Saviola scores goal in Benfica win

Javier Saviola with a goal in Benfica’s 3-0 win over Union Leiria.

Saviola has scored 10 goals so far this season.


3 Responses to Saviola scores goal in Benfica win

  1. Chris says:

    now this is another issue i’ve been thinking a lot about lately…
    this guy, we all know has been in Great form, and is scoring goals like crazy,I think he maybe deserves a chance, I would maybe call him up for the WC (if he continues with the same form), but my problem is, who would you take out, to put Saviola in ????
    DiMaria???, i wouldn’t, he’s a player who should always be on the pitch.
    Higuain???, nope, i think he’s going to link up great with messi up front, and is the tall 9 that we need at the moment.

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Saviola has definitely regained his form after bottoming out with Real Madrid.

    I think Saviola has proven that he can be in Argentina’s starting eleven.

    But I agree with you Chris. I think Higuain is the best choice to accompany Messi upfront.

    Pipita can be an “in the box” forward, he can handle the physical challenges and tough marking. He can also drop back and participate in the play buildup.

    He’s versatile.

    I would like to see Saviola make the WC squad but I wouldn’t go as far to say that he should be in the starting lineup.

    I see him as a good alternative coming off the bench.

  3. aud-leicester-uk says:

    saviola could be good cover for forwards and wings maxi aint cutting it for me even aimar/benegra can play there if messi is to stay up front…

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