Maradona considering Estudiantes players for World Cup squad

Maradona was in the stands last night watching the Estudiantes-Alianza Lima game.

The question needs to be asked:

Why is Maradona following so many Estudiantes players?

Veron, Clemente Rodriguez, Sosa, Angeleri and who knows maybe Boselli too.

Why is he thinking of including these players in the World Cup squad?

Starting with Veron and all the rest of the Estudiantes players, they are players that clearly do not belong in the World Cup squad.

I have never seen so many Estudiantes players called up to the national team and I have never heard of so many Estudiantes players mentioned for a World Cup squad.

From a football standpoint, I don’t think that it can be argued that any of those players, let alone all of them, belong in a World Cup squad.

So, why is Maradona so interested in all these players?

It should be pointed out that national team coordinator Carlos Bilardo has historical ties to Estudiantes as a player and coach which made him an influential figure and insider within the club and that is still true to this day.

Is Bilardo somehow involved in Maradona’s interest in Estudiantes players?

As RiverFan pointed out on the blog yesterday about Veron.

Well, Is Veron influencing Maradona into choosing his Estudiantes teammates for the World Cup squad?

It is well known that Veron & Maradona have been friends for many years, that is obviously a factor why Veron will be playing in the World Cup.

But what about the rest of the Estudiantes players that Maradona is following and considering for the World Cup squad.

What’s the explanation for that?


Maradona siguió de cerca a Estudiantes y sus jugadores

Diego fue a ver el partido del Pincha ya que tiene en carpeta a varios jugadores: Verón estará en el Mundial, y Clemente Rodrñiguez, Sosa y Angeleri tiene muchas chances.

El seleccionador argentino Diego Maradona presenció esta noche el partido entre Estudiantes de La Plata y Alianza Lima, en el Estadio Centenario de Quilmes, por la última fecha del Grupo 3 de la Copa Libertadores de América.

El entrenador tiene a varios futbolistas de Estudiantes en carpeta para la lista de buena fe preliminar que deberá entregar a comienzos del mes próximo, con miras al Mundial de Sudáfrica 2010 que se pondrá en marcha el 11 de junio.

Es más, Juan Sebastián Verón será uno de los titulares indiscutidos para esa Copa del Mundo y tanto a José Sosa como a Clmente Rodríguez y Marcos Angeleri se les asisgna chances de integrar el plantel definitivo.

Diego concurrió acompañado por sus ayudantes de campo, Alejandro Mancusso y Héctor Enrique.


19 Responses to Maradona considering Estudiantes players for World Cup squad

  1. Chris says:

    some surprising news, im not sure if its true, or not, and I apologize if i get anyone’s hopes up, but I just hung up with my dad, who is currently watching some futbol news at the moment, and it was talking about last nights game, and how well Zanetti handled messi all night. I guess they reporters kept saying “there’s no way zanetti can be left out”..

    rumors coming from the show this morning are, a close acquaintance of Diego has said that, Diego is already counting on Zanetti, and there is no need to question Zanetti, he knows how well he plays and what he can do. And from what has been said, Diego is going to add him on the final list..

    let me tell you, a bit of relief, but then again they are just “Rumors”.. I pray to God its true, but then again what makes me question it, is when he gave his list of players he already is taking for sure, why doesn’t he every name Pupi ???? thats what makes me think its not true…

    Hopefully you can dig into this a little deaper and find out some better info then I just did… 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    on another note,

    why does the guy with the red sweater in the picture above look like Lucho Gonzalez???? LOL,

    sorry, trying to keep a good and fun attitude before the list comes out in a few weeks ! 🙂

  3. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I really hope it is true but I won’t get excited about it until the final WC squad list is announced.

    I forgot to mention another Estudiantes player, Rodrigo Braña, he is also being observed by Maradona, reportedly to be Mascherano’s backup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Chris says:

    yeah, my dad just said the samething, Brana is possibly going for sure, although i think Gago still has a chance, and has been starting for RM lately..i dont think he’s yet back at his regular form, but who knows now..

    in this case, who would u prefer, brana or Gago?

  5. pintadoazulblanco says:

    So, if Inter makes it to the Champions League Final or even wins it, Maradona will take Samuel & Milito to the World Cup but not Zanetti & Cambiasso?

    What insanity.

  6. Chris says:

    you want my guess???

    at this point, i honestly think milito’s chances for the WC are out the window..

    if he has named, messi, pipita, aguero, tevez, palermo ???

    i have a feeling there’s no room for Milito, although my top choice is Higuain as our 9, i still think taking Milito as a option is a good idea…

  7. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Well, it all depends on how many forward spots will be made available in the WC squad.

