Palermo – Boca’s all-time goal scorer

Martin Palermo scored his 219th goal with the Boca shirt last night becoming the top goal scorer in the club’s history.

A great accomplishment.

Interestingly, Riquelme walked away from Palermo after the goal and did not celebrate the historical goal with him nor gave him a hug, a handshake or even offer congratulations to Palermo.

A real class act Riquelme.


3 Responses to Palermo – Boca’s all-time goal scorer

  1. Chris says:

    yeah, whats the deal with that !?!
    I saw that last night, he did not congratulate him for either goal.. I know Roman is a doosh-bag and doesn’t get a lont with anyone (like a little girl) but whats the beef with Palermo? i thought they got a long ???

    I did find it pretty cool though for Roman to give up his goal and pass it to Palermo to complete it.. I thought that was out of respect…
    I didnt get to watch the whole game, but I read Roman had a great match yesterday… not that it changes any of my opinions about him.

  2. River Fan says:

    no riquelme and palermo have been enemies for a while. Guillermo is also an enemy of Roman, and if he takes over as boca coach, expect roman to say good bye

  3. Humbird says:

    grown men acting like Junior High school girls.

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