Real Madrid players blaming Higuain for CL elimination?

According to reports published in Spain, most of the Real Madrid players are blaming Higuain for their Champions League elimination.

If true, it is really unfair.

How many times have Ronaldo, Kaka and others not passed the ball to Higuain when he’s been in goal scoring position?

It’s happened many times this season.

It is wrong for Higuain to be singled out as a selfish player and be used as a scapegoat for the team’s monumental failure in the Champions League.

Real Madrid’s problems run alot deeper than one player.

Apparently, it is easier for the Madrid players to criticize Higuain than the big star signings Ronaldo and Kaka.

With teammates like that, who needs enemies.


Los jugadores del Real culpan a Higuaín por la eliminación

El delantero de Real Madrid Gonzalo Higuaín fue apuntado por sus compañeros como el principal responsable de la eliminación de la Champions a manos del Lyon, al ser acusado de no pasarles la pelota a jugadores que estaban mejor ubicados para convertir.

Según los medios de Madrid, luego de la escandalosa eliminación del equipo dirigido por Manuel Pellegrini, gran parte del plantel ‘merengue’ hace responsable a Higuaín, actual goleador del equipo con 16 tantos, del fracaso del club en el certamen internacional.

El equipo piensa que el resultado del partido hubiera sido otro si Higuaìn no hubiera sido tan egoísta y le hubiera pasado el balón a un compañero, como por ejemplo a Cristiano Ronaldo, quien en una de las jugadas se quejó de que el ex River no le pasó la pelota.

Por su parte, uno de los referentes de Real Madrid, Guti, reconoció que en los grandes partidos el equipo no está a la altura de las circunstancias.

“La solución es ser más un equipo en lugar de tantas individualidades”, indicó el mediocampista, según publica el diario catalán Sport.


5 Responses to Real Madrid players blaming Higuain for CL elimination?

  1. Chris says:

    i agree with u ron,
    its stupid of everyone to singleout Pipita like that after everything this kid has given the team and the people.
    I cant even count how many times Higuain has saved RM’s ass..

    he had a few good shots last night, but unfortunetly the best one hit the post.. what are u going to do about it? thats futbol !

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Well, at least the Madrid fans are supporting Higuain after last night’s debacle:

  3. Moe says:

    yes, sadly looks like this will happen. even analysis from the people who call themselves “journalists” have said that Higuain is to blame! i fear this will affect him before the WC, but anyway i really hope he leaves this stupid team. i hate Real and hate everything that they represent.

    anyway, the ass kicking they got from Lyon was just fun to watch 🙂

  4. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Well, Higuain is not getting alot of respect from the club in his current contract negotiations and now his teammates are not giving him respect.

    Maybe you’re right Moe, perhaps he should leave Madrid.

  5. mauricef says:

    It takes courage, huge fan support and consistent powerful performances for a player to stay at Real Madrid for a long time. The club is the most ungrateful and the most demanding club in the world. Gonzalo did not take his chances last night, but so what? This is football , he is human, cut the guy some slack he was madrid’s top scorer last season and is only second behind Cristiano Ronaldo this season. If Real Madrid doesn’t appreciate the work that pipita does as they usually do with players such as makelele then pipita should go to a club where people will forgive him if he has one bad game. Any of the top four in england will do especially Manchester United. Real Madrid isn’t a football club, it is simply a marketing enterprise.

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