Zanetti and Cambiasso

Javier Zanetti and Esteban Cambiasso showed again this week with their fine performances against Chelsea, helping lead Inter into the quarterfinals of the Champions League that they are players that belong on the national team.

Argentina desperately needs a fullback that can defend and make attacking runs like Zanetti.

Argentina needs a midfielder that can defend, make accurate passes, help with the play buildup, make attacking runs and score goals like Cambiasso.

According to the Argentine media, Maradona has made up his mind and plans to tell Zanetti & Cambiasso that they will not make the WC squad.

If that does happen, it will be an absurdity and an injustice of the highest order.

Maradona was in the stands watching Inter against Chelsea this week.

Should that be interpreted as a good sign, that Maradona was at the game because he is still considering both players for the WC squad?

If not, then why did Maradona bother attending the game?

Only to observe Samuel & Milito?

Zanetti has been a great player and leader of the Inter team for over a decade. Cambiasso has been an important part of the Serie A winning Inter teams of the last few years.

It was really interesting to see both players talking to Mourinho during the Chelsea game.

Proof of the respect that Mourinho has for both players, that he only consulted with them about tactics in the middle of a highly important game.

Zanetti & Cambiasso are highly respected and considered very important players, in a big European club, by one of the most important and best managers in the world but not by Maradona.

I’m hoping for an Inter run deep into the Champions League.

If Inter make it to the Champions League Final or perhaps win it, will that influence Maradona’s decision about Zanetti & Cambiasso?

Will Maradona change his mind and bring both players into the WC squad?

I really hope so because they are both players that can step in to the Argentina lineup and immediately help the team defensively and provide the team with much needed attacking options.

It will be a real shame and huge loss for Argentina if both players are left out of the WC squad.


6 Responses to Zanetti and Cambiasso

  1. Chris says:

    Morning Ron, I found this article on, not sure if ur interested.. sorry, im not trying to post comments on ur blog, thought u just might be interested !…….. Interview with Pupi,

    Argentina: “Maradona decidirá si le puedo ser útil a esta selección”, dijo Zanetti
    El Pupi no se baja así nomás de la Selección y su actuación de ayer en Stamford Brige demuestra sus ganas y su vigencia. “No pierdo las expectativas de ir al Mundial, porque el fútbol me enseñó a que hay que esperar hasta lo último”, aseguró.

    Tras el triunfo de ayer de Inter ante Chelsea y el pasaje a los cuartos de final de la Liga de Campeones, el lateral, de 36 años, Javier Zanetti dejó en claro que aún se hace ilusiones con estar en Sudáfrica 2010.
    “No pierdo las expectativas de ir al Mundial, porque el fútbol me enseñó a que hay que esperar hasta lo último. Maradona decidirá si le puedo ser útil a esta selección”, dijo Zanetti a radio La Red.

    Zanetti se enteró de la presencia de Diego Maradona en el Stamford Brige y le dio motivos para creer en una vuelta a la celeste y blanca. “Diego vino a ver el partido de ayer y eso es importante. Para mí la Selección es muy importante y siempre la sentí con mucho orgullo. Falta muy poco y esperaremos a ver qué pasa”, agregó Zanetti.

    “Maradona sabe bien lo que le puedo dar a la selección tanto afuera como adentro de la cancha. El hecho de poder jugar por los dos laterales puede ser una buena alternativa, pero dependerá de lo que quiere Diego en la selección”, concluyó.

    • pintadoazulblanco says:

      Hi Chris, no problem.

      Thanks for sharing the article.

      I really feel bad for Zanetti that his WC fate is in the hands of Maradona.

      Zanetti deserves alot better than that.

      I can only imagine how he must feel with all the uncertainty and the possibility of being snubbed for a second time in his career.

  2. Chris says:

    I still have hopes for him to go… besides him, the only 2 full backs we really have that are good are, zaba and insua.

  3. Mauricef says:

    Why does it have to be our national team that is suffering from poor managerial decisions. What competent coach will omit world class players like zanetti and cambiasso from the national team? Does it make sense to maradona. A coach like Jose Mourinho highly respect these players and a f***ing bufoon is considering not to pick them in the world cup squad? THIS IS MADNESS OF THE HIGHEST ORDER!. There are four Argentine players at Internazionale Milano and all four should be in the starting eleven at all times for Argentina. I think that a front three of Milito, Higuain and Messi(playing on the right) will strike great fear into defenders hearts. Why does he have to coach us to destroy the national team. I don’t give a f**k how great he was as a player that was more than two decades ago. I respect maradona as a former great player, but I absolutely do not regard him as a man and definetely not a coach. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF HIM AND HIS CRAP, AFTER THE WORLD CUP I NEVER WANT TO SEE HIM NEAR OUR NATIONAL TEAM EVER AGAIN, and if he is still there then Julio Grondona must resign with IMMEDIATE EFFECT! Anything can happen in a world cup but I can’t see us winning it with a mockery of a coach and a man at the helm. I have never in all my life see such BLATANT STUPIDITY in any level of football. What a waste of man destroying the players’ international careers especially the ones who still are not being picked by him.

  4. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I agree with everything you said except the part about Milito.

    I don’t think Argentina needs three forwards in the lineup.

    I think the lineup is set with Messi & Higuain.

    At least I’m satisfied with that.

    I prefer for the national team to have a playmaker or a midfielder like Cambiasso or Banega, that can make attacking runs, in the lineup instead of a third forward.

    I do like Milito and its understood that he is in top form right now but I would never say that he always needs to be in the starting lineup.

    As good as Milito is, Argentina has better forwards.

  5. Ali says:

    I agree with you but Millito should at least go to the world cup, i see him as a better forward than higuain but he wont start for Argentina. He will definitely be helpful coming on from the bench and will give an extra option for Argentina. FORZA INTER!

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