Lanus eliminated from Copa

Lanus tied 0-0 last night with Universitario and was eliminated from the Copa.

Unfortunately, after the game violence ensued between the players and the Lanus fans.


8 Responses to Lanus eliminated from Copa

  1. Chris says:


    is it just me, or does it seem as our level of futbol has not been what it use to be for the past 2 years???

    I can remember when Argentine Futbol was considered one of the best in the world, but now it just seems as if we’re average?? not good at all, especially with the crisis River and Boca are going thru, and all the Drama Boca is also going thru..

    it just seems argentine futbol is not as powerful as it use to be… thats how i feel, at least in my opinion, i hope im wrong,

    i guess it just seems as if we’re not producing players like we use to.. as if the best generation we just had are getting older and are all in europe already.

  2. Chris says:

    i guess my fear has always been that we’re going to get to a point that we dont produce great players like we use to, and we’re going to end up average like most othr countrys..

  3. pintadoazulblanco says:


    I think even though the big teams have struggled for several seasons now, the Argentine league is still a good league. Look at the title race the last few years and the current one.

    I think that it is really exciting that it is so wide open and that the so called small teams are at the top of the standings.

    That is very positive.

    As far as the level of football in the Argentine league, I agree with you, there has been a drop.

    But I really believe that it is temporary not permanent.

    Argentine football is still in good shape. I think Estudiantes & Velez have a good shot at winning the Copa Libertadores this year.

    I think the Copa is another way of measuring the state of Argentine football.

    As far as producing players. Argentina will continue to produce them. I would not worry about that.

    The assembly line will never shut down.

    Great players will continue to appear.

  4. Chris says:

    Thanks Ron !

  5. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Yeah, no doubt.

    On a side note.

    Any thoughts on the Rosario clasico on Sunday?


  6. Chris says:


    its clasico’s are always exciting to watch, regardless who plays,

    both teams have been doin horrible lately, but i have to admit, NOB is in a bit better shape then Central is..

    if im not mistaken, we hve this guy from Uruguay who is playing well, but still the team is not doin well..

    as for Central, i thought with Figueroa coming back would make a difference, but I guess not. Even though they are our Rivals, im glad to see Milton Caraglio back on the field, he was out for a while due to injury, but before he got injured, they were talking about him as the next “big thing” from Rosario, I guess he’s suppose to be a very promising Striker…

    he’s not bad from what i’ve seen so far.

  7. Chris says:

    Thanks for the article Ron !

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