Riquelme press conference


9 Responses to Riquelme press conference

  1. anirudh says:

    can someone plz translate in english…….

  2. Mohammad Abu Taleb says:

    so did he say sorry to palirmo ???

    is things going bad or in good way with the Boca ???

    Is the conflict over ???

  3. Chris says:

    and the drama goes on with Riquelme..

    this guy is full of problems, everywhere he goes !

    he’s not saying much, one thing with Roman, u will never get straight answer about anything, everything that is said and heard about him, he’ll always say its BS, and this is all issues that the Media starts all the time..

    he did say there is no issue with Palermo, he’s just a “co worker” like anyone else…

    he’s just full of drama like always..

  4. pintadoazulblanco says:

    You’re right.

    For some reason there’s always problems with Riquelme. In Boca, Villareal, the national team.

    But like he says, it’s the media’s fault. The media is always fabricating things against him.


  5. Chris says:

    HAHAHAHAHA… no joke, that was my exact reaction this morning when i saw it !

  6. Chris says:

    on another note…

    Ron, you watching the Inter game?

  7. el_payaso says:

    well look at that there is something in commom with him and maradona

    maybe they can work things out

  8. chris says:

    yup, so will i, im going to try and catch the barca game too..

    I think Zabaleta comes back tomorrw from his suspension.

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