    5 or 6?

    If it’s 6, then I think that Milito should make it, if it’s 5 he should still make it but that means that Maradona’s idol Palermo will be left out.

    I don’t think that will happen.

    How scandalous will that be?

    Palermo in the WC squad but not Milito.

  8. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I think 5 forwards in the WC squad is more than enough.

    My five:

    – Messi
    – Higuain
    – Milito
    – Tevez
    – Lisandro Lopez

    Which forwards do you think should be in the WC squad?

    • Chris says:

      mine are exactly the same, like i mentioned the other day when we heard he was including Aguero, i would leave aguero out, the 5 you mentioned are the best we have at the moment, and if you think about it, they are all in top form and top scoring form right now. leaving milito out and tking kun or palermo, in my opinion, is a mistake.

  9. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Bayern-Lyon getting ready to start.

    I hope Lisandro scores a few goals, if anything just to get his name back in the WC squad conversation.

  10. Chris says:

    dont get me wrong, im a big fan of Kun, but he’s not at all at his best to play for a WC, nowhere near competing with our top 5 you listed !

  11. pintadoazulblanco says:

    True but Maradona does not want to disappoint his daughter.

  12. el_payaso says:

    by now i think we have a pretty good idea of the look of the national team for this WC
    so l me ask this
    tell me guys with respect to the last 3WC teams

    how do u rank this one
    and for that matter which one was the strongest an weakest ?

    on a side note, does anyone know if Batigol has any coaching experience?
    i have high hopes for him in this regard
    i think he can be a a really great coach
    sharing his passion for the national jersey (something maradona def has) and some good sense ( somethin diego has apparently lost along the way)

  13. chris says:

    my opinion?

    I think we did well last WC, unfortunetly we were eliminated by penalties, i think our players are strong,and most of them play in the best clubs in the world like it has been for the past 15 years, also considering we have messi (but we know the mess with that already so no comment on him)

    its kinda tough to decide to be honest with you, 2002 WC, we were the favorites to win, and what happen? we were eliminated in the first round. last wc everyone said we had no chance, and we proved everyone wrong by dominating all the matches, and i still believe we dominated the germany game, im a strong believer if pato was not injured, we would’ve won that match.
    now, if ur telling me that we are taking all the players “we” all discuss about on a weekely basis on Ron’s blog, then I can say we definitely can win the WC, oh with a different coach by the way…but with the mess diego wants to take to Africa, i’ll be surprised if we make it out of the first round… just being honest.

    and batistuta, last i learned about him was he was living the life in australia and was really into polo.. there were rumors of the australian NT offering him the coaching position, and so did boca, but apparently he’s not ready..i believe he’s took all the necessary steps to become a coach, but its not his time..

    To me the man is a legend, and will always be a legend to me, he’s what I consider a “first class player”.. bati and zanetti I hold up high, such gentlemens on the field, are great at what they do, and never hear anything bad about in the media, always positive !

    i believe he has what it takes to become a great coach, i just dont think he’s ready for it.. soon i hope he is.. it’ll be nice to see him on the field again.

  14. Humbird says:

    Lord god almighty, can Maradona physically look any worse? Is THAT the image we project to the world?

    If I saw him coming towards me on the street I would hold my purse tighter and cross to the other side.

  15. River Fan says:

    I’m here in Argentina and the word is that maradona will take 6 strikers. Obviously Messi, Higuain, and Tevez are in. Aguero was added and Milito seems to be there too. Now Lavezzi and Palermo are fighting for the last spot. The pro Palermo/Boca press keeps sayign that palermo has the keys to unlock a closed game in the WC. Hmmm. Any one watching boca this season would laugh at the comments. Palermo could very well half 30 goals, no kidding. I hope one day to make a blooper real of palermo’s misses. He probably has more wide open/penalty misses (he’s missed penalties this year too) than anyone in history…

    Zanetti apprently, from what I have read and heard, will only go if Angeleri is not up to it. Veron and Bilardo are certainly pushing for Angeleri and Clemente. Clemente also played for Boca, so he’s got the backing of both the coach and the GM

  16. anirudh says:

    what about cambiasso..i think he is playing amazing football too…the way he blocked messi during the champions league semis was simply brilliant…i think aimar,zanetti and cambiasso shud all be featured in the world cup squad if not in the starting 11…

    anyways…do any of u have a link to the argentina vs germany friendly full mmatch…i’d like to download it and watch it again…thx!!!

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