Starting lineup against Germany

Based on today’s practice session, various media outlets are reporting that the starting eleven tomorrow against Germany will be:



Jonás Gutiérrez
Di María


The backline will have four center-backs and there will be very little play making talent in the midfield.

Tomorrow’s lineup could very well be a preview of what we’ll see in the World Cup.

According to Maradona, there is no room on the World Cup squad for players like Aimar, Banega, Cambiasso, Zabaleta, Zanetti, etc…


10 Responses to Starting lineup against Germany

  1. mauricef says:

    Did he really say that? If that is really true then I guess we all must wait on his firing. It will be a long and very painful wait. My fellow argentine fans we all still love our national team and we know that his reign must come to an end one day, but until that day our chances of silverware are slim even in the copa america next year. Forca albiceleste! Forever!

    • pintadoazulblanco says:

      Maradona didn’t say that.

      I’m saying that it appears that he will not make room on the WC squad for those players.

      Unless there are alot of last minute changes, those players will be watching the WC on TV.

  2. mauricef says:

    However I do hope that I genuinely eat my words!

  3. mauricef says:

    So what do you think is his problem? does he have a personal thing against these players? or does he want to prove a point that the likes of jonas,heinze and otamendi can win him the world cup? Please give me your feedback pintado

    • pintadoazulblanco says:

      I have no doubt that Maradona’s call ups, favorite players, etc…are not entirely based on tactics or from a strictly football perspective.

      He has more biases and agendas than the average football manager.

  4. David Fridman says:

    I have been an Argentine fan all of my life!
    I love Messi, Tevez, Higuan, Aguero and others!
    I am living in the UK, but have Argentine family.

    Looking at the picture for this post(of the national team training), i notice the training gear. I am talking about Maradona’s navy blue t shirt, the albiceleste hat on Tevez, and all the shorts, jackets and sweaters.

    Does anyone know of a way to buy any of these items in the UK?

    Viva Argentina!!
    Good luck vs Germany!

    • Chris says:

      I wouldn’t be able to tell you since im in CA,
      but I know what you mean, I really need to get me the new away jersey…that jersey is awesome…

      Im sure there is websites we can purchase them on, but I just normally go to the local stores in the area.

      • David Fridman says:

        Thanks anyway, ill try searching google shopping.. let you know if theres any luck!

  5. marcilien says:

    gabriel millito. and cambiaso

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