Thoughts on Germany game

I just got done watching the game.

Argentina continues to be a team without football, without ideas, without collective play.

How many shots on goal did Argentina have?

How many times did Di Maria touch the ball?

How many times did Higuain receive a pass?

Poor Messi. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for him.

It’s the same old story.

There is no one in the midfield or anywhere else on the team that can deliver quality balls to him. Messi has no choice but to drop back to the midfield to have contact with the ball. And when he makes his runs it is from far away and he is of course stopped by the opposing team.

Messi will not shine in the world cup.

And it will not be his fault.

Messi is not surrounded by players that can deliver the ball to him consistently.

Messi plays in a system that prevents him from having frequent contact with the ball and when he does make contact it is because he moves out of position, to the midfield, far away from goal.

Messi cannot function in such a system and cannot play great if no one provide balls to him and effectively link up with him.

Messi is surrounded by players but is all alone on the field.

Veron showed again today that the role of playmaker is too big for him.

Veron cannot effectively lead Argentina’s attack.

Demichelis and Heinze did not have a good game. Both struggled with their marking. Heinze made bad clearances, made bad passes and did not make good attacking runs.

Samuel was solid. The best defender in the backline.

Otamendi was not tested for a long stretch of the game so it is difficult to gauge his performance.

The worst part of it all, is that today’s lineup could very well be the starting lineup in the world cup.

Argentina is in trouble.

The world cup is almost here and the team continues to show very little improvement. The same problems, the same weaknesses are still there, clear to see.

Argentina is still a team without fullbacks that can make attacking runs.

Argentina is still a team with no play buildup in the midfield.

Argentina is sill a team without a playmaker leading the attack.

Argentina has the best player in the world but it has still not figured out how to bring out the best in him.

It has still not figured out which are the right players to surround him with.

It has still not figured out that he does not create plays, he finishes plays.

It has still not figured out that he makes the difference and wins games by being positioned out on the right, making his runs in the opponents end of the field not away from there.

The best player in the world is irrelevant with the Argentina shirt because he is made irrelevant by the team put together by his manager.

Never in my life have I dreaded seeing Argentina play in a world cup.

Until now.


23 Responses to Thoughts on Germany game

  1. Plo says:

    We must have not been watching the same game. Thought Dimichellis played well till he got fouled, then I saw the defense plunder completely. And Veron’s playing was mundane, a couple of good passes, Should have capitalized better on the shot with the open goal. But he’s to …ssssllllowwww. Why the Beef frank didnt Diego play Pastore?!?!? Is their a god out there?!?! It was frustrating to see Messi’s inability to get in to the game. Your right he hasnt found a spot, but as the #10 player isnt he suppose to be playing around mid field… looking to serve Higuain or Tevez with the shot? Di Maria played alright, you see the growing potential in him everytime he touches the ball. Over all I saw the same, the defense/mid line needs work. Yet today I saw potential in the players chosen, I would have tweeked maybe 3 players? I dont think their to blame… Its Maradona’s fault!! Igual… que Aguante Argentina!!!

    • pintadoazulblanco says:

      “but as the #10 player isnt he suppose to be playing around mid field… looking to serve Higuain or Tevez with the shot?”

      He wears that number on his shirt out of symbolism because he is in theory, the best player on the team.

      Messi is not a #10. Messi is not a playmaker.

      Messi is a forward who finishes plays.

      That is what he is all about.

      Messi does not create plays.

  2. Moe says:

    totally agree! some people are happy Arg won. I am not! this will only make Maradona think that he is the best coach on the world. Banega is needed but will not get the chance. Veron will ruin our world cup and Messi will be broken forever.

  3. amir says:

    micho is not good . oh my god

    micho is best but not good helthy

  4. amir says:

    I am amir from iran.

    I am fans argentina boca estudiantes …..
    bayern and deportivo la crouna

  5. Humbird says:

    what a depressing start to my day. 😦

  6. Demichelis says:

    My God! Stop your bitching! We got the result we wanted and we showed much improvement. What more do you want? One step at a time my friend….

    • pintadoazulblanco says:

      I’m not bitching.

