Adidas Argentina website

Adidas has a website promoting Argentina’s World Cup 2010 gear.

The campaign slogan is ‘”The Mystique Returns”

Check it out:

Click here for Adidas Argentina website


8 Responses to Adidas Argentina website

  1. Quico882k3 says:

    Lol things like this give me hope for the world cup i think everyone else that isnt argentinian believes in argentina more then people in argentina do.

  2. Mohammad Abu Taleb says:

    I never lost hope Quico882k3

  3. Mohammad Abu Taleb says:

    I think that site is not available in English …. to bad for fans like me….

  4. Humbird says:

    I have enough shirts, but I would like that Argentina Hello Kitty from the Germany match video.

  5. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Which player shirts do you have?

  6. Humbird says:

    Simeone and Crespo. Lots of t-shirts, and I have the 2006 training jacket too. and an adidas Argentina backpack.

  7. David Fridman says:

    Looks like a nice website, but I wish there was an English one!

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