The Carlos Tevez Show Today

Carlos Tevez is on a hot goal scoring streak since his club changed managers. Today he scored twice in Manchester City’s 2-1 win over Manchester United.

Tevez made a gesture after each goal clearly aimed at his former Manchester United manager.

Tevez flashed Juan Roman Riquelme’s famous Topo Gigio sign and another self-explanatory sign.

Tevez on a roll in England.


2 Responses to The Carlos Tevez Show Today

  1. Humbird says:

    we have so many players who do well in their club teams. Now if we could only extend that to the national team.

  2. pintadoazulblanco says:

    You’re right.

    That’s what’s so frustrating.

    Argentina has so many top notch players especially goal scorers who are in outstanding form with their club teams like Messi, Higuain, Tevez, Milito, Lisandro Lopez, and they just can’t function when they’re thrown into the chaos that is the current national team.

    A team that has a manager, in title only, who does not have the slighest clue how to choose the right players, how to give the team a tactical formation, how to establish a style of football and does not know how to manage the team on the field.

    The callup list for the Costa Rica friendly is the latest example. More players called up for the first time.

    Maradona has calledup almost 100 players since taking over as manager.

    Does that make any sense?

    I just don’t see anything changing during the World Cup.

    Argentina will continue to be CHAOS, on and off the field.

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