Top Goal Scoring Defenders

Passarella is ranked second on the list.

The German organization IFFHS has just published a list of the top goal scoring defenders in football history.

Argentina has many players on the list, four of them are in the top ten.

Daniel Alberto Passarella is the highest ranked among them.

Click here to view the list

4 Responses to Top Goal Scoring Defenders

  1. Humbird says:

    Just mentioning his name brings back so many memories, good and bad.

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    To many fans that are having to live through this ordeal of Maradona as national team manager, Passarella now looks like a genius in comparison.

  3. Humbird says:

    Although Passarella was responsible for alot of conflict among the players during the 1998 qualifiers. All the scandal with making players cut their hair, etc. and he pitted player against player, snubbing Batistuta relentlessly. He was no diplomat.

  4. pintadoazulblanco says:

    I’m refering mostly to how Argentina played under Passarella.

    I supported him at first but I never liked the counter-attack style football that he had the national team playing.

    Despite that, I don’t think that his capacity as a manager can be questioned and in comparison to Maradona, well, Passarella is a genius.

    As far as snubbing Batistuta and creating player conflicts, that was typical Passarella, him at his worst.

    He had it in for Bati before becoming national team manager.

    When Passarella was managing River he told Batistuta that he had no use for him and eventually got rid of him.

    Batistuta then signed with Boca and exploded as a player and became a star with the national team.

    That was all too much for Passarella to handle and he never forgave Batistuta for all the success he had with Boca and the national team.

    A ridiculous vendetta, really.

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