Messi on fire

It is really exciting to see Messi in such spectacular form.

There’s less than three months before the start of the World Cup.

Maradona still has enough time to figure out how to build the best possible team around Messi.

Why focus so much on Messi?

Because no other national team in the world has a player like Messi.

As Fernando Redondo said recently, Messi does not win games, he wins championships.

No other national team will have that advantage in the World Cup.

Only Argentina.

It is really in Maradona’s hands to make it happen.

Having players like Jonas Gutierrez and Veron in the midfield and center-backs in the fullback positions in the World Cup will not make it possible for Messi to receive quality balls, will not make it possible for Messi to link up effectively with the team and will not create goal scoring opportunities for Messi.

It will be a recipe for failure for Messi and ultimately for Argentina.

It’s unfortunate to say but Argentina’s fate in the World Cup really is in Maradona’s hands.

Will he continue to insist with a defensive oriented lineup and counter attacking style of football or will he choose the talented players Argentina has and place them in the lineup and allow those players to bring the best out of Messi?

Guardiola running out of words for Messi

Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola admits he has run out of superlatives to describe Lionel Messi following another stunning performance from the Argentinian ace.

Messi hit three goals without reply at Real Zaragoza, his second hat-trick in as many league games, to take his tally to 34 in all competitions and 11 in the last five matches – including a midweek brace against Stuttgart in the Champions League.

The 22-year-old could have had a late fourth but he was tripped in the area and Zlatan Ibrahimovic – despite yet another ineffective performance in a Barca shirt – converted the penalty to secure the Catalans a 4-2 victory.

“Put in the superlatives yourselves, I’m running out,” Guardiola told journalists after the match. “It’s already been a while now that he has been outstanding.

“He’s more than decisive in every way. That he’s capable of doing everything that he does at his age is something impressive, that doesn’t make any sense.”

Messi was a major doubt before the match as he was suffering from a dental abscess. And Guardiola admitted it would have been hard to leave him out, with the youngster also desperate to play.

“It wasn’t an infection in the tooth, it was in the gum. He was in a lot of pain. But in the morning I asked him how he was and he told me that he was better,” added the Barca boss.

“Before the game I asked if he wanted to play and he said yes, I asked him how many minutes and he told me the whole game. He always wants to play, whether it’s the Champions League final or against a third-division side.

“For me it’s difficult to leave him out, seeing the form he’s in. He’s an amateur in this sense, he always wants to play. Obviously his game has a great impact on our team. The day he’s not there we will respond, knowing that with him we are better. There are others who will take on the responsibility that he is doing.”

Messi has scored 25 goals in the Primera Division this season and is well on course to take the Pichichi trophy for the league’s top goalscorer. And he’s in contention for the Europe-wide equivalent, the Golden Boot, in which he currently trails Wayne Rooney by a solitary strike.

Barca president Joan Laporta believes the FIFA World Player of the Year is firmly establishing himself as the best ever.

He said: “Messi has once again shown that he is a wonderful player and that he is, without doubt, the leader of Barcelona. He is the best player in the world and the best in the history of football.

“Along with (Johan) Cruyff and (Diego) Maradona he is the best player we have seen at Barca.”


3 Responses to Messi on fire

  1. Chris says:

    Its incredible to think what this kid is going thru at this amazes me that he has scored 8 goals in the last 3 games in a row… i mean, who does that !?!

    I think messi is going to have a great amount of pressure going into the world cup, and like all games with the NT, he’s going to try and do everything on his own. Diego better think of something, quick !

    so what do you think Ron,
    Do you think Messi is better then Diego was?
    amazing what hs has accomplished so far at such a young age.

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Chris, I think that it is no longer a question of will Messi be better than Maradona.

    It is a question of When.

    Messi is definitely on track to surpass Maradona.

    Messi has already accomplished more at his age than Maradona did.

    The only thing left for Messi is the World Cup.

    It is extraordinary to say that about a 22 year old player.

    Most 22 year old players are just starting their careers and trying to fit in with their teams.

    So When will it be When for Messi?

    If Messi plays superbly in the World Cup as he does in Barca and Argentina wins the World Cup, the moment will then have arrived.

    Messi will be at 22 years old better than Maradona.

  3. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Messi will without a doubt have a huge amount of pressure going into the World Cup.

    The entire world will be expecting to see the Messi that they see every week with Barcelona.

    The entire world will be expecting to see Messi give “best player in the world” performances.

    That is the title that will be placed on Messi during the World Cup.

    Needless to say, Messi will have an enormous amount of pressure on his shoulders but he cannot win a world cup all by himself.

    He needs help, lots of it.

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