Milito & Cambiasso goals in Champions League win

Milito & Cambiasso with the goals in Inter’s 2-1 win over Chelsea.

Samuel played really well , did a good job marking Drogba, not an easy task to say the least.


32 Responses to Milito & Cambiasso goals in Champions League win

  1. Mauricef says:

    Two great performances. They both are first choices for the best team in Italy at the moment and yet they are not even considered being called up by the idiot(maradona). Diego Milito is in the form of his life and cambiasso has always being an integral member of Inter’s team yet they can’t even find themselves in the starting line up of argentina. Milito has being called up against germany and probably won;t start. But what about Cambiasso he hasn’t even being considered being called up and right now is the best defensive midfielder on the planet. I am really confused as to what maradona is up to.

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    It’ll be a real shame and loss for Argentina if Cambiasso does not make the WC squad.

    As you said, Cuchu has been an important part of Inter’s winning teams in the last few years and is one of Argentina’s best midfielders, though I wouldn’t classify him as strictly defensive.

    Cambiasso can make attacking runs and contribute to the play buildup as well.

    But Maradona will go with Veron to play alongside Mascherano in the World Cup.

    It is really frustrating.

    Milito should definitely be in the WC squad but the Clueless One will probably go with Palermo.

    Afterall, friendships & Boca biases go hand in hand with our national team manager.

  3. Chris says:

    I agree about both being on the team, but I have to admit, i’ve said this before, my 9 for the team is Pipita.. Milito doesn’t move like him. as many times that milito has been called up to the NT, i think i can remember him only scoring once or twice he has never impressed me on the squad. higuain on the other hand, can move, run and distribute balls if needed. also links up well with Messi.
    Cuchu, needs to be on the squad, would i agree with starting line up ?? no, i prefer Banega, he’s alot faster, great passing, and always on his toes. Cuchu is as well, but i think Banega creates plays better, they both are great at defending, cuchu has always been one of my favorites..
    now talk about zanetti, i still dont understand why he’s not called up anymore. I completely understand he’s getting older, and not as fast as he use to be, but the guy still keeps up with younger faster players, and has amazing experience, never gives up..
    does anyone think he’ll be left out? i sersiouly hope not. that’ll be one of my big disappoinments. if we’re lacking in the right/left flanks, well then zanetti and zabaleta need to be there !!
    samuel is a given, he’s one of the best defenders in the world at the moment (in my opinion).

    • pintadoazulblanco says:

      I totally agree Chris.

      Pipita has to be in the starting eleven.

      As you said, he has alot of mobility and can distribute balls.

      Higuain is also as much of a goal scorer as Milito.

      Milito is more limited, he’s more of an “in the box” type center forward and is not able to drop back to distribute balls or to participate in the play build up and cannot move as fast as Higuain.

      That said, Milito is without a doubt in the best form of his career.

    • pintadoazulblanco says:

      I also agree with you regarding Banega.

      But we don’t know yet if Banega will make the WC squad.

      The importance of having Cambiasso in the squad is that he can play in the central midfield spot and he can play on the left side of the midfield.

      What if Masche, Veron or Di Maria get injured or are in poor form?

      Bolatti can only play in the central midfield position and is more of a defensive player than Cambiasso.

      Cambiasso gives Argentina more options in the midfield.

    • pintadoazulblanco says:

      I’ll be shocked if Zanetti makes the WC squad.

      Maradona for whatever reason has decided to leave him out.

      As far as Zabaleta, there are no football arguments that can be made against him being in the WC squad.

      Maybe Maradona does not like Zabaletas’s face or his hair color.

  4. pintadoazulblanco says:

    As of right now, I think the following forwards will definitely make the WC squad:






    If Maradona goes with 6 forwards then Milito may have a chance at making the squad.

    Otherwise, no WC for Milito.

    I think Lisandro Lopez should be in the WC squad but apparently Maradona has not forgiven him for his less than exemplary attitude in his last WC qualifier call up. Lisandro sat on the bench looking unhappy at not being in the starting lineup.