      I expressed my opinion.

      You don’t have to like it.

      The team showed “much improvement.”

      Go ahead and explain to everyone how and in what areas the team showed “much improvement” last night.

      • Moe says:

        yes the result “improved”. but remember that we played even better and defeated France. next we lost 6-1 against Bolivia. so the idea is that there was not and still there is no system. maradona parks the bus and prays for god to help him!

  7. Quico882k3 says:

    I agree with a big percentage of this statement one thing i can say however is that our backline wasnt as offfensive but atleast one problem is solved were not a big disaster in the back like against catalunya or spain what a horror a deffense was then i can say that i take back some statements made about Jonas he isnt the best player but hes a player with alot of sacrafise that helps the deffense helps the midfield and attacks with speed when he can he was a very solid player yesterday against germany have to admit though he wasnt creative when it came to the attack but very solide from midfield down we lack players in the starting line up like Zabaleta Insua Pastore and Banega things would make a 360 of a turn if Maradona could call them up. One more thing to say Veron might not have been the most creative but he put the team on his shoulders from what i saw won every ball never gave bad passes and made sure we tried to create something by having the ball as much as we could.

    • pintadoazulblanco says:

      You’re right Quico, the backline was not the horror show that it was against Catalunya.

      But the Germans did not strongly challenge or put alot of pressure on Argentina’s backline either.

      Demichelis did not play as poorly as he did in the Catalunya game but he did not give a convicing performance last night like Samuel did.

      Samuel proved that he belongs in the starting lineup.

      Did Demichelis prove that he belongs in the starting lineup?

      I don’t think so.

      Otamendi spent most of the game playing close to the midfield and did not have to focus a whole lot on defending his flank so like I said before, I found it difficult to give a real evaluation of his performance.

      I agree with you about Jonas.

      He sacrificed alot, ran all over the field and did help defensively in the midfield but as you said, no creativity or help with the play build up.

      It’s a real shame that Pastore sat on the bench for the whole game.

      As far as Veron, Yes he did give his best and played hard and tried to distribute the ball but did not do a good job of that.

      How many good balls did Higuain and Messi receive?

      Not many.

      Veron is not the playmaker Argentina needs.

    • Quico882k3 says:

      Yes by me saying Veron didnt give bad passes is he didnt loose the ball but that doesnt mean he was creative he lacked the power to go foward but did give order to the team by having the ball and keeping things calm I also agree with you about Samuel played a solid game never broke down about Demichellis i thought in my point of view that it wasnt his best game but wasnt his worst he showed some improvement i dont think hes to be rulled out as a starter just yet idk if u agree but i saw burdisson as a good possibility he was also solid as far as otamendi and heinze we said it many times what is Maradona thinking? Well atleast we didnt get worst were taking baby steps and baby steps with 3 months to the world cup doesnt seem like enough time we need the connection in the midfield that explodes our fowards talent i get tired of saying this but we need attacking fullbacks creative players like Banega Pastore Aimar by having them we would be taking bigger steps i know you cant build a team in 2 weeks prior to the world cup but i have faith for a fact that if we can get creativity in our midfield and have messi explode along with higuain then they will grow in conffidence as will the team then the team will make itself.

      • pintadoazulblanco says:

        Veron moved slowly last night and showed that he is not equipped physically for the world cup.

        Argentina has two great forwards in Messi & Higuain but it will not matter in the world cup because we do not have a playmaker and do not have attacking midfielders in the lineup that will deliver balls to them, that can effectively link up with them.

        Maradona wanted the win last night, he only cared about getting the result.

        Maradona was not interested in evaluating players or trying a new setup.

        That’s why Pastore sat on the bench.

        I think Maradona has decided that last night’s starting lineup will be the same lineup for the world cup.

  8. Mauricef says:

    Argentina under maradona beat germany can you just imagine how powerful we would be with a good coach? We will be better than anyone and I mean ANYONE!

  9. David Fridman says:

    I don’t know what to say…
    We must have been watching a different game.

    I usually love your posts, but this time, I don’t know.

