Midfield Poll

The poll this week is about the Argentina midfield.

As seen again in the friendly against Germany, the national team seriously lacks creative play in the middle, it is struggling with its play buildup and the ability to make successful attacking runs.

It is a serious issue heading into the World Cup.

So, which players do you think would give a boost to Argentina’s attack?

Which players would immediately help Argentina with its play buildup?

You can choose two players.

Share your thoughts on this subject.


Cast your votes!!!

21 Responses to Midfield Poll

  1. anirudh says:

    i voted for aimar and other….by other..i meant the one n only Riquelme…although there is almost no hope of having him back in the National team…but i still feel he will be the biggest driving force in the mid field for Argentina… and Aimar should definitely be recalled…he has been playing well for benfica..so we absolutely need him…cheers!!

    • pintadoazulblanco says:

      I didn’t include Riquelme in the poll because he decided to quit the national team.

      The players that are on the poll are those that may still have a chance of making the world cup squad.

    • Chris says:

      I found it really strange for Diego to Give Roman so much praise on last weeks Clasico… hmm, i wonder why..

      any one maybe think he’s starting to do that now little by little to try and suck up to him before the WC???

      • pintadoazulblanco says:

        I think it may have been more of a PR move on his part, to get back on the Boca fans good side.

        Maradona & Mancuso have already said publicly that Riquelme abandoned the team during the most critical moment of the WC qualifers and they both said that the team & coaching staff went to battle with everything on the line without Riquelme.

        There’s no coming back from that for Riquelme.

        I thought it was disgraceful how Maradona was visibly rooting for Boca before, during and after the game.

        Never in the history of Argentine football has the national team manager behaved in such a baised and undignified manner.

        It is sad to see how low the Argentina manager position has sunk.

        BTW, he said last week that Estudiantes’ Jose Sosa has a chance of making the WC squad.

  2. anirudh says:

    and if not riquelme…then most definitely cambiasso…

  3. Chris says:

    I’ll be one of the first to say, I think Aimarsito and Pastore to go,

    Banega definitely needs to go also, great defense next to Masche.

    experience wise, I would probably also take Cuchu..

    sucks you can only take 23 players, so it gets really difficult to choose.

  4. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Aimar is getting alot of support so far in the poll.

  5. Chris says:


    I also read the samething…im not sure about that, dont think its a great move…
    Maxi had a great match this weekend, so did Insua…

    I also felt the same way about Diego cheering for boca the way he did, considering he’s the NT’s Manager !!

    but then again, what can we expect from Diego ????
    I can only imagine what he’ll do or say during the WC.

  6. Lalo says:

    I voted for Cambiasso and Aimar. Cambiasso plays well as a steady force controlling the midfield with Aimar pushing the ball forward and connecting with Higuain/Messi. They’ve both shown good to great form for the respective clubs and Aimar does well to create chances for his Benfica forwards. Cambiasso would be great support defensively and can add offensive runs when needed. He plays a very similar role to Xabi Alonso in Spain and we all now how crucial he is to Spain and Real Madrid. Cambiasso would fit well in the current squad.

    On the left, Di Maria is my pick as he played well with Higuain and Messi against Germany and created more offensive chances than we’ve seen in recent matches. I would drop Messi back a bit to play behind our #9 to allow him more freedom on the ball and also provides support whenever he advances. The right side of the midfield is still open in my eyes, but with Di Maria playing more offensive on the left, I wouldn’t be opposed with leaving Diego’s pick of Jonas as he’s a work horse who always comes back and takes care of his defensive responsibilities.

    These are just my picks based on what I’ve seen in recent matches as well as from some of the changes Diego made against Germany. Hopefully he’ll find a way to bring the best out of Messi, but first he has to realize that what he’s doing isn’t working. We’re screwed if things continue down this path, especially since this is the first WC that we’ve actually been drawn a fairly easy group and path into the round robin. We’ve always had a talented team, this time we actually have a little luck on our side. Lets pray Diego can put the two together!!

  7. Chris says:


    I can agree with your line up of midfield and forwards, not a bad choice, like I said earlier, we have so many great players, its unfortunate we can only take 23.. i guess its a good thing having soo many to choose from, rather then not having many at all !?!
    the only one i’ll exclude from your line up (im sure a few will disagree with me) is Jonas. I agree with you about being a “work horse”, I have to admit, the guy is a hustler, he’s all over the field when he plays, but he still doesn’t convince me for the NT.

    I like the line up Ron gave a few days ago, with Aimar more on the right flank. (right ron? can you confirm this?)

  8. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Yes, in my ideal lineup, Aimar would play in the right midfield spot but with the flexibility to move as an enganche, behind the forwards.

    But for that to work, Argentina would need a right-back like Zanetti or Zabaleta.

    In other words, a right-back that can move close to the midfield to cover defensively for Aimar when he goes on the attack.

    I agree with most of Lalo’s views except the part about Jonas.

    I do not believe that Argentina needs a workhorse in the right midfield spot.

    Argentina needs a player that can attack and score goals.

    I really believe that also having a right-back that can make attacking runs down the right flank and provide defensive coverage in the right midfield spot would really give the team a huge boost.

    Argentina has the players to have an offensive minded midfield but Maradona will have to make that happen.

    I’m not sure that he is willing to do that.

  9. Quico882k3 says:

    My ideal lineup would be
    Zaba or Pupi Demichellis Samuel Insua

    Pastore Mascherano Banega Dimaria

    Messi higuain

    I been seeing alot of Manchester City and realized how good of a player Zabaleta is he plays Left back Right back Midfield and even playmaker at times for Manchester City meaning his vision and ball passing is very accurate ofcourse im not saying that zanetti wouldnt do as well we need him but if were talking about being on the attack Zabaleta is the perfect choice for the Left back posisiton he plays like a attacking midfield him connecting with messi pastore would create a devasting attack for Argentina.

