Passarella press conference

River President Daniel Passarella spoke to the media today and talked about Astrada’s firing and the hiring of Angel Cappa.


6 Responses to Passarella press conference

  1. Humbird says:

    sorry, can’t watch that man.

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:


  3. Humbird says:

    I still bear a huge grudge against him for the way he handled the national team players during the qualifiers for the 1998 world cup. He had his favorite players and he pitted them against the “out” players, like Batistuta. The way he treated Batistuta during those 2 years was shameful and juvenile. He put his own personal ego over the good of the NT.

  4. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Well, yeah, you’re right.

    I really believed that he was not going to include Bati in the WC squad. As ridiculous as that sounds there really was a possibility that Passarella was going to snub him.

    I think some behind the scenes activities took place.

    I’m sure Grondona was involved somehow.

    I have my own issues with Passarella not just from his time as NT manager but when he was outed as a Boca fan.

    But as a River fan, I have to acknowledge that he’s given alot to the club as a player and manager. That matters, alot.

    And now that he is the club’s President, I have to support him.

  5. Humbird says:

    Nothing happened behind the scenes or from Grondona. Passarella was forced to include Batistuta because Crespo got injured playing for Parma late in the Italian season and was not near 100% at the start of the world cup. That’s the reason.

  6. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Yes, but before Crespo was injured there was uncertainty about Batistuta making the WC squad, it definitely wasn’t a sure thing.

    Crespo’s injury forced Passarella’s hand but there was pressure being built up to help prevent Passarella from keeping Batistuta out of the WC squad. Pressure from the media, fans, Maradona and AFA.

    I remember reading an article in El Grafico that reported a meeting between Grondona & Passarella in which Grondona confronted him about Batistuta and a possible WC snub.

    Passarella held a grudge againt Batistuta from their River days and unfortunately brought it to the national team.

    He was wrong, for sure. I was angry about it when it happened and afterwards.

    I totally understand your feelings about Passarella but as a River fan, I have to look past what he did during his time as national team manager and focus on things today.

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