Maradona speaking with reporters after Jamaica game

After last night’s game, Maradona talked about Boca left-back Fabian Monzon. Maradona said that even though Monzon is not in Boca’s starting lineup he had to call him up because he thinks very highly of him.

Maradona said that he likes Monzon’s attacking runs and considers him a lion when marking.

It sounds like Maradona has decided who will be Argentina’s starting left-back in the World Cup.

Maradona also said that Palermo has an 80% chance of making the World Cup squad.


4 Responses to Maradona speaking with reporters after Jamaica game

  1. Chris says:

    Welcome back brother !

    well, FORTUNETLY I didnt get to watch the match, but I heard it was honestly one of the worst performances Argentina has ever had. considering the fact that Jamaica was a C team, I can only imagine how bad we seriously done guys, I really dont know what to say or think anymore about the NT.
    anyone have any peronsal opinions or feed-back about the game last night???

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Hey Chris, great to be back.

    Well, based on the game highlights, it looks like it was an awful performance.

    A meaningless game for sure but Argentina should not struggle against Jamaica, EVER.

  3. Argentinafan says:

    Well, considering our team was basically the Boca subs, how surprised are you. the best player for Argentina was the Jamaica goalkeeper.

  4. pintadoazulblanco says:

    These types of friendlies 4 months before the WC are really senseless.

    AFA should’ve setup a friendly against a higher caliber team.

    Maradona is ridiculous to say that games against third rate teams are important and that he can draw meaningful conclusions about players from these types of games.

    He really does not have a clue.

    On a side note, the fact that Maradona called up Monzon even though he is not in Boca’s starting lineup speaks loudly.

    No one should be surprised if Monzon not only makes the WC squad but actually plays in the World Cup.

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