Maxi Lopez on Catania transfer

Maxi Lopez spoke with reporters about his move to the Serie A.


2 Responses to Maxi Lopez on Catania transfer

  1. Mohammad Abu Taleb says:

    I hope it will be good move for lopez. However, I dont think he have any chance to be in the national team with the huge number of the skilled player that the national team has.

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    Maxi has not been able to establish himself in European football. He’s a big, physical, in the box type forward. Perhaps the Serie A will be a good fit for him.

    I agree with you, I really don’t see Maxi with any chances of making the WC squad.

    He’s young so maybe in the future.

    I think the forwards that will most likely be in the WC squad are:





    There’ll be either 2 or 3 open spots that’ll be up for grabs.

    I don’t know who else will make it.

    Maradona may have a surprise pick.

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