1990 Argentina team voted most hated

The national team that played in the 1990 World Cup has been selected as the most hated football team of all time.

For what its worth, the poll was conducted on an English football website.

Despite the inherent English biases, I must say that the 1990 team is one of the worst national teams that I have ever seen in my life.

That team was coached by the current national team coordinator Carlos Bilardo.

It is no suprise that any team managed by Bilardo would appear on such a list. The defensive oriented, tactically obsessed, win at any cost, style of football that Bilardo represented has always gone against Argentine football history.


8 Responses to 1990 Argentina team voted most hated

  1. Chris says:

    well, it being a English website kind of explains it all !

    and only reason why they made it to the finals was because of Caniggia, and “Dumb Ass” were playing.

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I agree.

    I would also add that if it wasn’t for Maradona, Bilardo would not have won a world cup.

    Take Maradona out of that 1986 team and Argentina would’ve returned home after the first round.

  3. solein says:

    If envy could turn into oil, I guess there wouldn’ t be a conflict for Malvinas/ Falklands right now
    I read that somewhere and i like it you cant take anything the english say seriously
    I cant say anything about it though i was very young back then
    but i hear that it was a very brave team beating strong teams like brasil

  4. Humbird says:

    they sure looked good in those tight shorts. Wish those would come back in style.

  5. jamim says:

    we want same type of team with worst display but end of the day win the world cup… we don’t need to play so good and out of the tournament in the end…

  6. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I do not believe in “a win no matter what” mentality.

    This is Argentina afterall.

    How the national team plays ALWAYS matters.

    It doesn’t matter to Italy, Uruguay, England or Germany.

    The Argentina shirt demands more.

    The shirt represents the history of Argentine football.

    Every player knows the type of football that is expected to be played when wearing the Argentina shirt.

  7. Mauricef says:

    These English people are full of envy they don’t have a history as great and powerful as ours. The statistics never lie. Take a look English losers.

    Argentina England
    world cup=2 world cup=1
    olympics=2 olympics=0
    confed cup=1 confed cup=0
    copa america=14 uefa european championship=0
    (just imagine their own continental championship).

  8. ArgenPool says:

    Typical response from the english. Most of the voters probably never even watched/remember the 1990 WC.

    In fact, heres a thought. Lets look at this years england WC squad. If fit, the following players could appear –

    Ashley Cole, currenly being slated in the media for ceating on his wife.

    Wayne Rooney, hated by the country outside of manchester, especially back in Liverpool by both Reds and blues.

    Steven Gerrard, booed everywhere he plays.

    Rio Ferdinand, new captain who has previously been banned for failing to turn up for drugs tests.

    John Terry, busy going round upsetting his team mates by sleeping with their partners, already caused Wayne Bridge to leave the International set up.

    Add to this they are managed by someone who is not from their own country, and I have a new contender for most hated WC squad ever. England 2010.

    They have my vote ;o)

    PS All we need now is gary neville to get a call up and its a done deal :o)

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