Germany friendly

Maradona in Munich.

I’ve been reading media reports this morning about Wednesday’s game.

The talk so far is that Maradona will go with the following starting eleven:



Jonás Gutiérrez
Di María


I continue to ask:

Why is Jonas Gutierrez in the starting lineup?

Why is Maradona insisting on using a center-back in the right-back position?

Why force Otamendi or Burdisso to play out of position?

Why won’t Maradona call up Zabaleta or Zanetti?

Upfront with Messi, Tevez may be in the starting lineup instead of Higuain.


16 Responses to Germany friendly

  1. Chris says:

    this also concerns me,
    first off, Otamendi, sorry for all the Otamendi fans, but I dont like this guy, I dont understand why he continues to get called up. This guy has never proved himself so he can be on the NT (in my opinion)
    also, i dont understand why he wants Heinze on the flanks.. he’s not good enough.
    Gutierrez shouldn’t be called up period..
    he did the same mistake when he put Gago in a different position during the qualifers.. why continue to make the same mistakes, why not call up the players who play IN those positions ?

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I agree.

    Otamendi is too young and unproven to be called up, let alone be in the starting lineup and playing out of position!!!!!

    Burdisso is a good center-back not right-back.

    Burdisso cannot play in the right-back position.

    Heinze in the left-back position is another bad move, he will struggle defending the left flank and he is not capable of making good attacking runs.

    Jonas Gutierrez?

    What a joke.

    Someone that plays in second division football should not be in Argentina’s starting lineup.

    Besides that, he’s had plenty of playing opportunities and his perfromances have not been impressive to say the least.

    It is a complete mystery to me why Maradona insists with Jonas Gutierrez.

  3. pintadoazulblanco says:

    “why not call up the players who play IN those positions?”


    Why does Mardona prefer to have Otamendi or Burdisso play out of position, which will obviously hurt Argentina’s defense, rather than callup a right-back in great form like Zabaleta or a right-back like Zanetti that has tons of national team experience and knows very well how to play in the right-back spot.

    Again, I don’t have a reasonable or logical explanation of Maradona’s thought process regarding the right-back position.

  4. Quico882k3 says:

    Is ther any chance that of Maradona getting kicked out the national team if Argentina does bad against Germany?

  5. pintadoazulblanco says:


    Grondona has never fired a coach and surely will not do so a few months before the world cup.

    We will have to go through this world cup with Maradona in charge.

    As painful as it will be to watch.

  6. Chris says:

    mark my word,

    Diego is not going anywhere until after the Copa America next year !

    wether they do good or bad.

  7. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Maradona said that he is under contract until the end of the next Copa America.

    If Argentina does not win the world cup, I’ll be surprised if Maradona remains in charge.

    Maradona has very little fan support and very little media support going into the world cup.

    If Argentina does not have a good world cup, the call for his firing will be even stronger and more ferocious than what it already is now.

    I really hope he is gone after the world cup.

    I just can’t take it anymore.

  8. Quico882k3 says:

    I bet thers a line from Argentina to Canada of teams that want to play us with Maradona as coach so they can get a easy win against a important team like Argentina.

  9. Argentinafan says:

    Maradona’s down fall will come because of his insisentnce on using 3 players: Veron, Jonas, and Heinze. As far as i am concerned, it will be impossible for us to win the WC with these 3 players in the starting 11. Jonas is one of the worst players in the English 2nd division. From what I can tell, he scored a lucky goal against France thanks to an awful error by Mandanda in goal and because of that he keeps getting called up. He runs up and down the field, but can’t execute a cross. He is allegedly famous for putting on a spiderman mask when he scores… haha, a rare occurence.

    Heinze is a joke as a left back. The biggest issue is that he is a red card waiting to happen. He should have been sent off in the last WC. He has basically become a dirty, dirty play.

    Veron, please this guy is too old. With all the games he has been playing, pretty much non stop for Estudiantes and the NT he will be so worn out by the time the WC rolls around. I really don’t think he has enough gas in the tank.

    The way I see, the only way we can win the world cup is if messi has a tournament like Maradona did in 1986. With the players he is using, anything short of that we will be going home early.

  10. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I totally agree with you.

    If Aimar, Banega, Cambiasso or Pastore do not make the WC squad, then what will happen when Veron breaks down physically in the World Cup.

    Who’ll take over the role of playmaker?

    Who’ll lead the attack?

  11. Quico882k3 says:

    Can you guys imagine if we had starting line up like

    Zanetti Demichellis Samuel
    Mascherano Banega
    Aimar Patore DiMaria
    Messi Higuain

  12. Argentinafan says:

    I think it is almost assured that Pastore will be in the WC. They are saying that Maradona will maybe put him in and try him on the right in the 2nd half.

    I wasn’t alive in 1986 (born in 87) but from what I have heard/seen/read Bilardo pretty much had 3 players to attack (Maradona, Burru, and Valdano). Maradona is doing the same thing but with Di Maria, Messi, and Higuain. With all the attacking talent we have, i think it is essential to play with more attacking. The best we can hope for, considering certain players will be there no matter what, is a 3-5-2.
    Samuel Demi Heinze
    Masch Veron
    Jonas Pastore/Tevez Di Maria
    Messi Higuain

    I would have no problem with that team because it would give less responsibility to Veron with a true number 10. The problem is that in a 4-4-2 far to much is expected of Veron to link the midfield and attack as we all no Masch doesn’t contribute too much. This also means Messi must drop back to get the ball.

  13. Moe says:

    this “coach” is giving me a nervous breakdown. Otamendi right back???!!!! this guys is not only the worst defender to wear the Arg shirt in years, but also slow as hell…how can he play as a right back?!!! And he has Zanetti out!

    in the midfield…what to say, the most un-creative midfield to ever play for argentina. Banega is still ignored, while with Banega and Pastore we could have a great midfield.

    in attack, Tevez and Messi never did and will never work!

  14. Mauricef says:

    to tell the truth. I have nothing else to say about diego maradona. As you guys have said, he continues to ignore the important players. Honestly I will be happy if we get to the quarter finals of the world cup. Pintado you said that grondona doesn’t fire coaches, he has been president for quite a while maybe it is time for him to go. It’s full time argentina becomes serious to conjure up a serious assault on the world cup and the copa america next year. I have had enough of Diego Maradona. If this was Brazil he would have been fired from he lost against Bolivia and I will not want to repeat that scoreline it is far too embarrasing to even think about. Ivory Coast and Nigeria have fired there respective coaches and none of those coaches are incompetent. Why can’t we follow suit we will definetely have the perfect excuse if the afa were to fire the damn idiot.

  15. Humbird says:

    I have come to the conclusion that the AFA made a calculated decision to end the Maradona saga once and for all. They have decided to basically write off this World Cup in order to make an end to the cult of Maradona in Argentina. We are going to bomb out of this world cup in such a cosmic fashion that nobody will ever again mention the words “Maradona” and Argentina football” in the same sentence again.

  16. el_payaso says:

    guys jus remember inexperience with talent may get u out of the group stages but u gonna need some experience come the knock out round
    so while banega and pastore may be a good mid field combo
    u will need some experience later on
    and let me stress i am not sayin veron is the answer

    i also agree with with tevez and messi not being able to well together- they usually need another common factor/player to get the best out of them

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