Higuain rejects Madrid’s new contract offer

Pipita Higuain has reportedly rejected a new contract offer by Real Madrid.

The club is in the process of renegotiating Higuain’s contract as he is currently one of the lowest paid players on the team.

Higuain is asking for the same salary that is being paid to his teammate Karim Benzema.

How much is Benzema being paid for sitting on the bench?

8.5 million euros per season.

Higuain was Madrid’s top goal scorer last season and is again this season.

Higuain is right to make the contract demands that he is making, he would be a fool not to.

Real Madrid will be making a costly mistake if they drag their feet in these contract renegotiations.

There are plenty of teams around that would be willing to pay Higuain the type of salary he wants and deserves.

¿Higuaín no renueva en el Madrid?


El argentino es una de las figuras del Merengue

BUENOS AIRES — El delantero Gonzalo Higuaín rechazó la primera oferta de renovación de su contrato que le efectuó Real Madrid, al no satisfacer sus pretensiones económicas.

Así lo aseguró el diario español Sport, que informó que el autor del gol con el cual el seleccionado argentino derrotó el pasado miércoles a Alemania por 1-0 en un amistoso disputado en Munich pretende cobrar, al menos, 8.500.000 euros al año, es decir, una suma superior a la ofertada por los “Merengues”.

El “Pipita” es una de las figuras de Real Madrid y tiene contrato con esa entidad hasta 2013 y una cláusula de rescisión de 150 millones de euros, aunque su excelente presente (lleva marcados 16 goles en la Liga española) llevó a los dirigentes a plantearle al futbolista la posibilidad de renovación para que no se marche tan fácilmente.

Es que varios clubes de los más poderosos de Europa han alimentado su interés en el delantero surgido de River Plate, debido a las destacadas actuaciones que ha tenido a lo largo de la temporada y que le han valido sus citaciones al seleccionado argentino con el que seguramente estará en Sudáfrica 2010.


5 Responses to Higuain rejects Madrid’s new contract offer

  1. Chris says:

    I totally agree that he deserves a increase, hell probably even more then benzema is making, but I just really hope it doesn’t back fire on him and does become too cocky, although he seems very humble, we all know what money and fame does to people.

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    True but in this situation I think Higuain wants what’s fair. I don’t think its an issue of fame going to his head. Pipita’s father is his agent and I think his father is giving him good career advice and guidance.

    That said, this isn’t his first season with Madrid. Unlike Benzema, Pipita has a track record with the club.

    I totally understand his side of it. He’s been the team’s top goal scorer for two seasons now. Not only is he one of the lowest paid players, he makes alot less money than teammates that are just sitting on the bench collecting nice pay checks.

    Chris, this is a little off topic but if you haven’t read this article check it out.

    It was published yesterday in El Pais.

    The writer talks about Messi’s poor form with the national team.

    Interesting perspective from a Spaniard.


  3. Quico882k3 says:

    Que se mude al barsa!!! lol

  4. Chris says:

    wow, thats actually pretty interesting…

    so what are ur thoughts on it?

    I really hate to admit this, and I have to repeat it, but Messi played alot better when Riquelme was on the team, now im not saying riquelme needs to be back on the squad (im not a fan) but there was definitly a lot more control and tactic up front when he was there. he’s the only one I’ve seen that links up well with him..
    unless Pastore or Aimar can do the job.. hopefully they do it in the WC, but i feel like Riquelme is the only one that knows how to read Messi and know where he’s moving next, and where he wants the ball..

    pretty embarrassing for it to say that romero touched the ball more then he did… thats crazy…

    what do u say ron? u think im wrong on this ?

  5. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I agree with the writer’s larger point.

    Maradona is surrounding Messi with players that cannot link up with him. Argentina does not have midfielders in the lineup that can distribute the ball. Messi therefore is lost on the field and is totally ineffective.

    The title of the piece is very accurate.

    “Argentina is burying Messi.”

    Its really sad when Europeans can accurately analyze a major area of weakness in the national team but the manager cannot.

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