Maradona on the World Cup squad

Here’s a clip from a radio interview a few days ago.

Maradona confirmed that Aguero will be in the WC squad and that Jonas Gutierrez and Di Maria will be in the starting lineup.

Also, Maradona said that the only players that will be in the lineup are those that are 100% fit.


13 Responses to Maradona on the World Cup squad

  1. pintadoazulblanco says:

    So in the WC, Argentina will have players in the fullback positions that cannot make attacking runs and have two defensive midfielders in the lineup.

    Who is going to lead the attack?

    Who is going to deliver balls to Messi and Higuain?

    I’m already aggravated and stressed out and the World Cup has not even started yet.

    It appears that this will be the starting lineup in the World Cup:



    Jonas-Mascherano-Veron-Di Maria


  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Maradona will go with a defensively oriented, counter-attacking team to the World Cup.

    What a shame.

  3. Chris says:

    so after reading the article last week, and this, im assuming Pastore and Aimar have no chance now since he did not name them ???

    so does this mean we are not going to have un enganche??

    yes, it is a shame.. I cant stand Diego..

    I already see it coming, I see us playing as counter attack once the apposing teams F’s up on a play, I see no play build up, i see them playing exactly how they played against Germany, pipita all alone up front, and otamendi and heinze as full backs.. I said it when we played against the Germans, and I’ll say it again, we did not play well, we won cuz the Germans had a bad game, and were also sloppy..

    • pintadoazulblanco says:

      I agree Chris.

      From Maradona’s perspective, it appears that he wants a defensively strong team, above all else, in the world cup.

      4 centerbacks in the backline to strictly defend and Mascherano in front of them.

      Play build up?

      Maradona is counting on the typical long balls from Veron and Di Maria attacking from the left side.

      Messi will have to drop back to the midfield to have contact with the ball and then attempt to dribble past the opponents midfielders & defenders.

      And Higuain?

      Alone, very alone.

      Maradona will have with Messi & Higuain, players that have scored between them both, more than 50 goals this season.

      And who will Maradona have in the lineup to deliver balls to them?

      Veron, who will not be physically fit to play an entire world cup game and who will be too slow to link up with younger, faster, more mobile, players like Messi, Higuain and Di Maria.

  4. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Well, let’s see.

    In the interview he mentioned Clemente Rodriguez & Angeleri as the alternatives in the right back position.

    So, no world cup for Zanetti and Zabaleta.

    Heinze will be the starting left-back.

    No world cup for Insua.

  5. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Maradona said there are 3 spots undecided.

    Let’s do the math.

    The following players will most likely make the WC squad.

    GK – Romero
    GK – Andujar

    D – Otamendi
    D – Clemente Rodriguez
    D – Angeleri
    D – Burdisso
    D – Demichelis
    D – Samuel
    D – Heinze

    M – Jonas Gutierrez
    M – Mascherano
    M – Veron
    M – Bolatti
    M – DiMaria

    F – Messi
    F – Higuain
    F – Aguero
    F – Tevez
    F – Milito
    F – Palermo

    That’s 20 players.

    Who are the remaining three?

    The third GK, whoever that will be.

    2 spots left.

    It would appear to be two midfield spots.

    Pastore would then have a chance to make the WC squad.

    Who else?

    Maybe Aimar, Maxi Rodriguez, Jose Sosa or Cambiasso?

  6. Chris says:

    sorry but i would definetly leave out Bolatti, I know he saved our ass’s against Uruguay, but, he’s not playing in la fiore, and if he is, its very minimal, besides, i think he’s a slow pase player. definetly leave out Clemente, possibly Angeleri, I dont know what his form has been since his recovery from injury.. definetly still say Zanetti needs to go, he the one with most experiance, he can defend and move forward with the ball, with absoluetly no problems.. man of steal ! .. Otamendi shouldn’t even be allowed to wear our no comment on him, everyone knows my feelings about him.

    Sorry to say, but most of you would disagree with me, but i would probably leave Aguero out, I dont think he’s been doing great lately, im sure the club’s bad form has a lot to do with it, but I think we have enough strikers. besides, Tevez has been on fire this season.. so in my opinion with the ones i would leave out, would leave room for zanetti, aimar AND Pastore, and i still would include Banega or Cuchu in case, God forbid Masche gets injured or Red Carded.

  7. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I agree with you about Bolatti but Maradona may be leaning towards him. Let’s hope not. Needless to say, Banega and Cambiasso are much better players than Bolatti and like you said, if Masche goes down, then what?

    Angeleri is nowhere near national team form since coming back from his injury but Maradona is going to wait on him until the very last minute.

    At this point with Maradona snubbing Zanetti and Zabaleta, I prefer Angeleri at 75% form than an inexperienced Otamendi playing out of position.

    Like you said, Otamendi shouldn’t even be on the national team.

    I actually agree with you about Aguero. He’s been the least impressive out of all the European based forwards on the national team. I’d prefer Lisandro Lopez in the WC squad instead of Aguero.

    I just don’t see the need for 6 forwards on the WC squad.

    I think having 5 forwards would be enough and use that additional forward spot for an attacking midfielder.

    Argentina would benefit more from having a creative midfielder instead of a 6th forward in the squad.

  8. Chris says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more Ron, well said…

    i think its a stupid idea if he plans not take any playmakers… at least 1, we need some options here since he’s not considering playing with full backs who can move forward instead of more in defence !

  9. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I’ll be very surprised if he doesn’t include a playmaker or a midfielder that can fill that role.

    Maradona must know that Veron is vulnerable to fatigue or injury.

    Maradona will probably have a backup plan for Veron.

    At least I hope he does!

    Pastore seems to be the player with the best chance of filling in for Veron who will, unfortunately, be in the starting lineup.

  10. mauricef says:

    come on guys save your breath all the top european based players won’t make the squad what a waste of four years. Diego Maradona has the brain of a five year old. He doesn’t know the difference between good players and players, he doesn’t know the difference between a winger or a forward, a full back or a centre back. HE KNOWS NOTHING, I think the only thing he knows is that the goalkeeper should be between the sticks! I bet that the other big guns are laughing their asses off at the circus that is currently Diego Maradona’s Argentina. I wonder what the likes of cambiasso, zanetti, zabaleta and lisandro must be thinking. Not even Raymond Domenech or Carlos Quieroz will omit players of undoubted top class quality, but right now I asked God why does a clown of a man and a coach have to coach us(Argentina) why us. It is injustice of the highest order. God go with us. FORCA ALBICELESTE!

  11. naveed says:

    this is shame for argentina i thing this squad knock out first round maradona is mad cus he,s salfish man i made squad shuld be a go south africa

    romero,andujar,zennite,zabeleta,demachels,samuel,milito.hinze,insua,burdisso,di maria,riquelme,aimar,camiaso,banega,parote,messi,milito,lisandro lopez,auguro,tevez,higuain

  12. naveed says:

    i am big big big big fan is argentina maradona must sacked before the world cup cuz he,s no nathing about the coaching and i am very upset with them and god take care of argentina national team

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