Pastore scores goal in Serie A tie

Javier Pastore scored a goal in Palermo’s 2-2 tie against Genoa.


4 Responses to Pastore scores goal in Serie A tie

  1. chris says:


    im happy for him, he’s finally settling in well in Palermo, from what I read all the time, he’s been a regular starter most of the games, and very impressive and involved in most of the game….

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    You’re right, Pastore really is settling in well with Palermo and with Serie A football.

    I really didn’t think that it would happen so quickly for him.

    I guess Angel Cappa is right. Pastore will be ready for the world cup. That’s another thing that I didn’t think would happen just a few months ago.

    But what’s the point of him making the WC squad if Maradona is going to keep him on the bench.

  3. River Fan says:

    I think he will play a role in the world cup. Veron will not be able to play the full ninety minutes. It is also known that maradona is looking for a right sided midfielder who can attack for the more open games. Pastore is one of those in contention for that spot. I’d love to see it. Pastore, like Messi, Higuain, and Di Maria is capable of magic at any time.

    Also today, Diego will be the Bombonera to see his hero palermo. I know diego hates river, but you would have to think that Ferrari is an infinately better choice at RB than Otamendi…

  4. pintadoazulblanco says:

    He’s already allowing the Boca fan to come out of him, predicting a Boca win.

    Just a little bit inappropriate for a national team manager to say that.

    Isn’t it?

    Needless to say, decorum & diplomacy are two things that are unknown to Maradona.

    Even though he will be at the game officially as the national team manager, he will not conduct himself in that manner.

    If Boca scores a goal, I’m sure he’ll be celebrating, acting a fool.

    It’ll be fantastic to see River and Boca fans booing him during the game.

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