Pablo Zabaleta

I just got done watching Manchester City-Liverpool.

Zabaleta was outstanding, he was strong with his marking and made good attacking runs throughout the game.

It is completely baffling to me why Zabaleta is not getting called up and apparently is not being considered for the WC squad.

Argentina has a huge void in the right-back position.

Maradona has, inexplicably, snubbed Javier Zanetti, and instead he prefers to callup mediocre players like Clemente Rodriguez and have center-backs play out of position in the right-back spot.


Zabaleta is in great form, defensively strong and a real threat with his attacking runs down the right flank.

Argentina has a superb right-back in Pablo Zabaleta.

Maradona continues to be asleep at the wheel.


6 Responses to Pablo Zabaleta

  1. Demichelis says:

    I have been calling for Zabaleta for over a year now. He would be great in the RB position and we could still use Zanetti on the left side. Zanetti can basically adapt to the left or right wing in defence of midfield, so I think he would be great in the LB role.


  2. solein says:

    who can tell what is going on inside Maradona’s head I mean he is the greatest player ever right is it possible that he cant see who is good for the team and who is not this is so frustrating I agree zabaleta should be on the list and so is zanetti & banega & garay& Cambiasso & Lisandro and the list goes on

    • pintadoazulblanco says:

      It really is frustrating.

      I prefer to see Lisandro in the WC squad than Palermo and Milito but it probably won’t happen.

      Lisandro sealed his fate with Maradona in his last WC qualifier call up. Lisandro sat on the bench all game long with a, as they say in Argentina, cara de culo.

      Lisandro’s facial expression did not go over well with Maradona.

      Palermo will definitely make the WC squad.

      For Maradona to say that he has an 80% chance of making the WC squad is nonsense.

      Our Boca loving manager will not leave Palermo out of the squad.

  3. pintadoazulblanco says:

    If the WC started today, I would be really pleased with Zabaleta, Demichelis and Samuel in the backline.

    I think that Demichelis-Samuel as the starting center-backs is a strong possibility.

    But both fullback spots remain open.

    Common sense dictates that Zabaleta should have a great shot at being the starting right back.

    But then I quickly snap back to reality and realize who the current manager is.

  4. chris says:

    ive been saying this since he was called up for the olympics..and it drives me crazy that hs not on the team…
    im thinking the reason he doesnt call him up cuz it has something to do with the match during the qualifiers he arrived injured, so they sent him back home. dont remember what match it was though… it would be a great disapointment if he doesnt go to the WC..

  5. ArgenPool says:

    He was very good in the City Liverpool game. As a Liverpool fan I have seen him a few times this season and he has been consistently strong. Would be a very good option in the WC for us.

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