Maradona press conference in Germany

Here’s Maradona speaking with reporters in Munich today.


12 Responses to Maradona press conference in Germany

  1. solein says:

    its official palermo will be in the wc instead of savi & lisandro maradona is a hopeless case

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Maradona said that today?

    Just curious, I didn’t hear or read that.

  3. Mauricef says:

    palermo is a good striker but no way he should get the nod over lisandro lopez who has experience in champions league and scoring a lot of goals for lyon, as for saviola his time for argentina is up even though i would pick him over palermo

  4. solein says:

    yes he said i wanna see goals in the wc by tevez& Higuaín & messi & Mascherano and PALERMO
    he also said that HIS DARLING Heinze will be there 2
    the source is momento24

    • pintadoazulblanco says:

      Well, Palermo making the WC squad is not breaking news or anything.

      Maradona decided if not before the Peru game, definitely afterwards that Palermo would go to the WC.

      Maradona’s comments recently that Palermo had an 80% chance of making the squad is just his way of keeping Palermo motivated.

      As I said before, Palermo is one of Maradona’s Boca heroes and his spot in the WC squad is secure.

  5. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Maradona will not leave out one of his all time Boca favorites out of the world cup.

    Form or fairness has nothing to do with his decision to include Palermo in the WC squad.

    It’s Disgusting.

    As far as Saviola, I’ve always been a fan but the reality is there are at least 5 forwards that are currently in better form than he is.

  6. Chris says:

    I personally dont think Palermo is a “good striker”, we all know all he knows how to do is use his head. we all have seen he has scored in the most rediculous positions ever with his head, thinking to urself after he’s scored, “how the hell did he do that”… thats all he’s pretty much good at… es un caballo para correr, doesn’t run with the ball good at all. i think we can use him as un doble 9, but only if we needed to, for “centros” only, only if the game was to make it to the next round.. im not a palermo fan at all, i’ve never even liked him even before he missed those 3 penalties? (or was it 4 ?)
    but like everyone has said, Palermo will score on you from any angle with his head only..
    but im not sure if I can agree with him going to the WC. I would prefer Lisandro over Palermo.

  7. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Chris is right.

    Palermo is a totally one dimensional player.

    Very skilled at heading crosses into the goal and kicking the ball into the goal after the ball bounces around 3 or four times inside the box.

    Palermo making the WC squad is an insult to all the outstanding forwards that we have playing in Europe.

  8. Chris says:

    I personally wouldn’t worry about our fowards anymore,
    u really think about it, thats the last spot we have to worry about since we have too many, and regardless, they are ALL scoring goals nearly every game (except Palermo). what I worry about is the line up, and most of all, our backline/LB/RB !!!!

    this is all that worries me..If he were to call up, Zaba,Zanetti or even Insua, I would be extemely satisfied, and also if Aimar is to go as well, so we at least have 2 enganches.

  9. River Fan says:

    When he was talking about leaving the past and that he wants them to leave 86 and 78 behind and remember and repeat the goals of messi, higuain, and milito… hmmm could milito be on his way to the WC. As for Palermo, this guy should never be near the NT. Sure he scored a miracle goal, but i would expect anything like that in june

  10. solein says:

    btw maradona is contradicting himself he u used to say lets repeat what we’ve done in 86 now he says lets forget 86
    now ppl are saying that this has to do with the NiKe
    Nike is about to launch a new commercial campaign that urges fans to forget about Mexico 1986
    maradona has sold himself!!

  11. el_payaso says:

    jus think about this
    we need a goal last 5 mins of a game or in extra time
    heinze is sent off for an obvious dumb play

    the game is an mess, messi is being double teamed

    veron is too tired or too lazy to create anythin in the middle

    we only have the wings to keep swingin in crosses

    wont it be great to have a player who is known to score headers in these sort of games

    look i hate palermo ok and like everyone else i’d rather carry lisandro but u mus admit his one dimentionality is actually a speciality, and one that can win us WC

    if he does go , please please no penals palermo please

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