    In my opinion, Argentina were solid, kept lots of posession, and got a vital win.
    Messi had good patches, Jonas was great, and our defense(for the first time) was fantastic.

    Romero was great..

    Overall, It was a good game and I can only see positives!

  10. el_payaso says:

    i thought the point of this game was to try out some players to finalise this WC squad. I think if it was up to Diego he would not have made any subs at all.

    And if this was the Starting 11, i can see us reach the knockout round but from there its gonna be very hard

  11. Chris says:

    sorry Ron to add to this dispute everyone is having, but I have to back you up on this Ron, ur absolutely right..

    and yes, whoever was watching the game, was probably watching the Mexico vs New Zeland game instead, cuz we played horrible, I feel the only reason we won cuz Germany played poorly, by the first 30 minutes, they must have already had about 4 cards pulld on them. we scored by luck because the Germans Defence was way off, and well, Pipita is the best, thats all I have to say about him.

    my argument is always the same, now that we have Samuel going for sure, our defence is now some what solid, with the exceptions of Heinze and Otamendi. I would prefer for Heinze to go rathter then Otamendi.
    this kid has never convinced me, im sorry to say, but he’s not good enough for the NT.. we need to fill in the gaps where we ALL know we are failing, LEFT/RIGHT BACK. and we definetly need a play maker. I would’ve started the game with Pastore instead of Veron. its nonsense that argentina is left all alone up front, we need someone to feed balls to Di Maria, Messi, and Higuain, I dont think Diego realizes the amazing front line we have, if only he were to put someone in to build up the plays, our forwards would be so dangerous, Messi would be unstoppable. Pipita would be a threat in the box.
    for those of you who continue to say we played well, seriously guys, lets get real, if bielsa or someone else were coaching, i guarantee you we wouldn’t be hvng the problems we hve now.
    i’ve never seen argentina look so lost on the pitch, the way we’ve been playing, reminds me alot of a costa rican or honduras type of team, a team that plays more in defence, and with 1 or 2 up front, and only score because the opposing team screwd up on something.
    its not normal to see us play so bad, in the past, we’ve had worse players on the NT, but the game play and tactics were always the same for argentina, fast play, touch,pass, touch,pass, like its always been.
    I really dont know what to comment anymore about our Team, i just find it rediculous that Messi has to do everything on his own up front, has no one to join him with the build up of a play. Higuain only touched the ball, maybe twice???
    definetly need a desent playmaker, and definetly need zaba and zanetti on the team… just by having those two on the team, I would probably finally be satified, although im still wishing for banega to go as well, but i’ll be ok if them 2 are for sure going.
    with that being said, i have a feeling diego will not be taking them, like most of us said, who ever played yesterday or most likely the ones that will be playing in the WC. we dont have anymore friendlies coming up b4 the WC, so i definetly see zaba and zanetti out of the WC, which is very hard to except.

    • pintadoazulblanco says:

      Chris, no need to ever apologize for giving your point of view.

      One particular thing that really made me angry was seeing Veron moving so slowly and then running out of gas in the second half.

      Last night was a friendly.

      What do you think is going to happen during the world cup?

      Maradona had no intention of giving Pastore a chance to play.

      It would’ve meant that the team would have to switch to a 4-3-1-2 formation.

      No way Maradona was going to do that in the second half because he wanted to secure the lead and win the game.

      That was the most important thing to him.

      A win so that he could get the critics off his back and so that he could gloat a little bit.

  12. solein says:

    probably the most boring argentina ever the second half was so painful germany was just testing new players and maradona thinks he won the semifinels or something and that means he is so happy right now and wont call anybody else
    the whole thing is so depressing
    btw ive heard that we will be playing a couple of games before the wc

  13. damian says:

    I totally agree with almost everyone in this blog. This is my favorite site to check up on Argentina and the disaster tagging along Maradona’s a**. Every win we have had, is great. Nothing more I love to see then the celest y blanco on top. Yet, these wins are only getting to his head. Making him think he is selecting the right players, when in actuality he has only done half the job. He has half the players…the other half….is well…we all know…is to step down as coach and let someone else pick the rest of the team. We are running out of time. Te amo argentina!!!

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