Higuain to Barcelona?

The contract negotiations between Pipita Higuain and Real Madrid have come, at least for now, to a halt.

Higuain had initially asked for the same salary that his teammate Karim Benzema is being paid (5.5 million euros per season) which Madrid flat out rejected.

Higuain then asked for a lower salary (4 million euros per season) which Madrid also rejected.

According to the report in AS, Madrid wants to pay Higuain less than 3 million euros per season. That is the salary the club wants to give to Higuain.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. It is really disrespectful the way that Madrid is treating Higuain and very insulting how the club is trying to low ball him in these contract negotiations.

Higuain is now asking for less money and the club still does not want to work out a deal with him.

The salary that Madrid wants to pay Higuain will continue to make him one of the lowest paid players on the team.

Last week during the Madrid-Valencia game on ESPN Deportes, Fernando Palomo said that Madrid was not willing to pay Higuain the salary he is asking for and will not do so on orders from Florentino Perez because he thinks that Higuain’s salary request is too big for a player that he does not consider to be a GALACTICO.

In other words, Higuain is not a star player that can generate merchandising profits for Real Madrid and therefore he should not be paid the type of salary he is asking for.

According to Palomo, Florentino Perez will be shopping around for other forwards in the summer and will have no problem with Higuain being sold.

Enter Barcelona.

In addition to Guardiola’s interest in Higuain, there are members of Barcelona’s board that will make a push for the club to sign Higuain.

It may be for real or it may be politics.

But if Madrid continues to publicly disrespect Higuain and refuse to pay their top goal scorer the salary that he deserves, then Higuain has every right to look for another team.


Why not?


Negociación en punto muerto. Las conversaciones entre el Real Madrid e Higuaín para la renovación están paradas.

Las pretensiones del Pichichi blanco están en los cuatro millones de euros netos, menos de lo que cobra Karim Benzema (5,5). El Real Madrid no quiere llegar a los tres. Como Higuaín tiene contrato hasta 2013, no hay prisa.

El club quiere renovarle. En los despachos del Bernabéu existe la certeza de que la cantidad que está percibiendo está por debajo de lo que merece. El club deseaba firmar la renovación pronto para subirle la ficha esta misma temporada.

¿Rumor interesado? En los mentideros futbolísticos existe el rumor de que el nombre de Higuaín podría ser utilizado por algún candidato a las elecciones del Barcelona (le encanta a Guardiola).

Suena impensable, teniendo en cuenta que tiene una cláusula de 150 millones de euros. Los más avezados hablan de la posibilidad de que el argentino se acoja al precedente de Webster, que protege a los jugadores menores de 25 años con contratos superiores a los tres años.

En este caso, se puede recurrir al arbitraje de la FIFA para que fije el precio del supuesto traspaso. Los grandes clubes europeos se protegieron contra esta norma acordando un pacto de caballeros.

El Pipita quiere seguir. El futbolista, por supuesto, quiere seguir marcando goles en el Real Madrid. Se siente cómodo en la ciudad y es cada vez más querido por la afición, pero el acuerdo parece lejano. 25 goles en la Liga BBVA y la titularidad en Argentina, por delante de Agüero y Tévez, le avalan.


4 Responses to Higuain to Barcelona?

  1. Chris says:

    yeah and benzema is a “star”, right !?! POR FAVOR !!!

    if this is true, its unfortunate he’s being treated like this, for a club he’s given so much back to. Goals, good attitude, hard work, and never complained once when he was benched, and to top it off, he performs and scores nearly every game !

    Im going to be honest, i would love to see him link up with Messi.

  2. ASHU says:


  3. ArgenPool says:

    There have been rumours about Higain joining Liverpool for some time now locally, I think our lack of funds have put a stop to any possible move though. He would be an ideal signing for us however, hopefully Rafa can use his contacts at Real to maybe make a move for him in the summer.

  4. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Is Rafa going to stay with Liverpool after the summer?

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