Higuain targets Golden Boot


Gonzalo Higuain targets Golden Boot

Gonzalo Higuain is dreaming of arriving in South Africa a Champions League and La Liga champion as well as finishing the World Cup as Golden Boot winner in a victorious Argentina side.

Gonzalo Higuain is an emerging force for Argentina.

Higuain has been in scintillating form for Real Madrid this season, scoring 16 goals in 19 Primera Liga appearances, but only recently has he begun to exert a similar influence on an Argentina side led by the legendary Diego Maradona.

After making only two appearances during the qualifying campaign, Higuain, 22, started the friendly international against Germany on March 3 and scored the only goal of the game in Munich to make a strong case for inclusion in Maradona’s final 23-man squad for South Africa.

But playing in the finals is not the limit of Higuain’s ambition. The forward is determined to become the third Argentinean player to finish the tournament as top scorer, following Guillermo Stabile (1930) and Mario Kempes (1978), and win the trophy in South Africa.

“My dream is to be the top scorer at the World Cup,” Higuain told ESPN Rivadavia. “I am enjoying a positive time at Real Madrid and I intend to follow that up with events in South Africa.

“I believe that I can form a good partnership with Leo Messi. Until now we have not worked together very much but during the preparations for the World Cup we can work on that and unite our styles.

“This season has presented many opportunities. To win the Liga and the Champions League and then the World Cup, that is the dream of any footballer and I am fortunate enough to have that chance.

“I am now used to the pressure of performing because I am obliged to always win with my club and the situation with Argentina is the same. I am used to the stresses now and they are not a problem for me.”

Higuain was eligible to play for either France or Argentina but made his full international debut for Maradona’s side when scoring a crucial goal in a World Cup qualifier against Peru in October.


5 Responses to Higuain targets Golden Boot

  1. Chris says:

    he totally deserves it.. I hope he does become the top scorer in the WC.

    I hope he has another great match today, i’ll be following it online.

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I hope he does too.

    I’m looking forward to seeing both games tonight.

    BTW, if Pipita scores a goal today, please do not post any comments about it 🙂

    I won’t be following the game online.

    I prefer to watch the game tonight not knowing the score.


  3. Chris says:


    no worries, i’ll keep it to myself. if he scores or has a good game, i’ll catch up with u about it tomorrow.:)

  4. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Thank you, much appreciated 🙂

    Any thoughts on the Milan-Man Utd game?

    I really don’t have a rooting interest. I just hope its a good game

  5. Chris says:

    no, im the same, not really rooting for any of them. im sure its going to be a great match though.

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