  5. Chris says:

    i prefer Lisandro over Milito any day..
    yes, i agree with you about the mid field issue, but im gonna say this again, Bolatti does not impress me, i find him slow, compared to the rest of our players.
    I pray to God that Masche and Di Maria avoid any injuries and perform great in the WC !
    that goes to all of our players..

    i just really hope to see more tacticas, and some great plays like we use to do !

    can anyone already believe that the WC is nearly 4 months away !?!
    my stomach hurts just by thinking about it…

  6. pintadoazulblanco says:

    My stomach and head hurts just thinking that Jonas Gutierrez, Clemente Rodriguez, Veron and Heinze will be in the WC starting lineup.

  7. Chris says:

    hahahaha, me too !!!
    lets hope clemente does’nt perform well next week..wait, is that a bad thing to say ?
    this is the game where he should have tried with Zaba and Zanetti.

    • Mauricef says:

      Chris believe me even if clemente plays the worst game of his career. The BIG OAF(maradona) will still STILL! call him up. It is so frustrating can’t someone just terminate his contract. I mean it is just four months left till the wc but Nigeria still fired Amodu and yet he guided them to the wc and finished 3rd at the african cup of nations. Not only we have the worst international coach but we also have the worst football federation because of their poor decisions. How hard can it be just to call up the very best players? GODDAMN IT!.

  8. Mauricef says:

    Higuain may be fast and more mobile than milito but he is certainly not your big strong target man such as a Didier Drogba or a Luis Fabiano.Di Maria has a whole lot of promise and potential but aren’t you guys wary of Sevilla’s Perotti, and who the hell is clemente rodriguez. Maradona has got to be the dumbest manager in international football history, clearly he doesn’t know the difference between which player is good from which player is bad. It will really be interesting what his final 23 will be, it will be even more interesting as to how they will perform at the wc.

  9. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Milito is a great goal scorer but is limited as a player.

    With Milito on the field, the ball needs to be delivered directly to him. Otherwise Milito cannot contribute anything else to the team and is useless in the lineup.

    With Higuain on the field, he has the pace and mobility, that Milito does not have, to link up well with Messi.

    Higuain can also play in the box or drop back behind the forward line and he is capable of participating in the play buildup.

    Higuain is every bit the goal scorer that Milito is.

    Argentina will have a better team with Higuain not Milito playing alongside Messi.

  10. Chris says:

    I agree,
    Perotti is a great and promising player, when he plays for Sevilla, he makes a immidiate impact on the game…but diego called him up once, and only played him fro about 10 minutes, so we’ll never know.. I also think Fazio is doing great since recovering from injury, and he’s been out for a minute..
    ur right, Pipita is not a “Drogba” or “Fabiano”, but he sure does score nearly every game. did you know Higuain has been scoring nearly every 82 minutes, From what I read the other day in a article, it said he has the best ratio in Europe at the moment. considering he’s only 22, and for the most part pipita last year would come in as a sub, and still managed to be top goal scorer for Madrid. I think thats pretty f’n amazing. Im sure ronald and kaka have alot to do with it, but. let me tell you, Higuain is the man.

    its also unfortunate that u can only take 23 players to the WC, u really think about it, thats not too many players, cuz u know some always get injured or red carded, then ur pretty much asked out !

  11. Chris says:

    I agree pintadoazul…
    u said it all !

    damn it, u would think with all the great players we have, we should be considered the best team, and be unstoppable..

    my head just spins every time i think of it.. i really wish we had another coach !

  12. pintadoazulblanco says:

    We’re debating whether Milito should be in our national team’s starting lineup.

    How many teams in the World Cup do you think would love to have Milito in their lineup?

    We are really blessed to have so much talent to choose from.

    The only thing we really need right now is a manager.

