Maradona on Riquelme

Here’s Maradona talking about Riquelme and the possibility of a call up before last night’s friendly.

Maradona said:

“This whole thing is clear. I wanted to put him in this team, inside this team, in the fight. Nobody on the team nor on the coaching staff questions the qualities that Riquelme has to have an opportunity to play on the national team. That is why we called him up but he did not come and we went and played our lives against Ecuador, Uruguay without Riquelme. ”

“Riquelme will certainly continue to be a phenomenal player, a fantastic player but to me it is a closed case. It is a closed case because I called him up and he did not want to, he spoke of personal codes, the only thing I’ve ever done all my life is praise him and I will continue to praise him as a player because of all that he gave to Boca. The position that I wanted him to play in is where he played against Argentinos Juniors.”

“But well, he spoke of personal codes and I will respect the team that won the World Cup qualification but it is up to Riquelme to play great with Boca and I don’t know if he’ll ask the team for forgiveness or talk to the team and then come to the national team training center to talk to me.”

“It became a closed case the moment Riquelme was asked what he’ll be doing in June and he answered that he’ll be going on vacation. When we’ll be fighting against Germany, the Dutch, the Portuguese, the Spaniards. That hurts. That hurts. But we’ll do our best with what we have.”

Well, it appears that the case is indeed closed.

Riquelme will not be in Argentina’s World Cup squad.


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