  10. Chris says:

    Zaba is a great RB player, the only one that can fill in Zanetti’s position IS Zabaleta…

  11. pintadoazulblanco says:

    It is a question I ask over and over.

    Why would Maradona choose a young and unproven center-back like Otamendi for the right-back spot instead of Zabaleta?

    It baffles me.

    Anyone that has watched Zabaleta play this season has seen that he is an outstanding right-back, that makes great attacking runs, defends his zone, he’s an accurate passer, and can move to the right-midfield spot during games and provide defensive coverage there.

    Again, I am still hopeful that Otamendi will not be the starting right-back in the world cup.

    I don’t know why but I still have hope that Zabaleta or even Zanetti will be the starting right-back in the world cup.

  12. Lalo says:

    I agree with your comments regarding my initial post. I hadn’t thought of playing Aimar on the right, but it sounds very logical. He would play well as an enganche and would provide plenty of the support Messi needs on the right. Cambiasso would play as our central mid-field role linking up with Aimar/Messi/Di Maria offensively, but most importantly he will play off Masche to hold that mid-field. I think that mid-field would provide us the best opportunity of 1) holding the majority of the mid-field possession and 2) generating offensive runs and opportunities to Messi and Higuain.

    The defense is still in question, but I will note that we played substantially better defensively against Germany than I’ve seen in our last five WC qualifiers. I’m with you guys in saying that Insua and Zabaletta deserve a chance to prove their worth on the NT. I also feel Samuel and Demichelles provide the best options at center back. Samuel is up there in age, but at a center back position you don’t ask for much. Solid marking and aerial prowess are usually all that’s needed and they both seemed to work well off one another against Germany. Ezequiel Garay is one who is typically thrown in the mix but I honestly feel he still needs to develop. Madrid have looked spotty in the back and at his age he will have plenty of opportunities in the future. He is a viable option as a reserve no doubt, but not ready for the starting 11. Who else woud you guys like to see play in the center back position? Gaby Milito?

    • Chris says:

      me personally I would love to see Milito link up with Samuel, although I like Demichelis, but considering what a great come back Milito is doing, I have great faith in him, I know he’ll do well in the WC if he gets a chance. I fear do to Demichelis injuries lately, its going to catch up to him.. hopefully not.

      I also have been hearing/reading a lot about Hugo Campagnaro, he’s played in italy most his life, and he also possibley considered playing for the Italian NT if didnt get a chance for Argentina,.

      I’ve read he’s been doing a great job in Napoli, but then again, I really dont knw much about him..

      I agree with you about Garay, I think he’s doin well for his age, and being a starter for RM (im sure its due to Pepe’s injury), but I do agree he still lacks a bit of pace, I would probably consider him for the Copa America, give him more playing time to grow in experience. but i still think he’s a great defender. did well in the Olympics.

      • pintadoazulblanco says:

        I agree with you guys about Garay.

        He needs to work his way into the national team in a Copa America or the next WC qualifiers.

        Just like Otamendi, he’s too young and unproven at this point to go to the WC.

        It appears that Campagnaro might be joining the Italian national team.

        I wouldn’t lose any sleep over that.

        He’s going to be 30 years old soon and Argentina has many young promising defenders to choose from.

        Garay, Fazio, Insua, Zabaleta, Forlin, Pareja, etc…

        The future is bright.

    • pintadoazulblanco says:

      Lalo, I agree with you about Cambiasso.

      I will be very happy if Cambiasso plays in the world cup alongside Masche.

      I have no doubt that Cuchu would be able to do all those things that you stated in the WC.

      I think that Banega would also be able to fill that role.

      It’s amazing to think that with those options available, Maradona will instead choose Veron.


  13. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Interesting first day of the poll.

    Aimar had the most votes early in the day, then in the afternoon Banega took the top spot and now in the evening Cambiasso is the top vote getter.

  14. Vetz28 says:

    Another thing none of you guys ever mentioned
    instead of playing messi as one of the strikers
    i would rather use far right as an offensive midfield which enable him to use the right flank and burst through the middle..I play PES 2010 and this is how i use him.
    The ideal lineup would be.
    zanetti demichelis Samuel Ansaldi
    Messi Veron Macherano Maxi Rodriguez
    Aguero Higuain

    *I start maxi over di maria because he has more experience and not only he can attack but he can defend better than di maria
    *The rest of my 23 would be: Ustari,Andujar,Heinze,G.Milito,Zabaleta,Cambiasso,
    Aimar,Lucho,Banega,Di Maria,Tevez,Milito
    *Pastore and Datolo would get his chance at the Copa America

  15. River Fan says:

    Got to disagree. Aguero is far below Tevez and Milito IMO. Di Maria needs to be a lock. He will be, along with Messi and Higuain, one of the best 10 players in the worldfor many years to come. Di Maria is amazing. I actually tip him to have a better world cup than messi.

    I love el payaso aimar, but there is not way he should be in there ahead of Pastore. Pastore is playing in a far better league and is the catalyst of upstart Napoli. I’d love Aimar to be in the squad, but I think Pastore is the man to pull the strings. It doesn’t matter to me that he’s young or inexperiencedL the future is now:

    Zanetti Michu Samuel Zabaleta/Insua
    Veron Masch
    Messi Pastore Di Maria

    Cambiasso is a sub for Veron once we have the lead, Banega if we need to score

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