  13. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Maradona could easily put together the following starting lineup for the World Cup:






    Zabaleta & Zanetti attacking down the right flank, Banega attacking down the middle, Insua & Di Maria attacking down the left side.

    When its time to defend, Zabaleta & Zanetti cover their zone, Banega helps Masche in the middle and Insua covers his zone.

    With that lineup I also think of how often the ball would be delivered to Messi. Alot more than he’s used to.

    Anyhow, that’s the kind of lineup I dream of seeing in the World Cup.

    It won’t happen but one can still dream.

    • Chris says:

      DUDE, im with you, thats a great line up !
      if we keep struggling down the flanks, they should just go with experience, not keep trying new players..

      zanetti and zaba !

  14. Mauricef says:

    pintadoazulblanco,that’s a great lineup. But how about this one
    Leo Franco
    Zabaleta Demichelis Samuel Zanetti
    Mascherano Cambiasso

    Messi Higuain Di Maria

    • pintadoazulblanco says:


      No, I really hope that I never see Franco back on the national team.


      Maradona will have him in the starting eleven but with so many other players to choose from, to have an old, vulnerable to injury at any moment, player like Veron in the lineup is senseless.

      But maybe it will work out that way in the WC.

      Veron will be injured in the first round and Banega or Pastore will be brought into the lineup.

      After that, Heinze will tear a hamstring, Jonas Gutierrez breaks a knee and Clemente Rodriguez shatters an ankle.

      We’ll then have the makings of a great world cup!!!!!!

  15. Chris says:

    I lke that line up as well, but FRANCO NEEEDS TO GO !!!

    I would question Veron, i like the guy, one of my all time favorite players, but he’s not as fast as he use to be anymore..

  16. Mauricef says:

    Look guys I mentioned franco because can you think of any other goalkeeper that is close to world class that we have available?Romero is vastly inexperienced Andujar is conceding to many goals for Catania and Ustari is okay but not much international experience especially since maradona won’t even consider to call him up. While we may have talented players in every single position, the goalkeeper position is a serious dilemma, especially if we want to get our hands on the illustrious trophy(the world cup)

  17. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I couldn’t disagree more.

    Argentina’s GK position is far from being in a serious dilemma.

    Romero, Andujar, Carrizo, Ustari are all capable of being the starting GK for the national team.

    Loss of form is always temporary, all of the above mentioned GK are outstanding and I would be comfortable with any of them playing in the World Cup.

    I’m not concerned with Romero’s lack of experience. He was thrown right into the WC qualifying fire and held his own.

    Romero proved that he can perform under pressure.

    There are some really promising GK in Argentina too.

    Cristian Campestrini is the best young GK in the domestic league and has a great future ahead of him.

    Going into the WC, the GK position is the spot on the team that I’m least worried about.

    In my opinion it is our backline that is a serious dilemma.

  18. Chris says:

    sorry Mauricef,but I agree with Pintadoazul on this.
    my first picks would be Romero, and Carrizo,
    he’s right, Romero did hold his own, he came in at the worst moment, when the team was full of presure, was extremely confident, u can tell by the look on his face when he was called in that he no fear in his eyes, seriously looked like a soldier. thats why romero is still my first pick. i think he’s gonna do well, and if he continues his level, he’s going to improve alot more and be the goalie we all expect.
    I would use burgos or Bonano before i even think of calling up Fraco..
    the backline is the problem, our flanks are the problem, we have the resolution, but diego is too stubborn to put them in..
    im not arguing with u on this Mauricef, so please dont be offended. I enjoy these discussions we all have everyday.. in the end i think we all just want whats best for our team !

