Midfield Poll Results

The poll is closed. The results are in.

Esteban Cambiasso received the highest amount of votes. Pablo Aimar came in second.

So, that is the consensus among Argentina fans here on the blog.

Cambiasso & Aimar should be in the WC squad.

I totally agree.

I think the national team midfield would benefit greatly by having Cambiasso playing alongside Mascherano.

Cambiasso is a very versatile player that can form a strong defensive combo with Masche in the middle and also contribute to the play build up. Cambiasso is also capable of making accurate passes and attacking runs.

That is exactly the type of player that Argentina needs in the midfield for the World Cup.

But Maradona will likely go with Veron instead of Cambiasso.

To me there is no debate. Cambiasso offers the national team so much more than an old, slow, physically unfit Veron.

I also agree with Pablo Aimar being chosen for the WC squad.

I think the Argentina attack would get a great boost by having Aimar in the lineup instead of Jonas Gutierrez.

Jonas works hard, is constantly moving all over the field, and is a good defensive presence in the lineup but by having Jonas in the lineup, Argentina weakens its attack for the sake of a more defensive oriented midfield.

I don’t think that is necessary.

Why limit the attacking options in the World Cup?

Why leave out talented midfielders that can give Argentina a strong offensive oriented midfield?

It all depends on your outlook for the World Cup.

Maradona appears to have decided that a defensive minded midfield and a counter-attacking style of football will be the key to Argentina’s success in the World Cup.

In the right midfield spot, Argentina needs a player that can help with the play build up, attack and score goals.

Aimar can do all those things and can also play behind the forwards.

If Argentina has a right-back in the lineup that can move down the field and defensively cover the right-midfield spot when necessary then that makes Aimar an even more potent player because it will allow him to attack from the right flank and as an enganche/playmaker.

That will help create good scoring chances for Messi and Higuain or whoever the other starting forward will be.

Ultimately that will make Argentina’s attack more powerful.

In my view a midfield of:

Aimar, Mascherano, Cambiasso and Di Maria gives Argentina a strong and balanced midfield. There would be no weaknesses offensively & defensively.

An ideal midfield for the World Cup.

4 Responses to Midfield Poll Results

  1. Humbird says:

    why can’t you be the coach? 😦

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I don’t think I can convince Grondona to hire me 🙂

  3. Lalo says:

    No convincing necessary, only bribing!!

  4. Humbird says:

    I was quite serious. I have been convinced for a long time that the national team organization needs a huge shakeup, including bringing in a foreign coach. The current AFA is so in-bred and in each other’s business that failure is the only outcome.

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