any way you can translate all interviews that are in spanish to english. It will be really helpful if you can do that and don’t you think that it will be great if zanetti lifts the champions league trophy for Internazionale Milano.

    • pintadoazulblanco says:


      Whenever possible I translate information from Spanish to English but I cannot make any guarantees. It is alot of work and I just don’t have the time to translate everything I post.

      This is a bilingual blog.

      I know there are people that read the blog that are English speaking and do not know Spanish.

      There are also Spanish speaking people and Bilingual people that read the blog.

      I do my best to post as many things as possible in English.

      All the comments made and discussions held on the blog are in English.

      I do my best to balance all the information and videos that I post in both languages.

  2. Chris says:

    Definetly Proud of this Team, extremely happy for them they made the Finals, and I hope they win, Totally Deserve it !

    Zanetti, Cuchu, Samuel, and Milito, 4 guys who would die for the NT, and are well Deserved to represent us in the WC..

    Diego, ur a JACKASS !!!!!

  3. Arturo says:

    Totally agree, Diego as my Greek wife would say sos un pajero!!! how well did cambiasso do against the best player in the world Messi.
    He stoped every forward run Messi had and that makes him a great player and should be in the world cup.
    If the gran Pajero would leave these guys at home he has no idea about the great game but only knows how to run with the ball but nothing else.
    Vamos Argentina viva.
    Also please leave Heinze at home cause his a dog.
    If he breacks Messi legs I will do the same to him.

  4. river Fan says:

    Honestly watching the NT play with out Zanetti gives me a sense of emptiness. I almost find it difficult to support this team with this HDP we have as a coach. I wish the media had the huevos to actually question maradona and say “do you even watch football” becaue i’m not sure that he does

  5. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I agree with all the comments made.

    I just don’t know what to say anymore.

    I think Zanetti & Cambiasso have shown that they belong in the WC squad. Their performances on Wednesday just further proof, if any was needed, that they belong in the WC.

    It is really disgusting to think that a Clemente Rodriguez or Otamendi will play in the right-back spot in the WC and not Zanetti.

    It is really insane that Bolatti or Brana could make the WC squad but not Cambiasso.

    Maradona cannot make any football arguments against Zanetti & Cambiasso.

    The Argentine media is not going to question Maradona because they don’t have the honesty, courage and integrity to do so.

    Ole, Clarin, TyC Sports, Fox Sports, none of them are going to bash Maradona because they want to maintain a good relationship with him.

  6. Doddi Buddi says:

    As a long time Argentine supporter, coaches don’t make much difference. Players on the pitch do. Argentina have a problem of plenty; Diego is not the best coach in the World but I have a feeling the little crazy man will pilot the team all the way to the finals. Some players look very good in club football (eg. Zanetti, Milito, Cambiasso) but WC is a different proposition altogether. Heinze is a misfit but the coach is crazy about him–which is sad. Diego’s other selections are reasonable. I am positively delighted Riquelme is not going–he was a crazy ass who would slow down everything whil he played retarded passes around himself. Veron is an improvement but his temperament when he gets tired bothers me. I am sure Diego will fix that in the WC.

    The Argentine team needs to fight as a team. One or two players don’t make a difference. For the last time everybody should understand Messi is not in Maradona’s class! He is a lovely player with great ball skills but is very fragile. When Messi gets played out of the game, he brings no new ideas. There were very few games Diego could be marked out during the whole 90 minutes.

    All in all people should realize Argentina is a Latin-tempered nation with some European organization. Regular rules about a manager does not apply. Hopefully that should explain Diego’s crazy selection.

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