  19. Mauricef says:

    No I am certainly not offended I am just worried. Look at our terribly bitter rivals(Brazil) they have a world class Goalkeeper like Julio Cesar to call upon, Spain they have two world class goalkeepers Casillas and reina, while Italy has Buffon. Yes romero did hold his own in the wc qualifiers and at the age of 22 he is definitely our future goalie but guys just remember you can’t win the world cup without a world class goalkeeper, it is fact in modern day football, and Leo Franco is not bad he was pivotal in atletico madrid qualification for the uefa champions league and is keeping well for galatasaray now. Our goalie’s aren’t bad they just aren’t world class, but maybe I am greedy but I just want us to be bigger and better than our long time nemesis(brazil) and spain and to do that we must have a world class goalie such a shame we probably won’t have a world class team at the wc because of a dumb ass bloak of a coach who won’t call up the best players.

  20. pintadoazulblanco says:

    “You can’t win the world cup without a world class GK”


    Brasil’s GK in 1994 was world class?

    France’s GK in 1998 was world class?

    Brasil’s GK in 2002 was world class?

    For that matter, Argentina’s GK in 1986 was world class?

    We may have to agree to disagree on the meaning of world class GK.

  21. Mauricef says:

    Do you think we can win the wc with romero in goal? I am just asking, just want to know what you think

  22. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I don’t think that the key to Argentina winning the world cup is Romero.

    Argentina’s success in the world cup will depend on two things:

    – The backline having two solid, dependable center-backs and two fullbacks that can defend and make successful attacking runs

    – Having the right creative/skillful midfielders that will consistently provide balls to Messi

    I’m not saying that having good GK does not matter, of course it does, but Argentina will be fine with Romero. If for whatever reason he does not play well, I’m confident that the backup GK will step in and do a good job.

    The team needs to have a strong defense.

    Secondly, we have the best player in the world in Messi, so the other important thing to resolve in the world cup is to have in the lineup the best players possible that will be able to deliver balls to Messi and create goal scoring chances for him.

    Messi needs to be positioned on the field with the Argentina shirt as he is in Barca and he needs for the ball to be delivered to him and have contact with the ball often with the Argentina shirt as he does with Barca.

    If that happens Messi will be in spectacular form.

    If Messi’s in spectacular form in the world cup,

    Argentina’s chances of winning the world cup will be really good.

  23. Mauricef says:

    Thank you that’s great. So two dependable center backs Does Samuel and Demichelis seem good? Two full backs that can defend and make attacking runs. Does Zabaleta and Zanetti seem good? The right skilful players who can deliver the ball to Messi. Well Veron, Aimar, Banega or Lucho is that alright? If this happens we will be a force to be reckon with it’s a terrible shame that this probably won’t happen. Demichelis more than likely will be in the world cup squad but will maradona pick zabaleta, Samuel or zanetti? will he even pick banega, lucho(even though not in impressive form for marseille)or aimar, and will someone just knock some sence into his head and tell him to stop playing messi as centre forward he should be playing at the right side of a three man forward line like he does for barcelona he(messi)is use to that as he has been at barca senior team since 2004 or he can play just behind a target man. Messi is small can you imagine messi coming up against lucio while playing centre forward? and one more thing pintado, what is wrong with maradona? why do you think he continues to not call up our very best players? does he want us to fail or succeed? because i am beginning to think the latter

    • pintadoazulblanco says:


      The ideal lineup for me would be:





      If everyone is in form, this is a very dynamic lineup that gives Argentina a strong defense and many options on the attack. It also gives Maradona the option of replacing Zanetti with Aimar in the second half.

      I see in this starting eleven, the fullbacks and midfielders constantly delivering balls to Messi just like the fullbacks & midfielders in Barca do.

      With Messi out on the right making diagonal runs, forcing defenders to move sideways to mark him instead of Messi making runs down the middle which would allow defenders to better position themselves by having Messi in front of them.

      I no longer consider Lucho Gonzalez for the WC squad.

      As you said, he’s had a considerable loss of form with Marseille this season.

      Whats’ wrong with Maradona?

      To begin with, he is in no way a manager, so his decision making and the lens through which he views players & callups is not the same as how a real manager does and sees things.

  24. Mauricef says:

    No I am so sorry. I made a mistake I am beginning to think the former not latter(lol)

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