Fullback Poll Results

The poll is closed. The results are in.

Javier Zanetti received the highest amount of votes. Pablo Zabaleta came in second.

No surprises there.

el Pupi Zanetti is of course still a fan favorite.

The veteran Argentina player is still going strong with Inter and has shown that he can still be a part of the national team. Zanetti knows the right-back position inside and out. The many years of experience that he has playing in that position for Argentina is a huge asset.

Everyone that has seen Zabaleta play this season with Manchester City knows the outstanding form that he’s been in. Zabaleta has been strong defensively and very successful at making attacking runs all season long.

Zabaleta would be capable of stepping right in to the fullback position on the national team and provide immediate help and improvement in that spot.

Emiliano Insua received the highest number of votes among the left-backs.

Gabriel Heinze received a good number of votes. Those that voted for him must really be hardcore Heinze fans who refuse to see that he does not belong on the national team.

Boca’s Fabian Monzon received some votes and everyone else on the poll received single votes.

The consensus then is that Zanetti & Insua should be the starting fullbacks in the World Cup.

The Germany game exposed Argentina’s weakness in the fullback position even more and with the World Cup near there is an urgent need for players like Zanetti, Zabaleta and Insua to fill those postions in the lineup.

Maradona has decided to go with center-backs in the fullback positions.

A truly senseless move on his part.

As we saw in the Germany game, Otamendi and Heinze were not able to make attacking runs and give the team much needed help in that area.

Otamendi is not capable of making attacking runs because he is a center-back, he does not have the skills required of a fullback.

As a center-back, he does not have the mobility, vision and passing skills required of a fullback.

As far as Heinze, he has not played well as a center-back or a left-back but he is always in the starting lineup.

Also at this point, it cannot be said that both players bring a solid defensive presence to the team.

Will Maradona continue to insist with center-backs as fullbacks or will he make the changes needed and have real fullbacks playing in those positions.

Maradona cannot say that he does not have options. He does and they are good ones.

Once the world cup begins, the debate ends and there’s no turning back.


5 Responses to Fullback Poll Results

  1. Chris says:

    I dont know what to think anymore Ron, we all know what positions we are lacking in, and Diego still refuses to call them up. I just read an article on cancha llena (thanks alot by the way, love the site)
    the article is titled “Qué tiene Maradona en la cabeza” and it lists on there the possibles and the definites of who is going to the WC, but it lists Zanetti as a definite NOT, (which imp hoping I read it wrong) which his intentions are to tell him face to face. just with that being said is a huge disappointment to me (listen to me, i sound like a broken record already)
    I know Zanetti is not as fast as he use to be, but I still consider him one of the best players in the world at the moment. Zanetti would’ve been the last person I thought Diego would leave out, in all honesty. Does Diego not watch the news, does he not watch the matches, the highlights, does he not hear what people say about these two FB’s?
    so instead of continuing to try players in those positions, why not just go with the experienced and the best at what we have? Im sorry, but Clemente, doesn’t cut it for me, Monzon? hmmm, i dont know what to think about him, he surprised me in the Olympics, Heinze? we all know he cant play as a FB. Otamendi? guys, please, this guy needs more experience before he steps in to play for the NT, i dont understand why Diego has so much love for this guy.
    So, going into the world cup, I really dont know what to expect anymore, Im really praying to God that those 3-4 weeks of training before kick off, I really hope they buckle down, and start to really play as a team (like we use to).
    but then again, i dont want to get my hopes up. We definetly need un enganche, and 2 full backs with Experience !

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Chris, I read that article this morning.

    The writer, Daniel Arcucci, is a friend of Maradona’s, so he may have some inside info.

    I really find it appalling that Maradona is going to take Otamendi, Clemente Rodriguez, Heinze to the world cup and leave out Zanetti, Zabaleta, Insua.

    I think it is a total disgrace that Maradona is going to leave Banega, Cambiasso, Aimar out of the WC squad.

    An old, slow, physically worn out Veron will be the playmaker.

    Mascherano will play his usual defensive role.

    Jonas Gutierrez will run around all over the field chasing after the opposing players.

    Di Maria will be left in the midfield looking for someone to link up with.

    The fullbacks will be playing deep because they cannot make attacking runs.

    Messi & Higuian will be upfront, waiting, waiting and waiting for someone to deliver the ball to them.

    There you have it.

    Welcome to World Cup 2010.

  3. roland says:

    Hi pintadoazulblanco,

    As my last comment on Germany friendly (I listed 14 players). Although I do not want to speculate, there are 9 spots remaining (1 for goalkeeper, 8 for other position), so I think the chance still open for players we want to see in the squad list. Let’s hope these eight players will be

    1. Zabaleta (or Zanetti)
    2. Aimar
    3. Banega
    4. Cambiasso
    5. Insua (or Monzon/Ansaldi)
    6. Samuel (or Burdisso/Collocini)
    7. Maxi Rodriguez (or Lucho Gonzales)
    8. Saviola (or Zarate)

    It just my expectation. However, in my opinion, the problem actually is on the coach, not on the players. I think with the same players yesterday against Germany, but different coach, the performance (style of play, etc.) will be different.

    BTW, Maradona is a crazy coach. Maybe in the final list, there is one or two players we are not ever think before (Daniel Villalva, Sergio Araujo, Esteban Espindola). I watched their games in U-17 World Cup, and I think they are talented players

  4. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Hi Roland,

    There is alot of speculation going on right now especially in the Argentine media.

    If one believes what the media says, there are only 3 spots remaining in the WC squad.

    Maradona said that he has 80% of the WC squad decided.
    That sounds to me like there are more than just three spots left.

    I’m not even counting the meaningless third GK spot.

    You’re right about Maradona, he may very well may have some surprises awaiting us all.

  5. Joe says:

    Ok, can anyone please explain to me what does cracodana have against Zanetti?? a logical explnation please.

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