Milito & Garay under watch for World Cup squad

Due to the recent injuries to Demichelis and Heinze, Maradona is following Gabriel Milito and Ezequiel Garay closely.

National team sources have revealed to Clarin that the Barcelona & Real Madrid defenders are being considered for the World Cup squad.

I watched them both play yesterday.

Even though Gaby Milito has only played six games this season since returning from injury, he looked really sharp against Almeria.

I would even go as far to say that he does not look like a player that is attempting to regain his form after a lengthy absence due to injury.

Milito was solid with his marking, quick to the ball, and looked very fit.

Garay played well against Sevilla but I actually thought that Federico Fazio performed even better than Garay. Fazio is a very promising defender. I think he is one of the best young center-backs, along with Garay, that Argentina has.

Depending on how quickly Demichelis & Heinze recover from their injuries there may be some changes in the backline for the World Cup.

Las chances de Gabriel Milito y Ezequiel Garay para ir a Sudáfrica parecían muy pocas. Pero algunas lesiones en la defensa los pusieron en la mira de Maradona.

El nada amistoso partido ante Alemania dejó más puntos positivos que negativos. Pero las malas complican a Maradona. Especialmente quedó preocupado por las lesiones de Martín Demichelis y Gabriel Heinze, dos de los cuatro defensores que tiene en su cabeza para el estreno mundialista ante Nigeria.

Tanto el del Bayern Munich, que esta noche podría dejar la clínica donde fue operado de la triple fractura del arco superciliar, el malar y la mandíbula derecha, como el defensor de Olympique de Marsella (fisura en la parte alta de su peroné derecho), reaparecerán a fin de mes.

Entonces, ante este imponderable, el cuerpo técnico, por las dudas y pese a que ninguno tiene comprometida su presencia en el Mundial, piensa en defensores que estaban más afuera que adentro.

Hay nombres que se mencionaron reiteradas veces en estos días en la atmósfera de la Selección: el de Gabriel Milito y Ezequiel Garay. El del Barcelona, que dejó atrás una larga inactividad, acumula seis partidos en el año, gusta y mucho. Eso sí: están averiguando sobre su estado físico. Uno de los consultados fue Lionel Messi, compañero de equipo.

El otro, el del Real Madrid, es uno de esos jugadores que siempre están observando bien de cerca, más ahora que está teniendo continuidad. “Peleo por estar. A Maradona lo conocí en los Juegos Olímpicos de Pekín y obvio que sueño con estar en el Mundial”, dijo Garay recientemente en Don Balón.

Un dato: ninguno de los dos fue convocado por Maradona. El último partido de Milito en la Selección fue en noviembre de 2007, ante Colombia, por las Eliminatorias. Mientras que Garay no se viste de celeste y blanco desde agosto de 2007, cuando Basile lo citó para jugar un amistoso con Noruega.

Los que sí participaron del proceso de Maradona y que ahora no hay que descartarlos son Nicolás Pareja (5 convocatorias) y Fabricio Coloccini (4). “Pueden ser centrales o laterales. Eso, a la hora de hacer la lista final, será determinante”, deslizó a Clarín alguien cercano al DT.

La idea es llevar 7 defensores, 6 centrales y un lateral natural. Hay 5 zagueros “confirmados”: los averiados Heinze y Demichelis, más Samuel, Otamendi y Burdisso.

Los otros lugares, en principio, se los disputaban Clemente Rodríguez, Angeleri y Monzón. Pero, ahora, de esos 3 laterales 1 iría a Sudáfrica.

El último boleto defensivo, entonces, aún está vacante. ¿Será Milito? ¿Será Garay? ¿O alguno de los “conocidos”, Coloccini o Pareja?


14 Responses to Milito & Garay under watch for World Cup squad

  1. el_payaso says:

    i watched the Real game as well and saw Diego enjoying a cigar, i can safely assume its to be Cuban knowing how well conected he is to the Caribbean island.

    Anyways back to football, I like Fazio alot and so Garay and think there is alot of promise there, maybe they won’t be picked yet but for the future the back look pretty ok. Like you said Fazio seems to be in better form though.
    I thought highly of Paletta and Cabral but they haven;t really moved up in the last couple of years as much as i was hoping for.

    Gaby Milito i am pleased is back , and if fit i think he should go WC.

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Ever since Maradona made his first trip to Cuba, Fidel got him hooked on those cigars.

    I’ve been a Milito fan from the start. I’m very happy that he’s recovered from that injury and back on the field.

    What I saw in the Almeria game was really encouraging.

    I think he still has enough time to make the WC squad.

  3. chris says:

    HI guys,

    yes, this is great news, I saw both games myself, Milito looked great in the back, I can probably say he was the best player in defence all game. at first I thought it was him who slid in the second goal for almeria, but thank god it was Puyol. lol.
    garay looked great too, both were very confident in their positions last night. these are two players i always wished for the squad.

  4. chris says:

    so unfortunate for Pipita, he busted his ass the whole 90 minutes to score, had a few great chances, looked a bit frustrated because the ball wasn’t going in, im sure even more because he wanted to impress diego. but hey, u cant always score, right?
    after last nights game, it there was a few times where higuain was open, but seems as the other players always want to take a shot instead, i counted about 3 or 4 times higuain was open, but never passed him the ball.

  5. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Hi Chris,

    It was just bad luck for Pipita last night. That happens.

    But it was an impressive display of skill that he showed on those scoring chances.

    Do you know what position Higuain played in when he was coming up through River’s lower divisions?

  6. ArgenPool says:

    Milito is a must for me if he remains fit and plays games between now and June. 100% in the squad.

  7. Quico882k3 says:

    I also agree with everyone here i think Garay and Milito are in good form and hearing this gives me more hope for a better team in the WC i also saw Pastore play today he played a very good game every time i see him play seems like he gets better and more conffident i hope Maradona has him deep in his thoughts for the starting line up.

  8. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I didn’t see the Palermo game but they won and are now in fourth place.

    If they finish out the season strong and end up in fourth place or higher, Pastore will be playing in the Champions League next season.

    • Quico882k3 says:

      Thats true i would really like to see Pastore in the champions league that would give him tons of experience and conffidence i also want to see DiMaria in the champions league which will probably happen either with Benfica or Barcelona

      • pintadoazulblanco says:

        That would be a great next step for Pastore.

        It looks like Benfica are on track to win the Portuguese league.

        The question is……Will Di Maria be there next season?

      • Quico882k3 says:

        In my opinion i really feel like he might go to Barcelona i believe with his skill and way of playing he would fit in perfectly and become even more skilled…

  9. chris says:

    hey ron,
    if im not mistaken i think pipita played as a winger or behind the strikers right ?

  10. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Higuain played as an enganche/playmaker.

    That’s why his ball handling, ball control and passing skills are good.

    What a player and only 22 years old.

  11. Chris says:

    i agree,

    dispite that he did not score this weekend, I think he played amazing, that guy is so hungry to score every game. even when they moved him to the left a little more, when raul came in, he still played well, he moves great.

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